The best way to view a PowerPoint file on Chromebook

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Chromebook is a personal computer that runs ChromeOS. The original purpose of the Chromebook was to connect to the Internet. It supports the same type of applications as the Google Chrome web browser and other applications.

It’s a great tool for both educational and business purposes. You should know that Chromebook does not have Microsoft PowerPoint for Chromebook.

Read the article to learn how to view a PowerPoint file on Chromebook.


PowerPoint file on a Chromebook


What is a Chromebook?

Chromebooks are laptops made by Google and run on Google’s Chrome OS. These laptops are easy to use and can be used for simple tasks such as browsing, sending emails, writing papers, or browsing the web.


Google Chrome is the default web browser on the device, and it helps you to complete most tasks. Although Chromebook doesn’t support many of the apps that are available on MacBooks or laptops, you can download them from the Chrome Web Store and Google Play Store.

Google Chrome OS is primarily based on cloud storage. This means that after saving your tasks to the Chromebook, you can view or edit them on another device once you log in with your Google Account.

While most Chromebook apps require an internet connection to function, there are some tasks you can do offline. Apps like Offline Gmail, which allows you to read and send emails, Google Keep lets you write notes, Google Drive apps that allow you to create and edit documents, Google Media player that plays music and a built-in photo editor to view and edit photos, and Google Drive apps don’t require an internet connection.


How do you run a presentation on a Chromebook?

Chrome OS is a Google product. Your designed presentation slides will open in Google Slides by default. You can also use the other app. Each app has its unique features and many others. Users will have a harder time running PowerPoint on Chromebooks because they aren’t built to handle the high memory and processing demands of PowerPoint. Microsoft’s Office 365 suite of apps includes PowerPoint. However, it is not available on all Chromebooks. It has slightly fewer features and doesn’t install the same way for Windows or Mac.

PowerPoint is part of Microsoft Office. It is also available online on your Chromebook as an app. You can create and manage presentations and use them for professional, educational, and business purposes.


How to view a PowerPoint file on Chromebook?

You must install the PowerPoint Chrome app to use PowerPoint on a Chromebook. This app was created by Microsoft for users who cannot install Office on their Chromebooks.

Once the app is installed, it will be available in your Chromebook’s app drawer. You can access this drawer by clicking Launcher at the bottom left, then the Caret icon. PowerPoint will ask for your Outlook account to get you started. You are now ready to go.

Simply click on Upload to open an existing PowerPoint presentation design. You can also run it in full-screen mode by clicking on Slide Show > From Beginning and Current Slides from the top bar.

You can now view and edit the presentation from this page.

Any changes to the presentation will be saved automatically to the original file on the Chromebook’s hard disk. As you would expect if you use Microsoft PowerPoint with autosave enabled.

If you make changes to a presentation and then email it to someone else (for example, send it to someone you know), the recipient will receive the presentation with all of the changes.


PowerPoint file on Chromebook


How to Open a PowerPoint Presentation in Google Slides on Chromebook?

First, follow these steps to open a PowerPoint presentation using Google Slides. Next, open the presentation using the built-in PowerPoint viewer. Once you’re done, click “File “…”.

Click “Save as Google Slides” in the menu.

A popup window will now appear that states “Save as Google Slides”. It will take a few moments (or perhaps longer) for your PowerPoint presentation to be converted into a Google Slides presentation.

Once it’s done, the presentation will open in Google Slides in another tab. You’ll then see the message “Hooray!” Now your file is in Google Slides format.

Now your PowerPoint presentation is in Google Slides (PowerPoint file on Chromebook). You can now edit your PowerPoint presentation with all the advanced Google Slides features. Then, you can share the presentation with others via Google Slides.

How to insert a google slide into a google doc?


The Chromebook is perfect for basic tasks such as browsing the internet, checking email, playing online games, creating documents, and watching videos. Before buying a Chromebook, Chromebook, MacBook, or laptop, you need to assess your current situation and your daily tasks.

You will need to first access the Microsoft 365 app free from Chrome to install and run Microsoft Office applications. Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are some of the most popular Microsoft Office apps that you can access on the Microsoft 365 app. Chromebooks cannot be used with Microsoft 365 apps for Windows or macOS.



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