How to share a google slide in presentation?

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Google slide is one of the most popular presentation software around the world and many people use it so we need to update our knowledge about it every day.  One of the most important reasons that we use google slides, presentations is the way that others can view our presentation. 

Google slide gives us great features of how we can share our presentation in a different mood. This feature mostly can be used in online presentations or the ones where you can’t go and talk and you just need to share your presentation cause you can simply do it in just a few steps and share it with others’ emails.  In this blog post, we will teach you to share your presentations with other people but about designing and preparing your presentation, I recommend you to talk and work with a design presentation agency that has similar experience in designing and preparing presentations.


Where to find the share function in Google slides?

 Step 1: open your presentation

Open your google slide and then click on the file File, that’s at the top bar.

Step 2: share the presentation 

Here simply click at the top of the drop-down or also you can click on the share at the top right-hand side of your window.1.jpg


How to share google slides presentations?


Step 1: bringing up the people 

Here for bringing up the share with people and groups pane you can click on the share. 2-1.jpg

Step 2: finding the group of people 

Here for finding and adding people and groups go and sat typing the name or their amok address (they should be the contact you want to share the deck with.) here when you select their name (if you select the right one) their name will be appearing at the top of the pan. 

Note: you should also know that f the person that you want to share with is not already in your contact list, you should type in their full email address. 2-2.jpg

Step 3: deselecting 

For deselecting the image just click the small cross next to a contact name to deselect the contact. Here you are chosen your contact and now you can share with them. There are three options (promotion) that you can give them. There is three permission that we can give them:2-3.jpg

Editor: we mostly give the editor permission to people who we need their help or we want to prepare a presentation together, in this case, it’s good to give them the editor’s permission. 


Viewer: this prevents the contacts from editing slides. The time that your deck is finished and approved, you can select the view and that will be good for you cause they can’t change it now so your finished presentation will be saved. 


Commenter: in my view, the best way to gather feedback is by giving the Commenter permission. So if you want your audience’s feedback you can use that and give them this permission. 


How to stop sharing a google slide presentation with a specific person?

Step 1: Opening the presentation 

Open your presentation 


Step 2: Finding the contact

Click on the share and then scroll to the contact that you want to share with them.3.jpg

Step 3: Removing 

Here simply select remove.3-1.jpg

Step 4: save

Click save.


How to share a google slides presentation with a link?

It’s good to know how to share our presentation with a link cause sometimes we need to share our presentation with someone that we don’t have their email so sharing the link can be a good way to share it with them.

Step 1: Opening the google slides presentation 

Open your presentation. 


Step 2: copy the link 

Here click on the blue copy link button. 


Step 3: paste it

Now you can paste it whenever you want to. 

  Note: this link will work for those to who you have to give them the permissions of editor, viewer, or commenter. 


If you want to change this you can follow these steps:

Step 1: click on the share 

Here go to the blue section and tap share.


Step 2: change it

 Go to the get link and then press change. 


Step 3: Choose who to see 

Here you have two options you can choose Restricted or you can choose anyone with the link. 1.jpg

 Note: when you choose anyone with a link one can see your presentation so it’s good to give them the viewer permission.



Google slides is famous for its feature now you know how to share it I recommend you focus on the permissions that you give to others cause its very important. Also, I need to mention here that we are posting great hacks and tips about presentations and you can go and check our other blogs about presentations, and if you think something is missing on this blog post just tell us, and if you need more help for preparing your presentation my colleagues in Temis marketing are here to help you the best way that they can and you can use our free consult.

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