How to share adobe xd prototype?

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Adobe XD is the ideal platform for swiftly and effectively collaborating on design projects. By leveraging Adobe Creative Cloud, users are able to leverage a full suite of software tools while also allowing team members to give and receive feedback in one convenient location. With its integration within the Creative Cloud workflow portfolio, which includes Photoshop and InDesign programs, users can further simplify their creative processes with the help of Adobe XD.

Adobe XD is a powerful vector-based experience design platform with sharing options that can streamline the creative process. Previously, designers had to create multiple prototype versions for web apps, mobile apps or workflows. With Adobe XD, Creative Cloud users get an efficient solution that removes this step and enables them to quickly turn their ideas into reality.


Step 1:

To initiate the sharing of a project in Adobe XD, begin by launching the application and selecting the desired project. Once opened, it is ready to be shared.


Step 2:

Be sure to make any necessary amendments before sharing the prototype.


Step 3:

Navigate to the Prototype tab and incorporate user interactions into your mockups. This step can help you test out how users will interact with the app or site, and make improvements as necessary.


Step 4:

When it’s time to deploy your prototype, utilize the Share tab in the application.


Step 5:

When you share your link, provide a title and pick the relevant category in the View Setting panel. You can select from various settings, such as Design Review or Development. With the Design Review option, shared users can comment, add hot spot hints and explore design navigation for understanding user experience. Developers who have access to the Development view may leave comments too, as well as look into design specs.


Step 6:

 From there, select the desired link view option and proceed to the Link Access menu.


Step 7:

After selecting a sharing method, click Create Link to generate the link. You’ll find it displayed at the top of the page; then copy it with the chain icon. Now that you have an interactive prototype link, share it as desired. If needed, go into the XD website from the link settings area drop-down menu to manage – delete, update, etc. – any published links.


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