Product Designer vs. Product Manager what’s difference

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Two key roles in any company and graphic design that creates, designs, and sells products are product designer and product manager. Although there are some similarities between these roles, it is important to know their differences.

While both roles are important to the product success and design system, there is often tension between product designers and product managers. This is because they have different goals and priorities. A great product experience can only happen through close collaboration between the product management team and the product design team.

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What is product design?

Product design refers to the creation of new products with design tool‘s or improvements to existing products. This involves analysis, research, and creative problem solving to create new or improved designs that satisfy the needs of customers. Product design is about creating products that are functionally appealing and attractive to customers.

Recently, product design is often associated with digital product‘s like apps or software. Product design can also be used to describe the design of physical products like furniture and electronics. This type of design is also known as industrial design.

Who is a Product Designer?

Product designers oversee the product design process, from conception to completion, or improvement of existing products. Product designers might help to solve current problems, solicit input from stakeholders, serve as a link between engineers and researchers, and create wireframes and prototypes. They are able to understand the product goals and be aware of all the details required to reach them.


What does a product designer do?

product designer is responsible for the overall design of a product, from its conception to its production. They work closely with engineers and manufacturers to ensure that the product meets all functional and aesthetic requirements. The product designer is a bridge between all teams at all stages of product development and a users’ advocate.

Product designers take direction from the strategy developed by the product management team to build a brilliant user experience. They’re primarily responsible for translating product features and initiatives into functional user experiences. 

A successful product designer must have a strong understanding of materials, production methods, and user experience. A few essential tasks. These include: 

Designing: A product designer will use their knowledge of color, typography, detail, and other design elements to create a product. 

Thinking of the user:  Product designers can be expected to conduct A/B testing, email surveys, and other UX research or know how to build wireframes, prototypes, and journey maps.

Collaborating across teams: As a person that takes a holistic view of designing a product, a product designer often collaborates with designers, researchers, and business teams. 


How to become a product designer?

This question is not easy to answer. The best way to be a product designer will depend on your interests, skill‘s, and experience. These tips can help you get started.

  1. Pursue an education in product design. A formal education will give you the foundation to succeed as a product designer. You can find programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, although many designers pursue a master’s degree to further their career prospects.
  2. Develop your portfolio. As with any creative field, your portfolio is essential for demonstrating your abilities to potential employers or clients. Make sure to showcase a variety of your best work and include both digital and physical examples.
  3. Stay up to date on industry trends. The product design field is constantly evolving, so staying abreast of new trends and technologies is important. Many designers find it helpful to follow blogs and other publications on this topic.
  4. Network with other professionals. Get connected with other product designers in your area or online and exchange ideas, advice and information. This can help you learn about new opportunities and keep up with the latest industry developments.


Some job titles for product designers?

Many job titles can be found in product design. You might see the following job titles for product design positions:

  • User interface UI designer
  • User experience UX designer
  • Design technologist
  • Information Architect
  • Production artist
  • Industrial designer


Who is the Product Manager?

Product managers are people who identify the customer needs and larger business goals that a product or feature will serve. They also help to rally a team around that vision and turn it into reality. It is not easy to define what a product manager looks like due to the fact that the role has been around for so long. Product managers, unlike those who are more experienced in crafts like engineering and design, can still be segmented by their specialization.


What does a Product Manager do?

A product manager is responsible for planning, developing, and eventually launching a new product. They work with cross-functional teams to ensure that the product meets customers’ needs and can be successfully marketed and sold. The product manager is also responsible for ongoing management of the product once it has been launched, including monitoring sales, managing customer feedback, and making any necessary adjustments to the product.


What are the responsibilities of a Product Manager?

The main responsibility of a product manager is to develop and launch new products. This includes working with cross-functional teams to ensure that the product meets customer needs and can be successfully marketed and sold. Once a product has been launched, the product manager is also responsible for ongoing management, including monitoring sales, managing customer feedback, and making necessary product adjustments.


What skills are needed to be a Product Manager?

Successful product managers need to have strong analytical and problem-solving skills. They must be able to communicate effectively with both customers and other members of their team. Additionally, they need to be organized and detail-oriented, with the ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. Finally, successful product managers must have a keen understanding of the market and anticipate changes in customer needs.


How to become a Product Manager?

There are requirements to consider when diving into a career in product management. These requirements change from job to job; however, product management typically requires that its candidates have:

  • Discuss the role with current product managers.
  • Take a product management certification course.
  • Start a side project and document it – failures included.
  • Work on your communication and storytelling skills.
  • Build a technical background.
  • Apply for Associate Product Management if you are eligible.
  • Apply for a PM role.

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