Instagram Collab Posts: Everything You Need to Know

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Instagram collab posts: everything you need to know.

It’s crucial to learn how to maximize your Instagram efforts for your business by using Instagram’s special features. Instagram Collabs feature is one of the most recent features of this social media. This allows you to collaborate with another person to increase engagement and reach. Here is a complete review of Instagram collab posts: everything you need to know.


What’s an Instagram Collab Post?

Instagram Collab posts allow two users to share one post to their Instagram feed’s or Reels. An Instagram Collab Post is a single, co-created Feed Post/Reel that appears on both profiles simultaneously. One person created the post and invited another to join the conversation. After they agree, both accounts share the post and its comments, likes, and shares. You can only have one collaborator per post. This feature does not include Stories and Lives.

This is an excellent feature for brands, creators, and businesses looking to increase their reach on Instagram without spending thousands of dollars on paid advertising. This collab feature allows you to maximize the impact of each new post and grow your Instagram account’s visibility with new, valuable followers.


How to start with the Instagram Collaboration feature?

Are you ready to make your first Instagram Collab post? It’s really easy.

The original author of this post:

  1. Open the Instagram app – obviously.
  2. Start adding the new post to your Insta Reels or Feed.
  3. Before you publish your content, add your co-collaborator. To start, tap the tag people option and select “Invite collaborator”.
  4. Click on the username that you are looking for and click it to add them as collaborators. Click Finish.
  5. Post your content.
  6. Your post’s header will display the Collab tag. If we collaborated with Instagram, the post would appear as “getskedsocial” and Instagram.

Here are some things to remember:

  • Collab posts need to be initiated from a public account.
  • The collaborator must accept the request to display the content on the profile grid.
  • The primary author of the post is its original author. The collaboration will be terminated if the collaborator or original author blocks the collaborator.


The Benefits of Instagram’s Collab feature

There are many reasons to create an Instagram Collabs Post. Here are three of the most important:

  • Expand Your Reach
  • Increased Engagement
  • Makes Collaborating Simple
  • Brand transparency is increased
  • Avoid making duplicate posts


How do I accept an Instagram Collab Post?

Once the post is created, the collaborator can accept the invitation.

  • Go to your activity pages.
  • Click on the invitation notification.
  • Tap Review.
  • Select Accept.


How to Use Instagram Collab Posts for Reels?

Reel collaboration is similar to posting feed posts, except that you post from the Reels tab rather than the regular post tab.

This is a quick guide on how to use the Instagram Collab feature for Reels.

  1. As you would typically, record and edit your reel.
  2. Choose preview to ensure you are happy with your reel.
  3. To access the sharing options, click Next and tap Tag People.
  4. Click ‘Invite Collaborator’ and select who you wish to tag.
  5. To confirm your collaborator, click the checkmark and then post your reel!


What to Know When Using Instagram Collabs?

Instagram has provided some guidelines for users to follow when using the collaboration feature.

These recommendations will help you ensure that every post in a collab complies with Instagram’s requirements and performs at its peak.

Let’s look at the four most important things about Instagram Collabs. This is direct from Instagram HQ.

  • The original poster of the post is the main author. since they are the primary creators of the post, they can add or remove collaborators at any time. The collaboration is terminated if the original author blocks the collaborator or vice versa. Collab posts can be resigned at any time by the collaborator.
  • The original creator determines the settings of the collab post: If the original creator decides that their profile should be made private, then only their followers can view the post.
  • The Collab Post is owned by its primary creator. If the primary creator deletes the post, it will be removed from the collaborators’ profiles.
  • If the original creator deletes their account, both accounts’ posts will be deleted. The post will be restored to both profiles if the account is reactivated.


Use Instagram Collabs

Now we have the what, the why, and the how-to. Let’s discuss some fun ideas for making the most of this Instagram feature to promote your brand.

You can use Instagram Collab to create Reels or feed posts with a partner in these ways.


Announce a new partnership

  • Are you a host of an event?
  • Do you want to be featured on a podcast?
  • Are you a part of a team that has collaborated with brands or influencers on a marketing campaign for a brand?
  • Are you interested in hosting a webinar or workshop with someone else?
  • You co-created a product/service with another person and are ready to launch it?

These are great examples of collaborations that you can announce with a Collab Post. This post via Reels or in-feed is a great way to promote and announce your partnership.

This is a great way for both sets to create excitement about upcoming events and announcements.


Boost existing paid partnerships.

Are you already investing in influencer marketing? Collab posts can give your #ad or #sponsored posts a boost.

Collab posts are a great way to make your collaboration with influencers easier. You can post the content to your account and make the influencer the author. You and your followers both see the content.


Join forces to win giveaways.

As an Instagram user, you’re likely to have seen many giveaways on Instagram. Brands and content creators host giveaways. It’s not unusual for accounts to team up to offer giveaways together.

Collab post giveaways can help you get more participation from both communities. Both accounts benefit.


Create a challenge

Instagram challenges are still viral. These challenges have been an excellent way for brands to engage with their Instagram communities.


Offer product packages

Instagram has seen many brands collaborate with their followers to offer product bundles. This collaboration can benefit businesses that complement one another’s products or services. This is a great way to provide even more value for your customers.


Join forces for a good cause.

Are you passionate about a charity or cause? Do you do any fundraising or work for this cause? Collab posts can help you further amplify the cause.

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