Luxury shop UI design inspirations

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A custom-designed luxury website will make your business stand out online. Are you looking for inspiration? We’ve compiled some stunning examples of luxury Shop website UI for your inspiration. This article will show you to create the ultimate luxury shop UI website design inspiration.


Luxury shop UI design inspirations


Calicanto let the pictures speak for themselves. Even the most picky luxury shoppers will be attracted to a landing page elegantly designed with top-end visuals. However, it is their straight-to-the-point approach that turns those visits into sales.

Calicanto doesn’t waste time with introductions. They save that for dropdown menus and instead show off their high-quality bags on the landing page.



Porsche’s website looks as elegant and luxurious as its cars. The unique menu on the website of the German auto brand gets high marks. Visitors can click on images of Porsche models to go directly to the menu and avoid the hassle of looking through the tabs. Porsche doesn’t make things complicated. The menu lets you find out more about your fan-favorite cars, navigate to your account and learn more about nearby dealers or shops.




Kiton’s website design is very visual. Kiton’s landing page has a scrapbook-like feel that is charming and personal. However, it also shows a little bit of high fashion sensibility.

Kiton believes that a picture is worth a thousand words. It is a powerful way for visitors to be enticed by using images to distinguish each category. The imagery is simple and almost familiar. They use images that are not based on models or high-definition snaps but instead choose random images.

Navigating their website is easy because all the information you need is at your fingertips. All the rest is hidden in a well-placed dropdown that sits next to a search icon. Kiton might not exude the elegance and luxury of top designer brands but their site is easy to navigate.



The website of Parisian fashion house Goyard is simple and refreshing. The site’s main image, which shows two of the brand’s iconic trunk bags, is the focus. It keeps the attention on the products. It is easy to read the font.

The trunks in the main photo are vibrant, so the rest of this website is devoid of color except for a hunter green menu. It is also easy to understand and concise, keeping with the theme.



Burberry’s luxury fashion website uses conciseness and carefully placed fashion elements. A video journal guides new users through the latest collections as human nature dictates. This is an effective way to spread new information and encourage its retention.

Burberry targets the shopper who knows exactly what they are looking for. The site’s simple gender-classified categories make it easy to navigate, and a tempting “Discover the Campaign” button lures users to see their most popular collections.



This website is the embodiment of a brand’s vision.

This is why the Italian Wood website web design looks great, but it’s also practical.

  • High-end visuals Marketing designer shades is difficult, but Italian Wood manages it very well. How does this happen? They use crisp, visually appealing images of their products. Customers want to feel confident that they are getting value for their hard-earned money. Visually appealing photos speak elegance.
  • Minimalism They’ve decided to keep things simple and not bombard customers with a long list of products. Visitors are directed to four designer shades on the landing page. Psychology says that fewer options can help people make decisions faster and more confidently.
  • Mobile optimization High-end visuals and fewer options on a mobile device equals high conversion rates. Mobile users can simply swipe left to right from the landing page to access their products. A drop down menu at the top leads to more options. A shopping bag icon guides potential customers to checkout. It’s simple, fast, and highly effective.


The Ritz Carlton

The Ritz Carlton is a well-known brand. This website offers a wealth of inspiration for luxury websites. The homepage of this luxury resort chain features beautiful images of Ritz Carlton hotels worldwide. Visitors are offered a glimpse into Ritz Carlton’s vacation experience by the immersive photos that fill most of the screen. The website loads quickly despite the large images that Ritz Carlton has included on its website. Remember that conversion rates are affected by the first five seconds of loading time. So make sure your website loads quickly.


Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton, a French luxury fashion house, uses visually striking videos from its recent runway show. You can enter Louis Vuitton’s world by loading the website. This allows you to see the runway and get a front-row seat. You will also find a simple menu and a highly-readable front. Also, you’ll see that the entire Louis Vuitton homepage consists of images and videos. Each image tells a story about the brand and uses a similar color palette.


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