Instagram reel ideas for artists – 18 tranding ideas in 2023

Instagram reel ideas for artists
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Instagram created Reels (short videos) as a form of content to take advantage of the fact that videos are more engaging than text. Reels are shown to a wider audience by an Instagram algorithm than any other type of post. Reels are a must-have skill for artists. Make them a part of your Instagram strategy to go viral. An example of this is the artist who shows the steps of their process to the beat of the music. This is a great example and is currently a hot trend on Instagram. This article will give you more Instagram reel ideas for artists that are creative and trendy.

How to make your Instagram reel ideas go viral as an artist?

Trending audio will always be an important factor in viral reels. These reels will be viewed by other (hobby-) artists as well. The “Others” group includes:

People who are drawn to your art by stumbling across your reel: Will watch it and save, share, and then leave.

People who are interested in buying your art: They may browse your feed and give you a follow, or buy something.


This can be applied to your reels. These are the four basic ingredients to add to your formula:

Entertainment (Make it funny)

  • Perhaps add a humorous twist

Related (make people feel that they are not the only one)

  • Consider both positive and negative moments that are relatable to others.


  • Morris’s example of thinking outside the box encouraged you to do so.


  • These topics can include certain ones
  • These can be things every artist does, but doesn’t admit to (like tracing).
  • This allows for a lot of engagement through comments. But be ready to receive negative comments.


Instagram reel ideas for artists


Zoom in to see a closer view of your art.

We want to see the details. Are you using tiny brushstrokes or thick gobs? Do you use glitter, shiny resin, layers of goldleaf or glitter? Show off what you have done to bring out the uniqueness of your work. To give context, I recommend that you include a few seconds at the beginning and end of the piece.


Reveal New Work

To showcase your creation, create one or more reels. Take a closer look at the artwork and talk about it with the viewer.


Photo Reel

A photo reel is an easy and effective way to learn Instagram Reels if you’re new to the feature. Photo reels are collections of still photos that appear as a slideshow. You can also add background music. This is a great way for artists to show photos of themselves, their band members, footage from events and many other things in a more creative way than posting just one still photo. To accompany your footage, you can add your own music. The Reel will display the song title and artist name.


Video Preview

Artists can also create Instagram Reels by using music videos they have already shot and recorded.

Reels can be used to embed 60 seconds of a video. Reels can also be used to promote your video and build excitement if you’re planning on releasing a new music video in the near future.


Show your favorite illustration

Although the reel below does not have anything to do with art, we can still use the concept to create something similar. Create a reel that features your favorite painting or drawing.


Be a part of a trend.

See what other artists have posted and what has received the most views. Are there any ways you could recreate their Reels and TikToks? You can also pay attention to the current music that is being played in the background to help your content gain popularity. Be a part of a trend.

You can have fun with your friends, whether it is a dance, challenge or other activity. In the hopes of creating the next viral trend, you can always make your own.

Steps of your process

Show specific steps that you have taken to match the music. This is one of the most popular reel trends on Instagram.


Share your design process and some tips

I do composition studies before I start a painting. I also mix paints to choose a color scheme. What about you? Let the world see the hard work you put into making a painting successful. My most popular Reels focus on simple tips such as how to create collage paper or add texture to my artwork.


Return it to an older work

It’s rare to see #tbt and #fbf anymore. However, this doesn’t mean that you should limit yourself to your current work in progress. It can be exhausting! You can go back and repost work that has been successful in the past, or just the ones you love. It might be worth comparing the work you made before you started with the one you are currently making.

Tips and Tricks

You might consider sharing your knowledge and tips with your followers if you’re having trouble coming up with content for Instagram Reels. You could make a video demonstrating the DAW techniques you use to create music if you’re a producer.

You could give tips to your audience if you’re a singer. You could also offer tips and tricks that are completely unrelated to music.

It’s possible that you are an artist but also a great cook. Show your skills and give advice to viewers in the kitchen. Your audience will see a side to you they have never seen, and they will also appreciate learning valuable information from someone they admire.


Real time vs actual time

You can compress everything into a reel of just a few seconds. The viewer will be able to see the speeded-up version as well as the real-time footage from the creative process.


Capture the Creative Process

Artists’ creative process will be different than any other artists in the world. If you need an IG reel that is unique, you can give viewers insight into your song creation and the effort you put into it.

You can see clips of artists in the studio. A producer might be making beats or trying to record songs. Russ, a rapper and producer is one artist who makes these kinds of creative reels.


Show Your Toolbox

Make a video of yourself unboxing new art supplies. You could also make a Reel about your favorite paintbrush. A Reel could be created that showcases how creamy and rich your paints are. People love to see how paints are mixed up close!



The majority of people who post photos on social media put their best face forward. You will likely have many videos and clips from your live performances or your favorite photos from photoshoots.

If you’re looking for content that will grab attention and really stand out, create a Reel with videos of your embarrassing moments.


Share your ideas.

What artists are your favorite from history and who do you admire today? You can give them a shout-out and any other influences that have influenced how or why you create your art.


Answer questions from the audience.

Use the questions to help guide your AMA video.


Everyday Living Footage

Artists and musicians tend to assume that all their content must be music-related when they come up with Reel ideas. Although your content should relate to your music most of the time, it’s a good idea also to include real-life footage.


A client can share work.

You have probably developed great relationships with many of your clients. Ask a few of them if you’d mind sharing a clip of your work in their space. You can also ask them to take a short video and send it to your email. This can be added to your website testimonials page.

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