Prezi vs Canva: which is the best for you?

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Tired of the same-old, same-old? As a creator or entrepreneur, you don’t need to waste any more time fiddling with tedious tasks like resizing images and creating slideshows. Instead, free up your creativity by learning how to get fonts looking perfect in no time!

Don’t let content creation be a barrier to success. With just a few clicks, you can create stunning visuals and professional presentations quickly with Prezi or Canva – the two most popular web-based platforms of their kind! Tap into an incredible array of designs for any project your business needs: websites, brochures, infographics – you name it!

Need help deciding between Prezi and Canva? Get ready to explore the key characteristics that separate these two presentation tools. Follow along as we weigh up their pros and cons, so you can pick which one gives your content the best edge!

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What is Prezi?

Forget the same old PowerPoint presentations that have been around for years – Prezi is taking over! This revolutionary software enables users to generate not only captivating, but truly unforgettable slides and digital displays. From classrooms to corporate offices, everyone agrees: it’s time to embrace this cutting-edge program and take your presentation skills up a notch! Enhance communication with innovative visuals like never before – join the global movement of discovering what makes Prezi so special today.


How does a prezi work?

Instead of traditional presentation slides, Prezi allows you to step into a world made up of one giant canvas. Take your audience on an immersive journey as they explore topics or ideas from every angle; provide them with something truly special for each and every occasion! Unlock the power of storytelling in ways not seen before – no more linear narratives – just sheer awe-inspiring discovery.

Discover the amazing concept we’ve been talking about! Take a journey with us and explore through our interactive presentation. Let your curiosity guide you as you learn more – take off now by pressing ‘Start Prezi’ at the bottom!


Why use Prezi?

With Prezi, creating a presentation no longer needs to be expensive. Unlock the power of captivating visuals and engaging storytelling without breaking your budget – with its core features completely free, you can make an impact for any audience without worrying about costly upgrades!

Prezi helps you create beautiful presentations with ease – no matter what device or platform! It’s cloud technology ensures your visuals will always look stunning and consistent, so that wherever you go – from mobile to desktop- the same impressive show follows.

With Prezi, you can transport your audience from one idea to the next with captivating movement and metaphor. Take advantage of an interactive map template for a dynamic virtual experience that will keep them engaged—illustrating connections between topics in a vivid way!

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What is Canva?

Canva is a great tool for graphic design that simplifies the process of digital design. It’s easy to use and works well for students of all ages You can use it for brainstorming, individual projects, or group collaboration. It’s a great addition to any classroom. Canva is a versatile, user-friendly graphic design tool that simplifies the design process, no matter whether you’re working in a web browser or on iOS or Android apps. With its easy drag-and-drop interface, Canva is ideal for group brainstorming and collaborative project creation, as well as individual design projects. Thanks to its wide range of uses, Canva has lots of potential in the classroom.


Prezi vs Canva: Pros & Cons



Create something incredible with the power of Lumen5’s free plan! Break out of your creative shell and collaborate in real-time to design innovative presentations, videos, and graphics – all without breaking a sweat. Unlock fresh new ideas instantly for an experience that is simple yet incredibly effective.

This amazing software is easily accessible, no matter what device you have! You can access it right on the web or download their colorful desktop app if that’s your preference. Plus, customer support is always available and ready to help – so nothing will stand in your way of success!

Our product takes the hassle out of setting up virtual meetings and synchronizing with social media – thanks to its comprehensive Help Center featuring handy documentation!



With a steep learning curve and restrictive free plan, Prezi may not be the best choice for users looking to make compelling presentations. With fewer than 1,000 templates available, complicated file exporting options can put its capabilities in doubt.




Everyone can benefit from the great features offered by this software! Not only is it free for individuals, but nonprofits, teachers and schools get to enjoy a cost-free plan. It makes creating amazing projects easier than ever with its user friendly interface plus straightforward drag-and drop feature – perfect for any skill level!

With this cutting edge design platform, you can create stunning visuals with unparalleled convenience. Access it from your computer or mobile device, and download the desktop app for Windows or Mac so that creativity is never out of reach! Explore a world-class library of templates (250K+) to easily find inspiration – saving time to make amazing designs quickly.

With this tool, you can create amazing projects with a variety of industry-standard file formats – from PNG and JPEG to vector SVG and PDF. What’s more, your team will be able to work together on them in real time!



Canva offers a great tool for design, but its free version has limits that can sometimes lead to frustrating results when exporting designs. Poor quality graphics are the last thing any designer wants!


Prezi vs Canva: 

User Interface & Ease of Use


Prezi is an innovative tool with a learning curve – no doubt about it! It’s easy to begin your journey into this unique platform, but mastering the interface requires some getting used to. Once you’re comfortable in Prezi-land though, there are endless creative possibilities at your fingertips!

At first glance, the app might overwhelm with its abundance of content on one screen. However, mastering the navigation and understanding where to find resources like templates or help files is well worth your time since it enables efficient interactions down the line.


With Canva, creating impressive visuals for presentations is a breeze! Whether you’re aiming to craft an eye-catching and sophisticated presentation or something more colorful, the user interface has everything you need without any unnecessary clutter. Plus with vibrant colors and fonts available in one click – this platform truly brings your ideas alive!

Canva stands head and shoulders above the rest when it comes to ease of use. Its intuitive design structure is complemented by detailed tutorials, making for a smooth learning experience from start to finish.


Web-based Editor


Prezi’s editor is the perfect place to craft your presentation. On the canvas, you can design slides with text, images and more to create an engaging experience for viewers! With just a few clicks of your mouse, rearrange objects on the canvas however you’d like them.

With the click of a button from the top bar, you can turn any presentation into an artful masterpiece! Change up backgrounds and text styles with “Style” or take your creation to new heights by adding beautiful visuals such as images, shapes, icons, animations – all without leaving the editing window.

With the timeline panel on display, you can be sure that your slides are aligned and in perfect coordination. Ready to show off all of your hard work? Click “Create Video” or “Share” to get a live presentation going! You’ll have an impressive video presentation ready before long.

With the innovative “Collaborate” feature, you and your team can get together in real-time to create awesome content. Plus, a handy view link lets you preview and share what’s been created with others at the click of a button!

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Canva is the perfect tool for anyone wanting to design on a budget! With an easy-to-use editing platform and plenty of functions available, it unlocks a world of creativity previously unavailable. From adding text with one click to cropping photos – all your needs are conveniently located at the top bar. Unleash your inner designer in just minutes!

Unlock the full potential of Canva with just one click! On the left side, you’ll find a black panel – your ticket to accessing all sorts of features. Whether it’s uploading photos from your computer or recording yourself, adding shapes and templates for extra flavor, or discovering stock images and videos that fit your vision perfectly – this menu has got everything you need!

Let your imagination explode with possibilities as you explore the dazzling white canvas – a blank slate to use any design components and make it uniquely yours. Get creative with building blocks or jump right into one of our pre-made templates, each containing all its colorful elements ready for customization! Keep notes on inspirations that come along while designing directly below in the handy note panel at bottom so you don’t forget those golden ideas.




Prezi helps you bridge conversations and collaborate with ease! It connects to a huge range of platforms – from Slack, Zoom & Webex to Teams, Google Meet & Facebook. With Prezi around, there’s no limit on what your team can achieve.


Canva’s amazing versatility is further explored with its many integrations – from Google Drive to Background Remover, Smartmockups and beyond. With the help of these apps you can create mesmerizing visuals such as QR Codes, Duotone images or even YouTube videos!


Mobile Application


With Prezi Preview, you can practice presenting on-the-go! This app is available for both Android and iOS devices, allowing you to confidently take your ideas anywhere. Even if editing isn’t possible via the app – no need to worry about any presentation disasters; just make sure everything looks great before heading out with a few last glance at the screen.



Never be held back by location when it comes to designing! With Canva Mobile, you’ll enjoy the freedom and flexibility of creating stunning masterpieces on any device. Take your art project wherever life takes you – simply download an Android or iOS app for immediate access to all your designs. No more worrying about keeping up with Prezi files; take control of every aspect–from anywhere in the world!–with just a few taps.


Customer Support


Encountering trouble with your Prezi account? Get the help you need quickly and easily through their support team. Three solutions are available – from jumping on a live chat to reach an agent immediately, to two other options offering swift resolutions as well!

Struggling to find an answer? Don’t worry, Prezi support is here to help! Give them a call or reach out via email. If neither of those options work for you – check out the community forum and get feedback from experienced users who may have gone through something similar. Plus: they usually respond within 24 hours!


Reach out to Canva with ease! Depending on your subscription plan, they can respond within 24 hours. For those without a Pro or Teams account however, you may have to wait up until one week for them to get back in touch – so make sure it’s something important before submitting that message!




Prezi provides a variety of pricing plans to choose from, perfect for everyone’s needs. These options range from the affordable $3/user per month (which adds up to just over only $36 annually) all the way up to luxurious choice of paying $59 monthly ($708 yearly). However if you’re looking for something more on budget, Prezi now offers a free version that still allows access but there are some limitations when it comes choices and features available – so make sure double check their website before deciding which plan is right for you!

Prezi Video puts the limits at 10 projects per month, and no files bigger than 50 MB. You’ll have to leave their “Notes” feature behind as you won’t find it with this platform – so if your presentation requires some heavy narration, plan ahead before diving in!



Unlock all of the creative potential Canva has to offer with three powerful plans. Whether you’re looking for a cost-effective solution or premium features, there’s an option that will fit your needs – from Free plan collaborations and basic designs up to Pro level tools with unlimited uploads and advanced editing capabilities! With its competitive prices (starting at just $119.99/year), Canva is the perfect way to ensure professional results no matter what project comes your way.

Canva for Teams is the perfect option for larger groups or businesses looking to make a statement with their graphics! With this plan, you can achieve stunning results – vector images that are scalable and remain high quality whether published online or printed. For just $14.99/month (or even cheaper at$149.90 per year!) everyone in your team will have access to all projects on one account so collaboration has never been easier!

Canva offers a variety of pricing options that can be found on their website, with verified teachers, schools and non-profits able to benefit from the complete range of features absolutely free!


Help Center


Prezi’s Help Center demystifies presentations! From getting started to making a lasting impression, their tutorials provide advice for enhancing your presentation skills. With real-world examples of Prezipowerment in action, you’ll be creating eye-catching slideshows like an expert before you know it.


Canva’s Help Center is an extensive resource for all your design needs. Easily search or browse by topic to find the answers you seek, with sections tailored around frequently asked questions from users like you. If that wasn’t enough, there are bonus features such as helpful blog posts and tutorials available too!

Get the solutions you need to increase your visuals’ creativity and effectiveness! Find our app’s tips for becoming a pro designer, plus detailed guides that’ll help take your creations to the next level. Need an issue resolved? Our FAQs are here when you require account or payment assistance.



Canva is the perfect option for those looking to make a stunning, professional presentation without fuss. Whether you’re just starting out or more experienced in providing presentations, Canva helps create an eye-catching design within minutes! Its user friendly interface and various format options are ideal for transforming your ideas into something remarkable.

Prezi offers a unique way to spice up presentations, with its alternative viewing format. On the other hand, Canva provides an intuitive user-experience and abundant customization options that can liven up any presentation – from animations to interactive elements.

Make your visuals stand out with Canva’s vast selection of backgrounds, fonts and graphics. With its more user-friendly editor than Prezi and a myriad of modern templates at hand, you can create any presentation imaginable in no time!

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