How to Work with Presenter View in PowerPoint?

How to Work with Presenter View in PowerPoint?
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PowerPoint is Microsoft’s widely used presentation or slideshow software. Millions of people use this powerful software in presentations in any City, no matter how big or small the venue. It’s the first presentation software that comes to mind when people are asked to present something in front of their class or company meeting, so it’s one of the most popular soft bars in the world.

But today, we’ll talk about one of the PowerPoint features, the presenter View. If you have a project system, it’s a feature that allows a presenter to see the current slide, follow slide speaker notes, and presenter tools on a separate screen. The audience is only this large, so that it will help you so much in your presentations. The reason that we write a blog about this topic is that it is too helpful for us, and it holds too many people in their presentation. If you are still interested in learning and knowing its benefits follow us to the end of this blog post.

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What is the PowerPoint presenter’s view?

The power plant prisoners’ view is a presentation mode that would allow us to achieve our goals. I’ll go into a presentation to attach the audience Focus I’m so presenter View hello is presenters to see a preview of the next slide as well as their speaker notes. He’s going to help us and give us more confidence, and also, we can know our speaker notes in the middle of our speech.


Benefits to Presenter View

1- Speaker notes

We should know the parts we hope to have in a presentation; speaker notes are the essential parts that will help us too much in our production. An essential part of a presentation is the preparation of the speaker’s notes. The speaker’s letters provide a structure to a presentation and encourage the audience to listen and view the screen. Presentation view allows you to see your nose and reminds on your computer screen during the presentation and the projector only shows a slide to the audience, so that it will help you in this way too.


2- Practice makes perfect

Of course, you should practice as much as you can, and presentation view will help you to practice more and more and be more comfortable when you’re having a presentation using a presenter view. The speaker can rehearse with the navigation tools, see the current and upcoming slides, practice using his notes and become proficient using the pointer tools.


3- Tools

In our presentation, we need the audience’s focus, and we do many things to achieve that. In prison interviews, we learn awesome too, such as pan pointer highlighter and eraser, and they will allow us to draw or direct the eyes of the audience to particular words or images on the slides. These tools help us attract and hold the audience’s attention; also, you can black or white out the screen. Remember that our goal in our presentation was to attract others’ attention to a specific part, so this will help us to the right their attention.


4- Zoom in to convey ideas better

With this feature, a presenter can zoom in on every part that’s wanted and need to focus on that. If your text reach presentations with bullet points get, monotonized Zoom is the perfect feature to bring back your audience’s attention. It will help us to attract the audience’s attention, and they can understand better what we are trying to say.


5- Use a small fan to highlight content.

The presenter can use a slight pain to highlight content on their laptop during the presentation. You can Mark or highlight the range on every relevant slice that you want. Also, the highlighted content is reflected in real-time on the screen display to the audience, so you can underline or Mark any words on any page that you want to be focused on. This will make it much easier for us to present with less stress.

How to Work with Presenter View in PowerPoint?

How to set up PowerPoint presenter view with a projector 

  1. connect your pc to the projector. Make sure the laptop isn’t switched on.
  2. While you switch on the pc, the projector will apprehend it as a 2nd display screen.
  3. When you begin Microsoft PowerPoint, you should see the same image on each display.
  4. Now press the windows + P key mixture and pick out the increase. Click on the check mark to the right of Presenter View inside the Slide show tab.
  5. You’ll now see the different perspectives of your video display units. Because the presenter you’ll see the presenter’s view even as your target market will see the modern slide.
  6. Typically, the presenter view is automatically displayed on the precise monitor (specifically, yours). If it seems at the target audience screen, set it to primary reveal within the screen drop-down menu. The presenter view ought to now run for your display.

How to Work with Presenter View in PowerPoint?

Update slides

This feature is going to help you in your team presentations. Do you have experience working with the team Vault presentation? However, there are sometimes when you have a display, there are still some changes that your team should change it, so there are still being made, possibly right up to the last minute, to activate this thing a spirit to go to set up a slideshow from the slide show time, and select keep a slice updates. I like this picture because it helped me many times when we were in a group, so there was no need to come over.



I can only think how our world would be with PowerPoint. It changes how we present our products or ideas and makes many things much more accessible. Also, if you have a presentation is much better to focus on just your presentation. I also recommend you work with an agency with related experience in making PowerPoint presentations. Please pay attention to the portfolio and the last projects that they have done. Besides, working with an agency can help you and increase your stress during your presentation because you trust them. So if you still have any questions or need any help, you should know that my colleague in temis marketing are here to help you the best way they can, so call us if you have any problem or need any advice.


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