How to Use a Live Camera Feed in Microsoft PowerPoint?

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Microsoft PowerPoint offers the Cameo feature to give your slideshow presentations a personal touch. Inserting a webcam feed of yourself on each slide allows for maximum visibility. You can position the camera wherever you want, easily adjust its size and add an effect or style. Arranging the camera feed with other items on your slide is also straightforward and simple.


What do you need first?

In order to use this feature, users must allow PowerPoint access to the device camera by enabling the relevant settings. On Windows systems, please open Settings from the Start menu and choose “Privacy”. On the left panel, select “Camera” and turn on both “Allow Apps to Access Your Camera” and “Allow Desktop Apps to Access Your Camera” on the right side of the window.


When using a Mac, you can configure your system preferences to allow access to the camera. To do this, open System Preferences and select the Security & Privacy tab. Then, choose “Camera” on the left-hand side and check the box adjacent to Microsoft PowerPoint on the right. This will grant permission for Microsoft PowerPoint to access your camera.


Insert the Cameo Object on a Slide


The Cameo element may be included in your slides individually or applied to all of them. Should you add a Cameo element to multiple slides, it will move from one slide to the next as part of a continuous feed.

To insert a Cameo element on your chosen slide, navigate to the Insert tab in the ribbon menu and select “Cameo” in the Camera section. You will then see the Cameo object appear on your selected slide.

When deciding on the camera to use, if you have multiple available, first select the object and go to the Camera tab. From the left side of the ribbon, click on Preview (Camera Preview on Mac), then pick your desired camera from the drop-down list.


All cameo objects inserted into your project can be tailored to fit the look and feel you desire. To customize a Cameo object, first select it and then move to the Camera tab in the taskbar. Over on the left, you have access to various shapes with unique effects like shading as well as frames with different border effects. Using the drop-down menus located beside the Camera Styles section you may also choose from a number of shape, border, and effect options.


The Arrange section of Elements will enable you to arrange the Cameo’s position in relation to other elements. You can manipulate it by bringing it forwards or backwards, align it with the left, right, or center; as well as adjust its size and crop settings on the far right side. The Cameo has a wide range of arrangement possibilities for optimal composition.


Control the Camera

When you’re ready to start your presentation, find the Start Slide Show section on the Slide Show tab of the ribbon. During your slideshow, use the Toggle Camera icon to turn the camera on or off. The Cameo feature in PowerPoint enables you to add a live camera feed for an even more personalized experience. Why not give it a shot?

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