Top 13 instagram reel content ideas

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Reels offer unique and evergreen opportunities when it comes to increasing engagement and brand awareness. Because Reels don’t disappear like Instagram Stories, the content you create will remain in your account’s Reels tab for an extended period. However, creating these videos can be a lot of work and requires advanced planning to execute correctly.


1- Give a tutorial

In just 90 seconds, you can show off your expertise and create a connection with your audience by creating How-To videos. Whether you specialize in cooking, interior decoration, or makeup artistry, Instagram Reels provide a unique platform for teaching. So if you’ve ever wanted to share your special knowledge with others, now’s the perfect time!


2- Share expert advice

Drawing from your specialized knowledge and experience, consider developing content that offers comprehensive insights into a topic within your niche. This could cover a broad range of topics such as product design, interior design, product management, etc. Used strategically, this type of content can help you showcase yourself as an expert in the field while simultaneously building closer relationships with your audience.


3- Show a Before and After

Sharing before and after visuals can be a great way to boost engagement with your followers. They create compelling content that people naturally find satisfying. Plus, there’s no limit to the type of Reels you can produce: home renovations, recipes, makeup tutorials, illustrations — the sky’s the limit! Give your followers a peek into your process by creating some before and after Reels today.


4- Offer different things

In need of an engaging idea? Tips and tricks are a great place to start. Are you a makeup guru or SEO extraordinaire? Share your valuable knowledge with your audience.  Let them in on your trade secrets, be it styling tutorials or TikTok optimization methods! The possibilities are endless, and they don’t have to be complex. Try sharing one tip at a time and see where the conversation takes you. Ask your readers what helpful tips they’d love from you next – get creative!


5- Show the process

When marketing a physical product, quality visuals are essential in expressing the quality of your product. But when it comes to services or intangible products, visuals can be used to convey the process behind them and show off the results. Taking customers on a journey with your brand is just as important for service-oriented businesses as for product-based companies – let them see satisfied customers and engage with stories about your service.


6- Share a facts

A recent survey from The Sprout Social Index™ revealed that customers place more importance on a brand’s values – 74% higher than in 2021. It’s clear that when brands are transparent and share facts about issues they care about, they will be rewarded with increased customer loyalty and trust. This can be an easy and effective way to demonstrate your values as a company.


7- Give a tours

Give your viewers an inside look into your workspace. Taking an audience on a tour of a studio or home office is a wonderful way to demonstrate the atmosphere of where you work and helps to foster familiarity between you and those watching. This method of communication allows people to get to know who you are and understand better why they should choose your business over competitors.


8- Introduce yourself

Instagram Reels is a powerful tool when it comes to introducing yourself, your company, or your staff. By providing a platform for users to get personally acquainted with you and your business, Reels can be an effective way to foster meaningful relationships and help create a positive brand image.


9- Know your values

Kay Carter Homeware provides a great example of how to share your brand practices with the world. Their Reel gives viewers a glimpse inside their sustainable studio practices. Content like this can be inspiring for potential customers and small business owners alike. If your company stands by its methods, tell people about it using a Reel!


10- Use animation

Animation can be used to communicate new updates and features for your product. Instagram Reels are a prime example of how videos purely composed of photos and videos can be used, and animation can help your brand’s feed stand out among the clutter.


11- Use filters

Integrating augmented reality (AR) Instagram filters into your Reels toolkit is a great way to spice up your content. AR filters allow you to create futuristic posts and explore different creative possibilities, while still maintaining the professional look and feel of your brand. So if you’re looking for more diverse ways to express yourself, consider taking advantage of this new technology!


12- Show a before and after

Reels could be just the right solution for businesses that need to showcase transformations. Whether it’s an organizational change, a product refresh, or even just seasonal rollouts, Reels is the perfect platform to put your makeovers on display. Take advantage of this great opportunity today!


13- Post a satisfying time-lapse

Time lapses are a great way for brands to attract and engage viewers within seconds; plus, they can be quickly shot and edited with minimal effort from the creative and social teams. Time lapses are typically associated with cooking videos or murals, but this type of Instagram Reel is also suited for brands with niche audiences.


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