Instagram reel ideas for products – Best 12 of viral ideas in 2023

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You can use Instagram to market your products and build relationships with customers. Many small product-based businesses need to be creative in how they market their products. You might expect that Instagram will be a major platform for your clients, with over one billion active users monthly. Reels can be used by product-based businesses to reach a larger audience and promote their products. Reels can be catchy, fun videos that you can put to music. Reels can be used to showcase your products in an entertaining and creative manner. These tips will help you create a reel that is eye-catching and helps promote your products to a wider audience.


Instagram reel ideas for products

Tips for Brands Using Reels

When possible, include people (creators and employees). Information to ponder: 36% plan to use Instagram Reels in their creator campaigns. Videos that feature people increase engagement and humanize brands.

Multiple angles are a great way to show off your products. Product reels are powerful as they bring the products to life. People will be able to visualize your product easier by seeing close-ups in real-world settings. Remember to tag all products Product tagging is important in Reels for fashion labels. It allows you to increase sales directly via Instagram.


Create saveable content

This is a great way to create savable content using your product. The “save” button tells Instagram that users like the content. This encourages Instagram to show more of your posts. This is easiest to achieve by sharing content that your audience finds useful, such as tutorials or tips within your niche.


Day in The Life

Similar to “behind the scenes” of your products, posting reels on “day In The Life” keeps your followers engaged on your pages.

This video is about your business life and can be inspirational. These videos include your day-to-day activities and life, which can be your pe personal routines or your business.


Display your product

Reels are a great way to highlight your product’s key selling points quickly.

Social videos offer instant answers to questions such as:

  • “What is the actual product like?”
  • “Is it right for me?” “How can I use that?”
  • “How can other people use it?” It works!

This video will grab your attention, regardless of whether you are already interested or just starting to see the product for the first time. This video shows how Reels can reach customers at all stages of their customer journey.


User-Generated Content for your product

You can also connect with your audience by sharing content they created using your product. UGC is becoming easier to edit and create content. This can make your content as good as professional content. UGC is a great way for your audience to get in touch with you. It shows that you care.



People are curious when they see your Instagram reel. Some may ask questions. Your ability to answer these questions and give more insight will increase your chances of attracting such customers.

No one wants to be involved in something they don’t know. Answer all of your questions.


Quick Tip

Sometimes, the Internet can be boring. Sometimes, I am just bored. Other days, however the algorithm gods provide me with so much information in such a brief time that I feel spiritually connected with Eric Wareheim’s gif. This is what I get from quick tips. These simple tips made me realize that I was doing something wrong. These Instagram Reels are great for showing these things in an easy, fun way.


Reality vs. Your Expectations.

Instagram allows you to share your photos with the world, whether you are a professional photographer or a hobbyist photographer. Your reel should be entertaining and engaging, but not too similar to others. When creating an Instagram reel, it is important to strike a balance between expectation and reality. To get maximum engagement, keep your audience in mind. They will be able to say “Oh yeah, I too!” and then the comments will start rolling in. You can create an Instagram reel that will stand out with creativity and flair.



Social media challenges are as fleeting as our time here on Earth. To make them work, it is important to keep your ears open for new trends. If done correctly, they can boost your profile.


Unbox products

How can you best showcase your products? You can show your products from the customer’s perspective and allow your followers to experience what it is like to receive your products. You can help them to imagine what it feels like to open your products. This is a great way to get people to feel the emotions that your product can bring.

You can also tag products on Instagram reels. This will allow your customers to buy your products directly from your reels. When sharing your unboxing video, tag related products so that people can purchase products from your reels. If necessary, include a strong call-to-action such as Shop Now.


In less than 11 seconds, show us your creative process.

Keep your viewers engaged with your reel by creating short, sharp videos. You can speed up a video by adding quick transitions or increasing the speed of your video. This will keep viewers watching. You can show off your creativity with quick video transitions and quick changes.


Talk about Your Products & Services.

This tip was necessary because it is important to inform others about the differences that make them unique from other people. These are information that you can’t expect anyone else to discover. It’s up to you to make sure that all potential customers are aware of your position before they invest in anything.

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