How to voice over a google slide presentation? – Best tips and tricks.

How to voice over a google slide presentation
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Presentation voice overs can enhance communication and engage the audience by providing a more personal and interactive touch. Google Slides is a widely used presentation tool that allows customers to add voice overs to their slides easily. In this guide, we will step you through how to voice over Google Slides, use a display recorder, and give some treasured tips to assist you in getting started on Presentation design services.

voice over google slides

What is voice over Google slides?

Voice over Google Slides is a feature that allows users to add audio narration or commentary to their presentations. It enables presenters to record their voice while going through the slides, providing additional context, explanations, or storytelling elements. This feature can be useful for creating interactive and engaging presentations, especially for remote or asynchronous audiences.

How to voice over Google Slides?

Do these step-by-step guide to learn how to voice over Google Slides:

Step 1- Prepare Your Google Slides Presentation:

Create or open the Google Slides presentation you wish to add a voiceover to. Ensure that your slides are well-organized and ready for recording.

Step 2- Choose:  a Screen Recorder:

Select a reliable screen recording tool that suits your needs. Several screen recorders, such as OBS Studio, Screencast-O-Matic, Loom, or Camtasia, are available for desktop and online use.

Step 3- Adjust Recording Settings:

Set up the recording settings, including the capture area (full screen or specific window), microphone input, and video quality. Make sure to select the microphone you’ll be using for the voiceover.

Step 4- Start Recording:

Open your Google Slides presentation and start the screen recording. Begin speaking as you navigate the slides, explaining each point or providing additional context.

Step 5:

  •       Pause and Edit (if necessary): If you make a mistake during recording.
  •       Pause the screen recorder.
  •       Go back to the slide where the error occurred.
  •       Resume recording from there.

You can later edit the recording to remove any unnecessary pauses or mistakes.

Step 6- End the Recording:

Stop the screen recording after completing the voiceover for your entire presentation.

Step 7- Save and Share:

Save the recorded video file to your desired location. You can then share it with your audience through various platforms like email, cloud storage, or video-sharing platforms.

how to add voice over to google slides

Two things will occur when you insert the audio clip:

You can have the clip automatically start for online courses. This allows students to navigate the presentation easily without manually clicking the audio icon.

  • A slide icon showing a speaker will be displayed with a mini-player that allows you to preview the audio. This icon can be moved to any position on your screen.
  • An option tab for format options will be opened.

Select “Stop on slide changes.” If you do not, the audio will play over the next slide.

What about PowerPoint Online Version: How to add voiceover?

PowerPoint’s online, free version is very similar to Google Slides.

1- Keep your script in writing.

You can record your script in individual audio slides just like you would for Google Slides.

2- Each slide should have audio clips.

In PowerPoint, select Insert > Audio to insert your audio files.

3- Format the audio

Select start and then choose Automatically. This will make the audio start as soon as the student moves to the next slide. You can move the speaker icon to wherever you want it.

4- Send us your presentation.

To get a link, choose File> Share > Share With People. Please copy the link and paste it into your Kajabi course.

add voice over to google slides

These are some of the most important formatting options on Google Slides.

  • Play automatically: You can enable the radio button to start playing automatically’ to have the audio play automatically whenever you open a slide.
  • Play on-click: To make the audio play only when the speaker icon is clicked, enable the radio button to play at click’.
  • Loop audio: You can enable the “loop audio” checkbox to allow the audio narration to play on a loop.
  • Stop on Slide Change: To have the audio Stop while you navigate to the next slide, you can activate this checkbox.

How to record a voice over Google Slides with a screen recorder?

This is the easiest method of them all to learn how to add voice over to Google Slides.

Let’s see how to add voice over to Google Slides:

You can add voice narrations to your Google Slides presentations using a webcam overlay. You can freely share the recording of yourself presenting it to others.

You can find a lot of online screen recording software. You can pick the one that suits your needs best.

You can enhance your screen recording by using screen annotations when you use a screen recorder for voiceovers. You can also edit your voiceovers quickly and easily because most screen recorders have an editor.

Note: We will guide you through the process using Vmaker. It’s easy to use and has a lot of amazing features.

voice over to google slides

Register for Vmaker

Visit Vmaker’s official page to create an account. Screen recording software is available as a Chrome plugin or as a Mac application.

You can add the chrome extension to your Chrome browser by visiting the Google Chrome Web Store, while the Mac application can be downloaded from Vmaker’s home page.

Note: You can pin the chrome plugin to your browser for easy access to screen recording software.

Record the voiceover

Try recording your voiceover before you record it for the first time. Log in to Vmaker and click on “Start recording.”

Once ready to record, you can open the Google Slides presentation requiring a voiceover.

Click on the Vmaker icon in your browser to start recording the voiceover. Select ‘Start Recording.’

You can also modify the features to suit your needs.

Edit and share

After you have recorded your voice overs, click on the button to begin editing.

Vmaker’s integrated editing suite will be opened. You can remove any unwanted parts of your recording.

After you are done editing, you can save the video in any format you prefer and share it with others.

Vmaker allows users to upload videos to social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Content creators can upload their videos within a matter of seconds.

voice over on google slides

Tips to Help You Get Started:

  1. Script and Rehearse: Plan a script for your voiceover and rehearse it a few times to sound confident and natural during recording.
  2. Speak Clearly and Enunciate: Articulate your words and enunciate important points to ensure clarity in your voiceover.
  3. Use a Quality Microphone: Invest in a good-quality microphone to capture clear, professional-sounding audio.
  4. Pause for Emphasis: Allow brief pauses to emphasize important points and give the audience time to process information.
  5. Maintain a Consistent Pace: Avoid speaking too fast or slow; maintain a steady pace to keep the audience engaged.
  6. Limit Background Noise: Record quietly to minimize background noise and distractions.
  7. Be Enthusiastic: Infuse enthusiasm and energy into your voiceover to keep the audience interested and attentive.
  8. Practice Makes Perfect: Practice recording voice overs regularly to become more comfortable and confident in your delivery.


Learning how to voice over Google Slides can be a powerful tool to add a personal touch to your presentations and effectively communicate your message to the audience. Using a screen recorder, you can effortlessly record voice overs while navigating through your slides. Remember to script, rehearse, and speak clearly to create engaging voiceovers. With practice and attention to detail, you can take your Google Slides presentations to the next level and leave a lasting impression on your audience.


How to do a voice recording on a Mac?

Use the Voice Memos app on your Mac, and click on the Record button. To pause, use the Pause button. Again, if you want to continue, click on Resume. When you finish, click on Done in the lower-right corner.

Can I record myself offering a Google slide?

While you cannot file your audio and video inside Google Slides, you can use a webcam and display recording platform to retail the presentation. We endorse starting with Riverside for recording Google Slides on many devices, including Mac and Windows computers.

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