How to share youtube links on instagram story?

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If you’re looking to expand your brand and drive more traffic, repurposing your YouTube content on other platforms like Instagram is a great way to do it. Unfortunately, there isn’t currently a straightforward way to post videos from YouTube directly to Instagram. But don’t worry – there are still ways to easily share your content from one platform to the other!


5 Reasons Why We Need To Share Links On Story: 

1- Grow Web Traffic: 

Increase visits to your website or blog by leveraging link-building tactics to get more clicks on stories. This will ultimately boost conversions and sales, resulting in more success for your organization.


2- Generating Leads:

 Linking to your products and services can serve as an effective way to capture leads from people who have shown interest and convert them into paying customers.


3- Step Up Engagement: 

Embedding links into stories encourage followers to interact with content, resulting in increased engagement on the profile overall.


4- Increasing Visibility: 

Link sharing is an effective way to increase the visibility of your business or product and connect with a larger audience. This can be invaluable for building brand recognition and fostering greater awareness.


5- Enhance Reach & Visibility: 

Utilize sharing links to extend the visibility of your brand or product by accessing an audience that may not have seen your content before, leading to heightened recognition.

There are three ways to share a link on Instagram story.

How To Share A yYoutubeLink On Instagram Story? 

1- Swipe Up:

If you possess at least 10,000 followers and/or a verified status, you can leverage your Stories by adding a link to a page of your choice. Swipe up from within the Story editor to enter the URL.


2- Link in Bio:

Promote your website, content, or profile by adding a sticker in the story editor that reads “Link In Bio”. You can then share the link directly to your bio and people will be able to find it easily.


3- Tag Products:

If you have products to market, tag them directly in your story so it increases visibility and promotes product discovery. This allows viewers to quickly click through and purchase the items they’re interested in.

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