Social Media Banner Design

Social Media Banner Design
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The digital world is expanding and changing at an unprecedented pace. Banners have a huge impact on increasing your users, and customers or even boosting brand awareness for companies who may not be well-known yet! The best thing about designing them yourself with our tools from a Social media marketing agency in Dubai will allow you to achieve successful results without spending too much money – it’s never been easier than now!!

Creating and designing social media banners such as site and Instagram banners is one of the smart internet advertising methods. The banner design doubles the credibility and value of your brand. The higher the quality of your social media brand design, the greater the impact it will have on your audience.

social media platforms are like business cards that introduce your field. Banner design for social media will also increase your efficiency. Designing and posting banners on social media has a huge impact compared to other advertising methods.

Know your audience. If you’re designing a banner for people who love cats, use an image of kitty cats instead of dogs!
With so many different social media networks out there – including Facebook feeds and Twitter backgrounds- it can be difficult to keep track when planning marketing materials like banners or other graphics across multiple platforms (and I’m not even sure how some companies do this).

10 tips to design a social media banner photo

Before designing a social media banner image, pay attention to a few points. These tips include the following:

Specify your social media banner layout

– Specify your social media banner layout

The banner is an essential part of any website. It should be eye-catching and simple to understand in order not only to attract visitors but to maintain their attention as well! The design process starts by first sketching out your idea on paper and then designing using graphic software such as Photoshop or Illustrator – whatever best suits you personally, though we recommend sticking within these two industries because they offer so many opportunities for creativity with graphics… After previewing both designs side by side (yes I know it sounds tedious) make sure everything looks good before moving on to the next step: specification.
Now that all elements have been laid out properly according  to what was decided upon earlier.


– Specify the dimensions and sizes of your social media banner

Once you have defined your social media banner layout, specify the dimensions and sizes of your banner. Note that each social media has its standard dimensions and size in banner design, for example, a Youtube channel banner is 2560px by 1440px. You can design a good and successful banner if you follow the standard sizes and dimensions of your social media banner.

The following table shows the standard dimensions of the Facebook banner and Twitter banner:

Social media Name Photo Dimensions
Square portrait Profile Photo Story Landscape
Instagram 1080 * 1080 1080 * 1350 320*320 1080*1920 1080*566
Facebook 1200*1200 630*1200 170*170 1080*1920 1200*630



– Use transparent coatings

The ability to add layers is an essential tool in Photoshop. This gives you the option of color or not-colored text, which eventually allows for a more readable photo with your message clearly visible on it! It takes some practice but can be mastered by anyone who has access to and an understanding of how complicated these programs actually are.
The one thing that I recommend when using this feature? Make sure there aren’t any colors overlapping each other because if not then users might mistake what’s happening inside their own image due to confusion from viewing multiple things at once.

Use your custom font

– Use your custom font

When designing social media banners, we recommend that you use a specific typeface. If your business doesn’t have one yet or if they’re not famous enough to be included in this article’s list of best fonts for logos- then it might work better with the common fancy styles available on Google Fonts (link). You can check several together and pick out which is most appropriate based on both price points as well as how unique each design will look when paired together!

The important thing to consider when choosing a font is: First, its simplicity, and secondly, the font size to be legible on the photo.

Also, never use fonts on a photo, as this will prevent the photo from being displayed. It is better to put the text at the bottom or top of the photo and also use only very short text.

Use the right color scheme

– Use the right color scheme

Each color conveys a specific message. It is very important how you convey the feeling to the audience with each color. Color is the first thing that catches the attention of users in a banner image. Colors convey different messages depending on different cultures, so it is better to read about the audience when you are choosing a color. See the list below:

— Red

passionate emotions, anger, excitement, and love. This powerful color is appealing to many audiences, but it is best to use it in moderation. Do not use red for a classic and serious banner image.

— Orange

A feeling of vitality and strength. Although not as strong as red, it is still distinct from other colors and emits a certain amount of energy.

— Yellow

Happiness, sunshine, and intimacy. Yellow dazzles the eyes and indicates youth and vitality. Great for offering something at a reasonable price

— Green

Health, freshness, wealth, environment, growth, and resumption. Green is soft and eye-catching.

— Blue

Security, trust, transparency, maturity, calmness, intelligence, freshness, coolness, and masculinity. More than half of company logos use blue. Great for formal banners.

— Purple

Luxury, royal, extravagant, wisdom, dreaminess, femininity, and creativity. It has a calming and soothing effect on the viewer.

— Pink

love, sweetness, femininity, youth, and childhood. Pink is usually associated with anything feminine, but it encompasses a wide range of brightness and tone.

— Black

Monopoly, mystery, modernity, power, prestige, luxury, and formality. This is a traditional color and black text on a white background is the best and most readable color combination.

— White

Purity, modernity, simplicity, honesty, and innocence. White creates a sense of economic intelligence and youth in the reader.

— Brown

Nature, wood, leather, seriousness, masculinity, toughness, and humility. brown balances stronger colors and is suitable for background and texture.

— Gray

This color is neutral and is a sign of neutrality and efficiency. You can use it as a background image to show other colors more vividly.

Use humorous graphic photos

– Use humorous graphic photos

The best way to make your social media posts appealing is by using visuals that are similar in tone and style as what would happen if you were there. For example, instead of posting boring office walls posters or photos with coworkers sitting at their desks working on computer screens for hours every day try something more lighthearted such as humorously grainy badly CCTV footage where everyone looks bored out of pure existence while getting ready before going into work (or whatever).


– Appropriate and effective use of various animations in advertising banner design

Designing an advertising banner is not easy. There are different techniques that you can use to make your design stand out and improve its visibility, such as using moving elements next to static ones or creating short animations (less than 15 seconds). You also have the option forunknownto what’s going on inside!

it is better to use animations under 15 seconds and short. Also, try to make the animation completely related to the banner message in terms of content. Avoid long, irrelevant animations as they will distract the viewer so that the audience may forget the main message of the banner altogether.

– Use the right words in your banner

Engaging banners are the ones that get people talking. So before you go designing your own banner, make sure it engages with audiences and increases customer engagement by trying these magic words: “useful,” concise”, and ‘effective’.


– Make your banner simple

At first glance, this point may be a little in conflict with the above points, but if you pay attention, you will realize that not only there is no conflict, but it is the essence of all points.

Simplifying the design of your social media banner is one way to increase its appeal. Simple yet informative banners are easier on viewers’ eyes than complicated ones with lots going on in them, so you’ll get more attention from people who might not otherwise have given yours a chance!


– Use social media banner templates

can use social media banner templates in many ways, such as by using stock photos for your ads and downloading free vector graphics online, or purchasing professional designs.
If you’re looking to make an impression on Facebook with an eye-catching graphic that won’t break the bank—there are several options available! You could go ahead and upload one of these ready-made banners from sites like Deposit photos (a great source) or urban now. Another popular choice would be buying professionally designed graphic elements through companies like Fiverr – I recommend choosing something festive though because Christmas is coming soon 😉

If you’re looking for professional design, many providers offer them. Prices vary, but most providers offer a variety of templates that are customizable and easy to use.



Professional social media banner design can be one of the most important measures to monetize your content. Using creativity and innovation along with mastering software as well as knowing how best to advertise on any advertising platform will help you create high-quality banners that are useful for customers!

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