How to use the morph transition in powerpoint?

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PowerPoint 2016 and 2019’s Morph feature lets you craft slick transitions from slide to slide! With this subscription-exclusive tool, add a dynamic flair to your presentations for an impressive display of visuals.

Give your slides a wow factor with Morph transition! With just one click, you can now use this nifty feature to instantly animate and add flair to any element in your presentation – from texts and shapes to SmartArt objects and charts. And it’s easier than ever: watch our video and learn how simple it is to take boring presentations up a notch using Morph transition effects.

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How to use the morph transition in PowerPoint?

  • Transform your images into stunning visuals with an exciting morph effect! Copy-paste all graphics onto one familiar slide, lay them out creatively, and see the magic begin. This “overview” slide will become the transition to every subsequent presentation – just like what we saw at the start of our journey today!

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  • Unleash your creativity and design the remaining slides however you wish – just be sure to include a copy of each image on the overview slide so that PowerPoint can recognize which elements they represent. Unlock endless possibilities!
  • To ensure that your PowerPoint presentation is everything you want it to be, add an Overview slide between the individual slides – this will help provide a helpful snapshot of the entire project.
  • Unlock a new editing tool – select the Morph in the Transitions tab to bring your video project to life!

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  • Tweak the settings for a more personalized experience! Experiment with different display and transition durations before locking them in – just hit ‘Apply to all’ when you’re done.
  • Spice up your presentation by switching things up! Make every slide count and add some energy with a dynamic transition from one graphic to the next. Variety is vital for keeping an audience engaged!



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