Prezi vs Google slide: which is the best for you?

Prezi vs Google slide: which is the best for you?
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Two cloud-based presentation software solutions come to the fore when creating digital presentations – Prezi and Google Slides. Both programs offer powerful templates, yet these visuals are taken up a notch with Prezi’s animations; though in order to access them you need one of their premium plans. On the other hand, all of the features forGoogle slides can be accessed at no cost!

Prezi is an innovative presentation software providing customization based on your role as a student, educator or business professional. With Prezi you can create stunning designs and presentations which are more than just slides – they offer features like video conferencing, recording of sessions to watch later or share with others. What’s even better? You’re able to invite team members and family/friends in order to work together on the same canvas! Boasting 100 million users who have created over 360 million projects; it’s no surprise that this handy tool stands out from its competitors such as Google Slides. While still effective for basic needs when creating presentations due to its cloud-based convenience – images, videos & audio can be added easily within the platform – there’s simply nothing quite like using Prezi if maximum creativity is needed!

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What is Prezi?

Prezi has been gaining in popularity as a tool for creating captivating presentations. Its innovative features set it apart from traditional presentation software such as Microsoft PowerPoint, making Prezi the perfect choice for those looking to go beyond ordinary slides and add an extra touch of pizzazz. Schools and businesses around the world have embraced this cutting-edge program – why not join them?


How does a prezi work?

Presentation software often leads to a linear narrative, like turning the pages of a book. But with Prezi, you don’t have individual slides – instead it’s one giant canvas that your presentation can explore! Zoom in and out for different perspectives on topics or ideas as you tell your story; create something unique every time.

View the embedded prezi to learn more about this concept! Select ‘Start Prezi’ at the bottom and take a tour of our presentation. Arrows will guide you through – come explore with us today!


Why use Prezi?

There’s no need to break the bank for a great presentation – Prezi offers all of its core features completely free, so you can create stunning visuals and captivate your audience without worrying about pricey upgrades. With Prezi, making an impact has never been easier!

Prezi provides an easy and hassle-free presentation experience. With its cloud technology, this program guarantees a smooth show from any computer or device! Forget about compatibility issues – your prezis will remain consistent across all platforms for guaranteed visual appeal anytime, anywhere.

Prezi’s dynamic and captivating presentation allows communicators to take advantage of movement and metaphor for a powerful impact. Showcase connections between locations with an interactive map template, creating a vibrant virtual experience that is sure to draw in your audience


What is Google Slides?

Elevate your presentation game with a revolutionary online editing tool! Give presentations the wow factor by crafting dazzling creations on Google Slides, without having to worry about saving changes – all taken care of in the cloud. With effortless access to templates or creative freedom for something totally unique – now’s your chance to really impress!


What is Google Slides used for

Unlock the power of Google Slides to take your presentation game to the next level! Enjoy total freedom as you can access and update with ease – no matter where in the world you are or which device is at hand. Forget about saving each change manually; collaborate effortlessly in real-time knowing that every alteration will be permanently secured automatically by Google.


Using Google Slides – Pros & Cons

After a long wait, Google finally unveiled their presentation software and made an impression on the tech industry. With its innovative features and design, it soon became a major player in the competition against Microsoft and Apple.

Enjoy the convenience of creating presentations without worrying about compatibility issues or operating system limitations – Google Slides works everywhere. With just a free Google account and an internet connection, you can easily collaborate on projects with others no matter where they are located! Make your next presentation shine by leveraging this powerful cloud-based app from Google.


Pros of Using Google Slides

Google Slides offers the perfect blend of convenience and ease-of use for creating dynamic presentations. With its cloud storage, you can access your projects on any device from anywhere at no cost! Enjoy quickly building beautiful slideshows without worry – Google has your back with this helpful tool.

With Google Slides, creating a professional presentation is now easier than ever! The intuitive interface includes all the necessary tools while collaboration on projects can be done in real-time with multiple users. So join forces and make those presentations shine!

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Cons of Using Google Slides

With Google Slides, you can’t create quite the same multimedia experience as some other presentation apps. For instance, exporting slides in video format isn’t an option for this tool.

With Google Slides, you can be productive even without an internet connection! Just enable the offline mode in your Google Drive and get access to limited but essential functions.

You can make your Google Slides presentations stand out with the help of PowerPoint templates, but if you really want to get creative, there’s only a limited selection for exclusive use in Google Slides.


Using Prezi – Pros & Cons

Prezi is shaking up the presentation software industry with their 3 innovative apps. Prezi Video allows users to craft stunning video projects, while Prezi Design gives them access to dynamic infographics and charts. Finally, the intuitive interface of Prezi Present makes creating attractive slideshows a breeze!

Whether you’re in the clouds or off the grid, Prezi gives users a dynamic way to present their ideas with an impressive range of tools. Present offline using their desktop app across multiple platforms and access basic features for free – upgrade your plans from $7 per month onward for full capabilities!


Pros of Using Prezi

Prezi is revolutionizing the way we present, featuring exclusive technologies to create a personalized and immersive experience. Connecting effortlessly with third-party apps like OBS Studio, Zoom, Slack and YouTube – your presentations will never be dull again!

Prezi Present is a powerful presentation software that takes the hassle out of creating captivating slides. With millions of presentations shared by an engaged community, you can tap into amazing resources and bring your own vision to life!

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Cons of Using Prezi

Prezi Premium offers an abundance of features, but the price tag may make it cost prohibitive for some.

Prezi has plenty of unique offerings, but it falls short when compared to some more powerful presentation apps such as PowerPoint and Keynote.

Prezi puts the power in presentation design, allowing creative minds to customize existing PowerPoint templates into interactive and dynamic visuals. However, it’s important to note that Prezi does not offer any downloadable animated templates from third-party marketplaces – you have full access only when playing with their own designs!

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