How to use InDesign for web design; and whan you can use it?

how to use indesign for web design
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Can I use InDesign to design my website?

It’s like finding the tools that make everyone happy.

Photoshop and Adobe InDesign are still my favorite tools for designing websites. The two are in a heated debate (check out the comments!) Software is designed to meet specific needs. Each role has its own needs. For more information, take a look at this Venn diagram. Although only some programs can solve all my problems, InDesign is the best web design tool for me.

It all depends on what suits your client’s requirements. You should use Photoshop CS2 if you are a designer who is working with a producer or developer. Use whatever software you are comfortable with if you are the designer and the developer.



How to use InDesign for web design? 

It is essential to find the right company for web design. They will listen and work with you creatively. Here are the steps you need to get with Adobe InDesign:


Select the “NEW” option in the File menu and then choose the “Web” item under the Presets control. Click “OK” to generate the document.


Click Rectangle Frame from the Tools palette. Drag the document and place the frame near the top. This frame would contain the header.


Create A rectangular frame below the header frame. This frame should be aligned with your document’s left edge by using the Rectangle Frame Tool. This frame will contain links to other Web pages.


A rectangular frame should be created beneath the header. It should have a left edge that matches your right. The navigation frame and the right edge match the right edge of your content. This is used as a backdrop to display body content, such as teasers of articles on other pages.


Click the header frame you wish to activate, then press “V” to activate the Selection Tool. To specify that the frame contains graphical data, right-click on the mouse and select “Content” then “Graphics.”


Double-click on a photo you want to use for the header’s background. Drag the OPACITY slider from the Effects panel to approximately 50% to fade the image so you can see the text above it.


Use the Type tool by pressing “T” and then dragging over the area of the header you wish to add text. To exit the Type tool, press “Esc” after typing.


To house navigation links, create a text box with the Type tool within the navigation frame. Click on the Colors panel to load a color; blue is often used for hyperlinked text. Next, you will need to enter the first navigation link in the text box. Fill in the rest of the spaces with links in the same way. Choose black from the Color panel and then use the Type tool for the text to be followed by the hyperlink.


The same tool you used to create hyperlink text for your navigation frame is available for creating hyperlink text for the page’s body content. You can use the Type tool to create a hyperlinked title for an article.

STEP 10.

The Color panel will show Black. Next, type the non-hyperlinked text as a teaser for the article title. You can choose certain fonts, colors, or other features for the body content. Make sure the links are comparable to those in the navigation frame. The non-hyperlinked teaser text that explains the links should be the same as the text in the navigation frames. Third, ensure that the hyperlink text in your body is distinct from the non-hyperlinked content.

STEP 11.

Click “Export” in the File menu and click “HTML for the Type parameter. To export the HTML filename, type a filename into the “Filename textbox” and click “Save”. Later, you can edit the page and add hyperlink coding using a Web editor like Dreamweaver or a text editor like WordPad.



When can you use InDesign to design your website?

InDesign is my preferred tool for wireframing, designing, and other tasks. This is what InDesign was meant for. However, when I prepare web-ready imagery, I switch between InDesign and Photoshop by using the “edit Original” feature. This launches Photoshop to edit my original image and allows me to copy-paste vector smart objects.

While I don’t recommend avoiding Photoshop, Illustrator (or Fireworks) for web design, using them is not a bad idea. Each of these programs has produced excellent web production results. These programs have great features like pixel grids, save for the web, and other useful tools.

InDesign may have been initially designed as a tool to print designers. But, It is time for designers and developers to stop thinking about InDesign this way.

It serves a purpose beyond just what can be done on paper. Adobe has already articulated its vision for InDesign’s role as a web design tool, especially with the introduction of pixel measurement in CS6. Adobe may still have some work to do to support core web-centric features, such as a grid that doesn’t allow half-pixel measurements or a color palette that supports Hex color values. But if designers, developers, and production artists are united in their vision, we can see these features sooner than we imagine.

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