How to select multiple slides in google slides?

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Google Slides, formerly Google Presentations, is a free web presentation application. It has almost all of the features of traditional presentation programs like Microsoft PowerPoint. Google Slides has the advantage of cloud storage. Users’ documents can be saved automatically and retrieved even after their SSD or hard drive fails. Google slides supports the following file types: .pptx,.pptm,.pptm,.ppsx,.ppsm.,.pot,x.potx.,.potm presentation file types.

This article will explain how to use google Slides better, why it’s beneficial for you, and how to select multiple slides in google slides.



Slides for Lectures and Presentations

Google Slides can be used for its intended purpose, which is to create and present slides in class.

These are some other strategies for class slide presentations:

Click the yellow “Share” button at the top right to share your presentation with students. Students can use it to make revisions later. It is possible to publish it first on the internet so that people can see the preview, not the Slides interface.

You can make interactive activities with your students by sharing slides and allowing them to edit. You can also create blank slides that students can customize with their own ideas. This technique can also be used with Google Jamboard.

Single slides are a great way to add “soft starts” to class meetings. This is when students arrive early and have an informal chat. Learn more about soft start.

Slides can be used to give clear instructions and prompt in class discussions and activities. This has two benefits: it doesn’t happen that you skip an essential moment or you need to pause lecturing to discuss a point. Students can also refer to the slides if they have forgotten the prompt or question.


How to select multiple slides in google slides?

Google Slides lets users select multiple slides simultaneously to move, delete, or duplicate them. Although it’s intended for editing presentations, anyone can use it. This guide can be used in Google Chrome, a desktop application, or in a browser such as Firefox or Edge.

How to choose multiple slides in Google Slides

Step 1

Open the presentation file, click on the slide you wish to select, and select the contiguous group.

Step 2

Hold down the Shift key while pressing and holding it on your keyboard. Click on the slide you wish to select while holding down the Shift key. You will also be able to select all slides between them.

Step 3

Press and hold the Command (Mac) or Ctrl (Windows), then click on the slides you wish to select.

After selecting the slides you wish to delete, move, or duplicate, you can do so by right-clicking on them. Right-click on a slide to select it and choose the appropriate menu option.

Click on any slide to clear the selection.


How do I copy all slides in Google Slides at once?

You must select all slides before copying them from Google Slides. Hold down the Shift key and click on the first slide. Next, move to the last slide by releasing the Shift key. Each slide will be highlighted yellow. You can then right-click on any of these slides and select Copy from the context menu—or press Ctrl+ C.



Benefits of Google Slides

You can access it from anywhere

Google Slides also has the fantastic benefit of accessing any slide anywhere you want!

Even though you might have made some significant changes to slides in your presentation, it is essential to get out of the house quickly to attend to something more urgent. You don’t have to leave your work behind. Instead, you can continue your commute using a tablet or mobile phone.


Collaborative work

First, Google Slides makes it easy to collaborate with others remotely. You can see what the other person is doing simultaneously when you are working on a Google Slides presentation.


Easy to use

Google Slides is a great presentation tool, especially when you need to delete, duplicate, or select multiple slides.

The slide you deleted from Google slides will disappear quickly if you click delete. You can, however, change your mind and retrieve a deleted slide by hitting the ctrl and Z keys or going into history to grab it.



The autosave feature, previously unavailable in Microsoft Office, is another great feature of Google Slides.

Your progress will be automatically saved every time you use Google Slides on your google drive. You don’t have to do anything other than update your presentation. The Google Slides document will automatically save every time you do it.



You can now use Google Slides more effectively and efficiently by reading this article. As you see, there are good benefits to using google slides. You can quickly select multiple slides from Google Slides and make any changes to your presentation by following the steps.

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