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Every day, you may hear news about the new AI technology introduced by companies to make everything easier for humans. AI, especially ChatGPT, has become one of the fastest-growing products recently. One of the most exciting and practical of these AIs is PowerPoint AI. Creating PowerPoint presentations with AI is just as easy as pie!

In this blog post, we want to guide you in learning how to use AI in PowerPoint presentation platforms and how you can get help from AI to make PowerPoint presentation design services.

ppt ai

AI PowerPoint presentation

Sometimes in creating a presentation, especially a PPT, you may need inspiration or your deadline is so close that you need help to fasten your process. In this case, you can count on PowerPoint AI to transform your thoughts and text into Power Point AI.

As human beings, we need to rest and sleep, and our working power has many limitations; here, AI comes to shine like a diamond, a workforce available 24/7. You can ask for help, hints, and inspiration to create PPT using AI. There are plenty of online tools and applications to use to create PowerPoint presentations using AI. We are going to introduce some of the best AI PowerPoint maker for any type of presentation.

  • ChatGPT

Who doesn’t know what ChatGPT is and how it revolutionized our life? Almost everyone who uses technology in daily life should hear about ChatGPT and its services we can use. ChatGPT can make slide automation using codes. In particular, it can instantly generate slide content. Unfortunately, there are some limitations in using ChatGPT and AI for PowerPoint presentations. You will be required to have basic coding knowledge to start making an AI PowerPoint and design slides, and you will require extra work separately.

how to use ai in powerpoint

  • Presentations.AI

Presentations.AI will empower you to create stunning presentations in just a few clicks. You will have access to features such as effortless creation of slides, personalized design based on what you need, antifragile templates, seamless sharing with others, analytics & tracking of your work, responsive design and multi-device compatibility, and the ability to have live collaboration with your colleagues or clients. You just need to manage the story of your presentation and Presentations.

AI will handle creating decks at the speed of thought. Let’s mention that there will be some limitations in working with Presentations.AI, such as it’s particularly catered towards businesses, and it has a restriction on design customization and flexibility and associated payment for exporting to .pptx and .pdf formats.

  • Microsoft PPT AI

Microsoft recently started deploying its AI for converting text to PowerPoint AI into visually appealing presentations. The Microsoft artificial intelligence feature is now part of Microsoft Office and can automatically convert Word text to PPT AI. Intelligently, the tool scans your Word document and considers the headers and text. It even considers keywords and suggests images, fonts, and other media tools to enhance your presentations. It allows you to edit your PPT once it has been exported.

This tool is smarter than you would think. The Transform Command can add typographical elements to your document and suggest themes you could use to convert it. This tool is a great way to get started on your remote presentation. This tool is easy to use and doesn’t require advanced PowerPoint knowledge. It was designed with the average PowerPoint user in mind.

make a ppt using ai

  • Simplified

They claim that making a PPT using AI is an effortless method to generate presentations. You are able to create professional and on-brand decks without difficulty and spend hours designing and creating PowerPoint presentations. Just go to their website, and on the Design Dashboard, find the “Generate with AI” and select “AI Presentation” to start your project.

Give them a brief about what you need and have in your mind about the project. Then, Simplified AI Presentation Maker will automatically create a customizable PowerPoint presentation in seconds for you. It has many advantages; it’s a multi-functional AI tool for PPT supporting multi-language. One of the best features that Simplified will propose to you is the ability to turn your text into an image with their AI generator; it also includes many templates and assets for you.

  • SlidesAI.io

SlidesAI.io is the best option for an AI presentation creator because it’s designed to work with Google Slides. SlidesAI.io works with Google Workspace, which is why it’s a Google Workspace Add-on. SlidesAI.io is a new add-on that allows you to use AI to create entire presentations within Google Slides. SlidesAI.io requires you to enter text for it to function.

There is a limit of characters for free users, but you can upgrade to a higher one. The more words you enter, the more consistent your results will be. You can also ask SlidesAI.io for a presentation based on a title. It’s the same process. SlidesAI.io can be customized within the add-on. You should consider that the slide design process with SlidesAI.io will require extra work, and also, they have some limitations about templates and design styles.

ai for powerpoint

How can you use the Presenter Coach for your presentation?

If you already have created your slides and it’s almost ready, but you have some doubt about how good it is, you can practice your delivery and gain help from an AI coach when you won’t get feedback from anyone in the audience. A Presenter Coach for PowerPoint on the web will allow you to practice your PowerPoint presentation easily with an AI and receive intelligent tips for improving your presentation skills.

AI coaches can analyze your presentation’s content and provide suggestions to enhance language, tone, and overall coherence, helping presenters refine their message.The presenter Coach can help you to pace your presentation and warn you against using filler words such as “umm” and “basically”. It will also assist you if you simply read your slides with on screen guidance.

AI-powered tools will alert you to culturally inappropriate phrases and swear words. They also encourage using gender-inclusive language, such as ‘police officer’ rather than ‘policeman.


AI has revolutionized how we create PowerPoint presentations, offering a range of tools and capabilities to enhance visuals, analyze data, and improve content. AI tool for PPT presentations allow presenters to focus on delivering their message effectively while leaving design and enhancement tasks to intelligent algorithms. The effectiveness of AI presentation is evident in the visually appealing slides, intelligent data analysis, and speech recognition capabilities it offers. With AI tools available, presenters have the opportunity to leverage this transformative technology and create impactful and engaging presentations that leave a lasting impression on their audience.


Can I create a PowerPoint Presentation using AI?

In short answer, YES. AI can organize your slides in the best possible way based on the information you give to the AI and it will help you tell a narrative. These tools come with templates built-in (e.g., These tools have templates (e.g., PowerPoint) and image and video libraries that can make your presentation more appealing.

What AI can create PowerPoint presentations for free?

Most AI PowerPoint makers have a free plan for creating a limited version of PPT. But Designs.ai is one of the best known of them that is equipped with AI to create your PPT for free. You can create stunning presentations with the help of this technology. Designs.ai can help you with any project or group assignment.

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