How to start a web design company?

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Are you considering starting a web design business? If so, it’s wise to lay the foundation for success ahead of time. A successful web design business needs a combination of technical expertise, creativity, and diligent effort. And of course, taking the necessary steps upfront is beneficial in avoiding common challenges that first-time business owners usually encounter. 

This guide will review all the core components to create a prosperous business in this ever-growing industry. We’ll walk through how to identify your specialty market, how to establish competitive rate structures, as well as how to attract new clients. Let’s get started!


 Pick a Web Design Niche

Web designers and developers may perceive difficulty in serving a specific niche. While they might be inclined to provide services to all types of clients, some benefits come with focusing on one particular area of expertise. Experienced professionals can hone their skills and build industry-specific knowledge. This can lead to greater success and higher job satisfaction by providing tailored solutions to the needs of their target customers or audience.

Decide on your product

When evaluating web design services you want to offer to your target customers, first consider what other solutions are already out there. What is included in the offerings? Are they providing only basic website construction or additional related services such as consultancy, website management, and hosting? It’s important in today’s market to try and add extra value to your packages. Owing to the extensive technological capabilities of website creation platforms like Weebly and Wix, it is now much easier for consumers than ever before to quickly get a business online with little effort. They don’t have to worry about buying webspace, themes, or plugins – or paying for maintenance services – as everything can be done easily for a low monthly cost.

Business owners will appreciate the reduction of burdensome tasks and additional costs associated with starting a business. WordPress doesn’t make this simple; it’s up to web developers to package their services and show why WordPress is the best option for achieving success. This promises greater returns for those who invest in quality web design services, making it an attractive choice.


Set your goals

Before taking any action, it’s important to create a roadmap for your business. Have an honest look ahead and ask yourself some key questions. First of all, consider the mission behind what you do: what purpose does your company serve, who are you serving and why? Make sure to write down this answer so that you can refer back to it whenever needed. Additionally, how do you want clients to view your role in their life? Are you a freelance designer? Partner in marketing or business? A digital expert? Decide on a name that best reflects how clients should be seeing your services. Having clarity on these points will help ensure that your business is steered onto the right path!


 Address legal and administrative requirements

Setting up a successful business starts with the right paperwork. When structuring your business, it’s important to consider the benefits and costs of being a sole proprietor, LLC, or corporation. Get in contact with legal professionals and online services like LegalZoom to make sure everything is done correctly. Additionally, check your city government website for any local licensing requirements and obtain proper permits. To protect yourself against future liabilities and risk, securing liability insurance is highly recommended – consider talking to your insurance agent if you have car/home/renter services already in place – or feel free to get multiple quotes from various services so you can find the best package for your needs.


Create your proposal

Before offering services to a potential client, confirmation of the client’s suitability is essential. You’ll want to gather some basic information regarding their existing web presence, business model ethics, and a clear understanding of key factors integral to developing a successful website such as their objectives, budget expectations, cost limits, and preferred timeline. Additionally, you can provide speculative preliminary documentation that initiates the costing negotiations as an estimate or quote. Bids are also possible if fixed rates respond to provided specifications in competition with other bidders. This will save time for both parties by avoiding re-work and gifting clients with “free” labor.


Choose a Name for Your Design Business

When considering starting a web design or development business, entrepreneurs often question if they should name it after themselves. Several factors should be taken into account when contemplating this decision. 

For solo web designers, branding everything under their name can be beneficial as it is what clients and the WordPress community know them by. However, once a team becomes part of the mix, the original name could become problematic; clients may still contact one primary person out of habit even if there has been an adjustment in terms of who is working on projects. 

Ultimately, entrepreneurs must anticipate how their business’s name will sound to their target audience. It needs to be memorable yet unique enough not to resemble other companies’ names or indicate work in any other industry or sector besides its own. Additionally, potential prospects should not be off-put by a location-specific title for services that can span across multiple areas. With all these elements taken into consideration and thoughtfully evaluated through research and careful planning, entrepreneurs can make informed decisions on whether personal branding is right for them at this season in their business journey or not.


Create Your Digital Branding

As a web designer, you’re no doubt aware of the importance of gathering the necessary elements for an effective brand identity. Having these materials available upfront is vital and makes for easier projects all around. That said, it’s extremely beneficial to build out a strong visual identity even before taking on clients’ brand designs. To get yourself started, design a logo with variations (for different backgrounds, purposes, and channels) as well as font pairings, a color palette, and images that stay true to your style and phone/personality. Developing a style guide will help you keep everything in one place should you ever decide to remodel your branding or website; this document could come in especially handy if you need someone else to take on any kind of project. Therefore, spend some time working on these components early on so that your business can benefit from clear and consistent branding!


Get Your Business Software in Place

Investing in quality business tools can drastically enhance the productivity and effectiveness of your organization. Project Management software, in particular, is beneficial for teams both small and large when it comes to tracking nearly all elements of a project as well as clients, improved collaboration, and increased efficiency.  Additionally, using such a platform assists with the development of processes and templates that can then be saved to their respective cloud for later use. Popular project management tools include Asana (best for solo entrepreneurs), Trello (great choice for small teams), and Monday (functionality best optimized for agencies).

Find New Web Design Clients

Going the extra mile on your web design work does increase your chance of getting clients. However, don’t expect an instant influx in prospects—SEO results take a little bit of time to start rolling in. 

But you can get qualified leads quicker than that by asking existing or former clients for referrals and connecting with local/regional business owners online (in “tribes” on Facebook and LinkedIn). You may also find referral partners here: other small business or agency owners who need help and are looking to refer qualified leads.

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