Music shop UI design inspirations

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A custom music website created by a professional designer will make your business stand out online. Looking for ideas? Our global community of web designers has provided us with some incredible examples of music websites. Get inspired, and get started planning the perfect music UI design.


Music shop UI design inspirations


Figma App

Figma Music Player app is a beautiful, clean and modern design by Diana Shurman from Ukraine. The interface was created with great care. It is elegant and simple. It is simple and easy to use, satisfying users’ most basic needs. Also, the color scheme is a mix of dark and deep colors. This design has a unique appeal that expresses modernity and personality. The screens are well-organized and named according to their contents. All components and screens can be customized easily. They can be edited and are pixel-perfect.



Hiendguitar is the largest guitar shop in Indonesia. They carry boutique guitars and accessories by elite brands such as PRS, Fender, Mayones, Suhr, Fender, Mayones, and more. This project, or can I say exploration, is to make their screen look cleaner and more modern.


Music App User Interface

Christian, an American UX/UI designer, created the Music App UI. The interface was designed for a mobile music application. The app would allow users to rearrange tracks and to set tracks to skip if they don’t like a track. The designer also tried to create a scroll bar that matched the curve of his thumbs. The main color palette consists primarily of blues, with a few touches of magenta and violet.


Apple iTunes Player Mini Store

Apple iTunes Player mini Store was created by Aurelien Salomon, a member at Orizon, a UI/UX agency. The Apple iTunes Player has been made more user-friendly by the designer. This makes it easier for users to use the Apple iTunes Player, which is quite different from the current iTunes. It is very clean and neat. Moreover, there are no additional lines, colors or icons. The elements are well-matched and create a balance. Consistent color scheme. It is worth noting the combination of white fonts and a dark background.


Music Streaming Desktop Application

Sajjad Mohammadi Nia designed Music Streaming Desktop app, which is a concept for a music streaming platform. It is visually attractive and looks nice. Combining bright, luminous images with a dark background creates a powerful visual impact. The icons appear soft and fluid. It creates an immersive feeling and a slightly liquid, feminine, and tender sensation due to the precise corner radius of these images. This could offer a unique listening experience for those who love different music styles.



Spotify is a pioneer in the music streaming space. The interface for iPad’s is modern, clean, and elegant. It is fun and easy to use, with an extensive catalog and excellent device compatibility. You can search for any song, artist or album and then listen to it for free. You can also create and share playlists. If you want to create a solid music service, this is the right product.


DD Music Blue

DD Music Blue was designed by Dragon Lee, who believes ‘Less than is necessary, concise is rich’. The design is clean and straightforward, with a delicate and minimalist feel. It is amazing how colors are combined with white space. It is very well done to use gradients and other shades of blue. The icons in the left menu correspond with the respective text. This makes it easy to navigate.


SoundCloud App Design Concept

SoundCloud App Redesign Concept by Inna Shalatonova, a Ukrainian girl. SoundCloud is a well-known music streaming and podcast service that allows you to discover, upload and listen to your favourite music easily. The new app is clean and modern with a simple design. It is worth noting the changes made to the structure. Users are required to complete a few tasks to complete certain processes. This reduces the number of steps. Also, the interface uses a mixture of glowing colors and different shades of deep and dark colors, rather than a dark mode. This gives the interface a lighthearted, relaxed, and lively feel.


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