Startup Brand Identity Design Guide

Startup Brand Identity Design Guide
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Brand identity and what makes the business unique is the visual identity of the brand and it will separate the business from any person or company in your business.

The visual identity of your brand should be consistent and easily recognizable so that customers are able to form a connection between what they see from the company, and how it makes them feel about themselves, or their problems at home. The more personal this branding becomes-the better!

Visual identity design includes logos or brand design, packaging design, website design, social media application or template design, business card design, office set, and letterhead design, and even personal clothing design.

Remember that in most cases, logo design alone is not enough, because an organization with all its managerial and executive layers, in addition to a logo, needs a brand with a precise definition, brand identity design, and verbal and visual brand identity. Which include the goals of the organization. So you need to design a brand identity system that will work towards influencing the mind of the audience.


What is the role of brand identity system?

The brand identity system is the visual appeal that captures and holds an audience’s attention throughout their experience with your company. It should be seen at every touch point, from logos down to how products are packaged–every aspect matters!
With today’s hectic lifestyles it can often feel like we don’t have time for anything more than just getting through our days, but neglecting Martin Luther King Jrs advice about making sure we always get some action.

In order for a brand identity system to play its role effectively, it needs to communicate certain characteristics. And those characteristics are key, they are determined within the brand strategy itself as to how the brand is going to appeal to and resonate with that audience. And those characteristics then influence the brand system and all of the elements within it.


Here we have a startup brand identity design guide and its elements:

  • Logo

The logo is a visual element of your brand identity. It’s used on your brand website, packaging, all social media, etc.

logos can be powerful tools for brands to build their identity, but they’re not alone in that responsibility. Along with the logo come other elements such as color scheme and fonts – all of which work together on creating your brand’s aesthetic image amongst customers and readers alike!

So with everything being said, there are certain characteristics that a goof logo needs to have, these characteristics are:

  • Simplicity
  • Being different
  • Flexibility and versatility
  • Proportion and appropriateness
  • Being purposeful
  • memorability
  • not belonging to a specific time
  • uniqueness

Startup Brand Identity Design Guide

  • typography

Typefaces are the building blocks that make up a brand’s overall identity. Finding one with just enough personality to convey your message and setting it against other elements like color or photography can be difficult, but is essential if you want any type of consistency in how people perceive your company!

Custom typography is a great way for startups and entrepreneurs because it gives them control over their brand’s look. You can order custom lettering from an experienced designer who will create something unique just based on what you need!

Here are some of the most important things you need to consider while choosing typography:

  • Use two or three fonts for a cohesive look: one for the screen font, and one or two fonts for the article.
  • Make sure the fonts you select are easy to read.
  • Choose a font that fits your audience.
  • Do not try to use common fonts and stereotypes that all businesses use.


  • Color palette

It is important to use color wisely and strategically in order for your brand’s message or meaning not be lost. The right palette can set a mood that will influence how customers feel about you, which ultimately leads them back into wanting more of what makes up this company!

For example, we all know that green is a symbol of freshness and growth, and businesses use green to showcase new products. Red is also known as a symbol of urgency, passion, and excitement.

The colors you use in your brand should reflect the purpose of your brand. These unique and memorable color palettes can inspire you and help you build your way up.

Startup Brand Identity Design Guide

  • Patters

The use of patterns is very common in branding. They can be used throughout the entire brand identity, and they provide texture while also filling blank spaces with color to help read your experience as a whole.
Patter presented an overview of how great design implemented them effectively within their system.

The logo is a flexible tool for brands to use throughout their brand identity system and can be very effective in helping audiences recall your product or service.
Startup Brand Identity Design Guide

For example when you see someone walking with a Versace bag in their hand, even if you don’t see the logo, you’ll know that’s a Versace bag because of the pattern.

As a startup, you need to think about what your brand is and what it represents. Share that with a designer and they will create a suitable pattern for your brand.


  • Image/photography style

Imagery is a very good way to engage your audience, as it has the ability to set your brand’s picture and evoke the emotion of your audience.

Humans have a natural preference for visual information over text-based ones, and we can process images much more quickly. This means that photographs will stay in your brain longer than other types of media like articles or blog posts with the same content!

As such an attractive collection is vital if you want potential customers to notice what’s on offer – so don’t skimp out there when it comes down to choosing high-quality photos from all angles because this makes them do their job better too!

If you have a big budget you can get a professional photographer to create a new image style for your brand. But even without a big budget, the right designer can help you to come up with an image style that is aligned with your brand strategy, characteristics, and the emotions you want your audience to feel.


  • Graphics and iconography

Graphics and iconography are often the most versatile tool in any brand’s identity system. They can be used anywhere from websites, packaging, or even business cards! Where there is visual engagement with your branding then you’ll find a place for beautiful graphics to shine through it all up nicely…

All of this contributes to the overall brand experience. Using icons to better express concepts is one of the essential ideas, but since the audience’s attention is easily distracted from the brand marketing content, businesses should look for ways to attract and retain the audience’s attention. If the graphics and iconography are used properly, the audience will be attracted to the brand in a professional and sustainable way.


  • Illustrations

Illustrations are a fantastic way to portray your text and help bring it alive. Brands that go with unique illustration styles will have an eye-catching image while those who prefer the more subtlety-oriented visuals, such as Those ôtagames’ logo design or even Nike’s classic swoosh symbol can benefit from using illustrations within their branding efforts too!


  • Grid style

Grid style allows you to have consistency in the information you’re displaying across all platforms. If there is no cohesiveness or consistency in how the information is displayed, then everything will seem kind of messy and all over the place.

You can use grid styles in your social media accounts, like Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, etc. This helps your viewers predict the location of different information and read your content more easily. This will make your audience get used to your content and make it look comfortable to them, which helps to brand.


  • Motion and animation

Animation is a great way to add personality and atmosphere. The right kind of animation can help you stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace, while the wrong choice might make your brand seem more childlike than creative!

Motion graphics are created by graphic programs. The effect of motion graphics on branding is way more than other advertising methods because it is a combination of graphic design, animation, and the science of using designed elements, which is finally combined with music and related sound effects.

The influence of color, form, texture, movement, etc, can engrave your brand in the audience’s memory and record the color palette, logo, typography, and other elements of the brand in the viewer’s mind more permanently.



Well-designed brand identity will help you stand out from the rest of your competition, telling customers who are supposed to receive something specific and valuable in return for their money or time spent browsing through products. Take into consideration both visual design aspects as well as how people feel when they see this stuff – because at its core “branding” is really just another word we use to refer to our relationships with other human beings (and animals!).

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