Social Media: How It Keeps You Poor and What to Do About It

Social Media: How It Keeps You Poor and What to Do About It
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Social Media is a double-edged sword. It’s great in theory but it has some major drawbacks that make people question if this technology will ever go away or be replaced by something better
The answer to how social media makes you poor? Simple – Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are designed for engagement purposes only which means they show content relevant to your interests AND provide an opportunity where users can share what’s on their mind without worrying about consequences.

social media platforms are addictive

social media platforms are addictive

Social media platforms are designed to keep you hooked with content that will get a reaction from your emotions. This means they show videos of cute animals or articles about current events, and as soon I started reacting positively towards this posts-the platform knew it had my attention! The problem is this process can lead people into an information overload which makes quitting difficult once caught up in the cycle; especially since there’s no way for individuals who have been overwhelmed by too much socializing online ever break free without help first
I found myself spending more time on Twitter than usual lately – but then came Snapchat…

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Social media can be used to spread misinformation

Misinformation is becoming more common in social media and it’s difficult to spot if you’re not familiar with the topic. The spread of these false news stories can have serious consequences, as we saw during last year’s US presidential election because people were sharing them quickly without thinking about their accuracy or implications for others who might believe what they say.
An example: “Manafort offered Trump Jr.’s dad a $100 million dollar deal before VP announcement”

 So what can you do to avoid these problems?

So what can you do to avoid these problems?

The best way to stay safe when browsing social media is by being mindful of the content you see. Remember that it’s important not only to rely on one source for information, so getting your news from multiple sources will help ensure accuracy in what appears before our eyes!

social media platforms are a great way to spread these stories because they can be shared quickly and easily. This can have serious consequences, as we saw during the US presidential election in 2016.

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Social media is a great tool, but it has some serious drawbacks. Be aware of how you’re using social platforms and try to limit your time spent on these sites as well because the more hours per day that pass by without activity or attention from us makes an impact in our lives where ever we may be located! It’s also important not only to stay informed about current events happening around us today through news sources like TV channels/newspapers etc. but to review any pictures being shared online.


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