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If you’re considering becoming a UX design intern, there are several things to consider. Firstly, consider whether this is the right career path. Do you have an interest in technology and creativity? Can you work in a fast-paced environment and think critically about problems?

You should also consider the requirements of being an intern. Most programs require an undergraduate or graduate degree in user experience (UX) design and/or computer science, human-computer interaction (HCI), or related fields. You must also typically be willing to commit to at least one semester of full-time internship work — which can range from 8–10 hours during the academic year up to 40 hours per week during the summer.

In this article, we’ll look at the UX design internship to clarify everything for a time of need in UI/UX design services.

ux design internship

Why do you need a UX design internship?

Internships are the best option when transitioning from an industry newbie into an employed professional. An internship might be the best option for you if you want to change careers but need to gain experience in the real world. Let’s first look at what a UX design internship could look like.

What is a UX design internship?

An internship in UX design is typically a temporary placement within a company that lasts anywhere from a month to a year. An internship allows you to gain valuable experience in the field and gives you a peek into the inside workings of the industry. You will be mentored by a UX designer who knows how to do things. You must have the opportunity to work on real projects.

What tasks can you expect to do as a UX intern in your role? It all depends on which company you are interning with. Many of the top tech companies offer internships. These include Google, Microsoft, and Airbnb. However, interns can also work with startups, agencies and freelance designers. You might be more involved in the UX design process at a small company or startup. Focus on just a few aspects at larger agencies and organizations.

What are the benefits of a UX design internship?

1-Get first-hand experience in the industry

A UX design internship can be the best way to learn about the UX industry. This internship will give you valuable insight into the UX industry, from the UX design process and tools to meeting with stakeholders.

internship for ux design

2-Practical skills are the focus of UX design internships

This internship will allow you to work on real-world projects and give you the opportunity to share your knowledge in future interviews.

3-Portfolio material

It would be best if you had some impressive projects based on the practical skills you will learn in your UX design internship. Even if your contribution is minimal, these projects are worth displaying in your portfolio to show that you have learned.

4-Learn soft critical skills

Soft skills are an essential aspect of the UX designer job. A UX internship will help you not only master the technicalities of design but also develop valuable soft skills like communication, collaboration, and understanding of business. All of these skills will be invaluable to you as a UX designer.

5-Opportunities for networking

Working alongside UX designers who are experienced will help you to build a professional network. Although there is no employment guarantee, establishing professional contacts is always beneficial. A UX internship can help you get started.


You can expect to be mentored and guided by an experienced UX designer as an intern. You won’t be expected to produce high-level work. This is another benefit.

7-Potential job offers

Many companies see UX internships only as a trial period before offering permanent positions. An internship could be the perfect way to get your foot in that door.

How to find the right UX Design Internship?

There are very few internships and many UX designers competing for these positions. Here are some tips to help you do this:

  • Have a Portfolio.

Your portfolio can be a game-changer. Also, your portfolio is the most powerful marketing tool you have. Your portfolio is the most important marketing tool you have. Even though you might not have any real-world experience, you have design experience. You can add any of these works to your portfolio, whether you have reimagined an existing product or created a new product.

intern of ux design

  • Learn more about UX Tools

Although you may have yet to gain experience in the job, you should have some experience using the most popular UX tools. Figma, Adobe XD, and Balsamiq are just a few examples. These are the top tools in UX, so you should be familiar with them all. Most recruiters look for candidates with experience using common UX tools.

  • Get familiar with UI Design

One way to stand out from other UX designers is to improve your user interface (UI). Most companies prefer UX designers with a keen eye for UI design. You’ll be a great UX designer if you can create enjoyable and functional, easy-to-use experiences. You must understand color and typography, design buttons, add appropriate animations, and include images that engage users.

  • Make a UX resume

Even though you may not have much experience, a resume is still necessary. This is why recruiters often ask for resumes or CVs as part of their application process.

Your resume should reflect not only your experience but also the way you share it. Your resume should show that you are an expert in user experience. It should be simple to read and free from typos and grammatical errors.

  • Always look for internships

You must strike while the iron’s hot. Apply immediately if you are interested in internships. Be sure to get your stuff together. You can organize your stuff first, so you are always ready for any opportunity.

Factors to Consider to choose UX design internship

  1. Experience Level: UX design internships are suitable for individuals at various stages of their education and career. Whether you’re a student exploring options or a career-changer looking to transition into design, everyone has opportunities.
  2. Time Commitment: Internships can range from a few weeks to several months. Consider your availability and other commitments when choosing an internship duration that suits you.
  3. Company and Culture: Look for companies offering internships. A company’s culture, values, and projects should align with your interests and career goals.
  4. Learning Opportunities: Look for internships offering mentorship and learning opportunities from experienced designers. A structured learning environment can accelerate your growth.
  5. Project Variety: Seek internships that expose you to diverse projects. This ensures you gain exposure to different design challenges and industries.

 Factors to choose UX design internship


There are many unpaid internships, but every internship will give you solid “real-world” experience. This experience can be used to propel your career into the stratosphere. You’ll not only learn a lot but also be able to give the employer an advantage when it comes time to hire a permanent UX designer.


What to expect from a UX intern?

UX designers research to understand ways to improve product usability and enhance a product or service’s features. UX interns may observe UX researchers collect research and use various methodologies to gain insight into the needs and preferences of a customer.

What do UX interns do?

As a UX designer intern, you learn about the duties of a UX designer, applying your knowledge as you assist designers in completing projects. Your responsibilities include supporting designers as they work to make products valuable and usable for consumers.

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