How to wireframe in Figma?

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A wireframe is an essential part of web page design, helping businesses to plan and visualize their goals before development. It lays out strategic elements to ensure optimal user experience and conversions once the page is constructed. The wireframe also helps establish page architecture with features such as meshing, CTAs, SEO best practices, and more. An effective wireframe allows businesses to define their website in terms of usability and functionality — a must-have for successful sites.


How to wireframe in Figma?

Figma is a web-based design tool that can be universally accessed. With Figma, there’s a bounty of designing tools for you to use to create wireframes of varying fidelity. In addition, the software features other helpful options such as interactive designs and more. To start using Figma for wireframing, here are some steps to follow:


Step 1: go to the Figma website

The quickest and easiest way to use the Figma wireframe kit is to access the official website’s online tool. Alternatively, you can download the Figma wireframe kit directly from its website and integrate it into your account. The kit includes a wide range of templates and designs that will simplify the process of creating a wireframe for your project in Figma.


Step 2: Create your pages

The web interface of Figma offers a convenient way to create designs. You can find a variety of design elements on the side that you can easily add to your canvas by dragging and dropping them. Additionally, you have the ability to adjust their CSS attributes, such as color, size, alignment, and so forth.

Consistency is key when it comes to creating wireframes. A great way to ensure this is by taking the same approach when working on multiple frames. With Figma, you can quickly duplicate elements and apply them as desired. This helps keep the design uniform across different screens within the app or website wireframe, ensuring a cohesive look and feel.


Step 3: fill in your pages

When designing Figma wireframes, you can leverage the same design elements to create multiple versions. Using the inbuilt linking tool, it’s easy to connect the various components of your wireframe and ensure high fidelity. After that, switch over to Observation Mode for a live preview of your work. You can save this design to the cloud and share it with others too.

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