Save PowerPoint presentations as PDF Files

Save PowerPoint presentations as PDF Files
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Save PowerPoint presentations as PDF Files

PDF is the only file type that can be shared without PowerPoint. It has all of its original formatting and layouts, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting anything on your computer or phone for this presentation!

Suppose someone wants access through different devices like smartphones or tablets. In that case, they will still get an excellent viewing experience because these programs support viewing documents in their native formats instead (which PDF does).

Save PowerPoint presentations as PDF Files

Save PowerPoint Files as PDFs

To export your PowerPoint presentation in a PDF format, open it and select ” File” > Save As. From there, you can choose the type of document that will store all its content – such as text or graphics- within one file with standard font types like Helvetica Ne Times Roman (size 16). This way other people without access to this software still have visibility into what was done through their own devices!

Next, you’re going to be at the “Create PDF/XPS Document” tab. Here’s where it gets interesting! You can either choose to create a new document in which case this is just an easy step of selecting your desired options and filling out some information; or if there are existing files that need converting (like older spreadsheets), simply select them from within File Explorer before clicking ‘Start’. That’ll do wonders for keeping track while working on projects together as well as saving time since we won’t have to go back-and-forth between programs all day long trying to fix something right away–instead giving ourselves more free minutes during our workday enables us to get ahead faster by doing things like that.

After the window’s File Explorer appears, select where you would like to save your new file. You can see that the “Save as type” is now PDF and it has been renamed automatically based on what was just selected in the options above-right corner of this screen:

If saving online then standard quality will be high enough for most purposes; if printing then minimum size should do fine since larger documents don’t require so much storage space but smaller ones may get clipped during transfer depending upon printers

To change the file‘s appearance, such as its size and format (for example: from .docx to . DOC), select “Options” from underneath.

  • Range: you can add all of your slides or choose some of them.
  • Publish Options: Here is mostly about the part that you want to export, you can export comments, handouts, or outline, and also you can view it here by selecting the “Publish What” option.
  • Non-printing information: you can also include document properties or structure tags.
  • PDF Options: Make the document PDF/_A compliant.

In the end, I want to add that once you have added and corrected the options you can use them and there is no need to correct them after that.

Save PowerPoint presentations as PDF Files

More Information on How to Create an Adobe PDF Version of a Microsoft Office Powerpoint File

Once you’ve enabled PowerPoint to generate a PDF, it will save the file in your selected location. You can then open up that document and see all of the slides from each presentation on one page with notes below them for easy reference!

We recommend Google Slides as another option for creating, editing, or giving presentations. It’s also free so it is worth looking into if you have a google account and want to explore an alternative besides Microsoft slideshow creation aside from the vendor-provided options

A powerful tool in your arsenal should be able to make changes on any type of file without issue – that includes PowerPoint files!

The Options dialog box that opens when you select Save to create PDFs of your presentations includes a number of options for things such as accessibility and formatting. This will depend on what other formats this slideshow might be published in, but it’s always good practice to make sure all necessary changes have been made before publishing!

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