How to make money with memes on Instagram?

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Making money from Instagram is unlimited. There are plenty of ways to earn money from Instagram; one of the most unspoken is earning money from Meme pages on Instagram. There are many meme pages all around the web, that does not mean all of them are earning money but in case you are looking for how to make money with memes on Instagram, we will explore and take a look at this subject to see is whether possible and available to How do you monetize a meme on Instagram.

how do meme pages make money

How do you monetize a meme on Instagram?

There are various ways to make money from memes on Instagram, and the best way to monetize a meme on Instagram can be related to your audience, niche, and creativity. These are good starting point methods for how to earn money from Instagram meme pages.

  • Partnership with a brand

Brands like to have new and creative ideas to market their products based on them. Memes can be trending and an excellent way to reach and be seen by a large group of audiences. By creating creative and funny memes that have a good potential to go viral on Instagram, you can gain new followers and stop unlikes on Instagram.

You can work and have partnerships with brands to make relevant and sponsored meme content for them to promote their product on Instagram. It’s an entirely new method of digital age marketing that can be monetized for you as an Instagram meme creator.

  • Sell your meme to stock photo website

You may have seen Stock Photo websites, many of them accept to buy your memes to sell them to others. By selling your meme to these websites, you will earn royalty whenever someone uses or downloads your meme.

how to earn money from instagram meme page

  • Dropshipping & Ecommerce

You also have an option of creating an Instagram account for dropshipping with meme pages. It is possible to use a similar procedure for eCommerce businesses and open the same account.

Getting free traffic, however, is best done by having a meme page Instagram account, which is where your audience could already be.

Instagram enables visits to various shops through the businesses’ Instagram Accounts and its Feeds as well as Stories. More than this, Another reason (for opening an IG account for a meme page) is if you are going to do (some influencer marketing (to promote the product of your store)).

The number of followers that you may have, your image-heavy feed, etc. But still, it seems that one should take note of your mention in the blogging account of an Instagram influencer. The scammers may just open your Instagram page to assure themselves that you exist and are in real life.

The shoutouts of Instagram influencers are also mentioned that you may get tagged with. If so, it will be sensible for you to upload to your Instagram profile. Some of their followers may choose to follow you.

  • Affiliate marketing

Another method to make money from memes on Instagram is promoting affiliate products in your memes and sharing them on Instagram. If somebody clicks on your affiliate link and buys it, you will earn a commission from it.

How to earn money from Instagram meme page?

Before knowing how much do Instagram meme pages make, you should learn about how to use it effectively from your target social media.

1-Grow your account

Firstly, you should grow an account from scratch; it’s rewarding and difficult. You need to have a theme and right customization about your meme page to grab more attention from users. It’s more crucial to have more loyal and active followers, by having a niche and sticking to it, you will take your first step to achieving your goal.

Be aware of your social media algorithm to have a more effective activity on your meme page. Create an attractive bio, theme, highlights, and profile picture. Moreover, using hashtags on all of your posts would bring up your page to other users who don’t use hashtags.

Networking with other accounts is almost the most important step of growing your meme page on Instagram. Make a professional relationship with other meme pages or even collaborate with them in some posts.

Finally, by staying active on Instagram, you can help to grow and maintain your followers through consistent and frequent posts on your account. Don’t mistake it for maximizing your post number. Track your page analytics for each one of your posts to find the best time for posting your content.

how much do instagram meme pages make

2-Remodel an Account

You can build a new follower base for an already existing Instagram account if you desire to have the customizability in growing your own account from scratch, but start with zero following.

However, using an existing fan club base might look foolish if you already have a relatively popular IG account and want to be rebranded.

You may also alienate your followers, who made you what you are.

Rebranding a personal account with followers, mostly relatives and acquaintances, has a higher chance of success than what I had.

Having a changed personal account, you will already have an audience with very low probability of unfollowing your new content profile. However, be transparent and post (or story) what is happening so your audiences can determine whether they still want to follow.

3-Purchase an Account

Lastly, you can decide to buy a meme account that is already in existence from its initial owner. While this is quite a fast way of making money, it sucks all life and creativity out of the procedure. Targeting meme accounts that are no longer as frequent/consistent users of old pictures as they were before could be a good approach for this.

Most often, this implies that the owners of these profiles decided to take a break and stop updating themselves. Then, if these accounts accept to sell, then you already own a popular memes page on Instagram, and you just have to direct a message to them.

do meme pages make money


It must be clear by now on ways to acquire an audience for your page and how possible this could help you make money with the aid of that page. Instagram currently enjoys the presence of thousands, if not millions, of popular meme pages. With 1 billion active users, that desire cannot even be quenched by such levels of supply. It is crucial to get an audience that will give loyalty and come back anytime they hear about great content.


Can I earn money from the Instagram meme page?

Most users desire to display photos and videos from their own lives; accounts with meme content are among the most favored pages on Instagram. Making money with an Instagram meme page is possible through sponsored posts, online sales, or becoming an affiliate.

Does Instagram pay monetization?

This feature is only available for business and creator accounts on Instagram. As an Instagram creator, you can receive earnings payouts from these monetization tools. Note: Earnings from branded content are for projects on the creator marketplace that state “paid through Instagram” only.

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