Should you learn UI Or UX first and which one is most important?

learn ui ux design
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UI and UX design are two different pathways, but there is a lot of overlap between UI and UX design. When someone wants to start learning design, the most repeated question is should I learn UI or UX first? The answer to these questions is not easy and you can’t answer it by just a simple yes/no. Both of these two are important to make a successful digital product, however, if you are in a decision dilemma to learn UI UX design, we are going to clarify for you to choose wisely.

You may hear that some people believe UX design is much more important than learning UI design, but it’s not a law and can be wrong. We believe your choice will depend on your UI UX design services. For example, for a visual designer, the smart choice is to learn UI design first because of your background.

should i learn ui or ux first

Should I learn UI or UX first?

There is no clear answer to this specific question, and what comes first ui or ux depends on your goal in design. But if we want to guide you to choose one of them first, we suggest learning UX design before UI, it’s because somehow UX design is more important than UI, it will help you learn UI design. It doesn’t matter how beautiful your interfaces are.

It won’t be a good UI design if they measure UI design to solve a problem for a user or business. UX is the first course you take. You will learn how to create a customer journey through user research, creative workshops, and concept validation. After that, it’s easy to make the UI design.

UI design is talking about a product’s aesthetics, while UX is about product interaction with users and how it works.

UX design ensures that a product is easy to use for users and it’s effective, while UI ensures that working with the product feels good to users and also looks beautiful.

UI design matters for products’ looks, but UX design focuses on user experience overall.

It’s true that UX design cannot exist without UI, but we believe that investing time in learning UX design at first will be most beneficial in becoming successful in the design field.

What is UX UI design?

We want to start with the basics: What does UI UX mean? You may hear that people were talking about two professions that, despite being around for decades and theoretically for centuries, are now defined by the tech industry as UX and UI design. Knowing the meaning of UI UX will help you know how to hire a UI UX designer as well.

UX design is an abbreviation of the word user experience design, on the other hand, UI design is an abbreviation of user interface design. Both of these two are essential in the design process of a product and always come together . In upcoming paragraphs, we will talk about them.

what comes first ui or ux

  • UX design

User experience design refers to a human-first approach to designing products. The co-founder of the Nielsen Norman Group Design Consultancy, Don Norman was the first person who talked about the term UX in 1990. His definition of UX design was all aspects of user interaction and it is essential to know for order UX design.

  • The process of improving and developing the user experience between a user’s company and all its facets is called User Experience Design.
  • Although user experience design can be considered a non-digital practice (cognitive science), it is used and defined primarily by digital industries.
  • UX design does not focus on visuals. It focuses more on the overall experience.

There are some benefits of learning UX design that you need to know before starting it:

  • You can create both functional and good-looking designs by better understanding users and their problems, you will reach the goals of solving them.
  • Clients and companies, you working with them will gain business growth and sales.
  • Making concepts and testing will validate your design.
  • Rapidly, you will be able to develop websites, applications, and other products.


  • UI design

Answering the question of what is user interface design may not be straightforward due to some misconceptions in interpretation. User experience refers to multiple activities involving adjustment of a product in such a way that it ensures efficient and pleasurable usage.

However, the various industries that employ UI designers can confuse it with UX. In fact, different job postings will often refer to the same profession as totally different things. Job descriptions and job advertisements for user interface designers will show you a lot of UI design tips for this profession. Sometimes they extend to branding design and even frontend design. You will find UI meaning in “expert” definitions that are almost identical to User Experience Design.

Let’s take a look at the best benefits of learn UI design:

  • You will learn basically about Imagery, color theory and typography.
  • With design patterns, you can express your art.
  • Staying updated with design trends by solving problems, because the design world evolves constantly.

learn ui/ux design


UI design is fundamental more than UX and there is no doubt about it, but to have a better understanding of design, it’s much better for you to know who is your target user and what is his/her behavior on interacting with a product, to create a more practical and effective product or service. In that case, to have a good vision of users you have to learn UX design at first to solve upcoming problems in UI design. However, after all of this, it absolutely depends on your goal in design and what is your favor, so do your own research and decide cuz you can learn UI UX design online for free.


Can I learn UI and UX at the same time?

Yes, since the roles of both UI and UX designers overlap, having relevant skills makes you an ideal candidate. You are good to go as long as you know how to develop a user-friendly product and have the proper skill set to make it aesthetically appealing.

Should I start with UX design?

However, if you are interested in understanding user behavior, conducting research, and creating intuitive user experiences, then learning UX design first might be a better choice. Both fields are closely related and can complement each other, so eventually, it can be beneficial to know both areas.

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