The 8 Excellent Podcasts for UX designers

The 8 Excellent Podcasts for UX designers
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Podcasts can be used to keep you up-to-date on UX trends. Are you looking for podcasts for UX designers? Finding podcasts relevant to your interests and providing quality content can take time and effort. This article has compiled a list of our top podcasts for you.


What is a UX Podcast?

UX Podcasts are a type of podcast that bring together experts in the field of user experience design to discuss topics related to UX. These podcasts often feature interviews with industry professionals and provide detailed insights into how they approach designing websites, apps, and other digital products. They also offer best practices for creating engaging user experiences and improving usability. Many UX design podcast’s also include tips on how to build customer loyalty, increase customer satisfaction, and maximize conversions. By listening to these podcasts, a UX designer can stay up-to-date on the latest industry trends and learn strategies for making their designs more effective. Additionally, the conversations featured on these podcasts can inspire new ideas and approaches to develop an effective user experience.

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UX Podcast

We have UX podcast, a twice-monthly podcast hosted and produced by Per Axbom and James Royal-Lawson. UX Podcast was started in response to the lack of communication and means for sharing knowledge and information within UX. In 2011, Axbom and Royal Lawson founded UX Podcast. Their goal was to provide valuable information for everyone interested in the digital world, whether for business, technology, or design. Each episode can be classified into the following four categories: guest show, link show, topic show, or event show. While guest shows interest in interviewing industry people, link shows will discuss cutting-edge articles. Topic shows focus on one topic, covering everything from mental health to inclusive/accessible design and even Search’s evolution. Event shows allow you to stay informed and participate in UX conferences, meetups, and workshops.


UI Breakfast

Although it started airing in 2013, UI Breakfast has been hugely successful. Jane Portman, host, interviews experts in design marketing and other areas that are intertwined within UX. Each episode lasts up to 50 min.

Ane Portman proudly declares in the podcast description that the podcast offers “actionable knowledge that can apply to business,” which is true. UI Breakfast is ranked #1 in design podcast charts.


Google Design

This podcast is divided into two main shows: Method, with over 20 episodes, and Design Notes, with more than 35 episodes. The Method podcast focuses on the careers of Google designers, while Design Notes examines the lives of designers working in different creative fields worldwide. These podcasts are great for designers just starting in the field. They allow you to hear others’ stories and see how they got started. Method episodes are beneficial for people looking to get a job at Google. They share first-hand stories from Google designers, offer tips on the application process, and a glimpse into Google’s design culture and community.


Ramblings of a Designer

Ramblings Of A Designer, hosted by Terri Rodriguez-Hong & Laszlo Lezuer, was founded in 2018.

This podcast has over 100 episodes that last around 30 minutes. It may be the perfect podcast for you if time is a problem and you are interested in the latest design news. Ramblings of a Designer covers design news, and innovations and has special episodes where recruiters and designers review portfolios. Ramblings from a Designer will give you the information you need to see what happens to your portfolio when you send it to recruiters.


User Defenders Podcast

User Defenders was born out of Jason Ogle, the host’s passion for design. Its name comes from Jason’s other passion: superheroes.

Jason was drawn to superheroes and design because of the connection he found between them: heroes and designers try to make people’s lives easier and more enjoyable. Jason Ogle hosts a series of episodes that last approximately an hour. He has both professional UX designers and beginners as guests.

This podcast, which focuses on self-growth and is rising in the American design charts, might be your kryptonite.


UX Research Podcast

A playlist featuring the top UX Research Podcasts for 2021. This playlist includes 32 highly-rated pieces that will help you increase your UX knowledge. The playlist contains conversations with business leaders, researchers, and designers.

This unique combination allows you to have a mix of interactions with different industry leaders. Start listening to the UX research podcast on a set schedule.


UI Breakfast Podcast

UI Breakfast podcast was first aired in 2013. Jane Portman is a Russian UI/UX expert. These podcasts, which are 45 minutes long, feature fascinating conversations with industry professionals about UIUX design and marketing. UI Breakfast offers the opportunity to sponsor a podcast and have your product or brand featured on their show. This is an excellent opportunity to reach a large audience. UI Breakfast has more than 8,000 subscribers and over 45,000 downloads each month.


99% of the population is invisible

99% invisible has been at the top of Apple Podcasts charts for a while. Also, it’s climbing up the Spotify charts.

Roman Mars, the podcast host founded in 2010, discovers the hidden design in places where we don’t realize it exists. This includes architecture, sound, and objects, as well as technology.

Although 99% Invisible does not focus on UX design or digital workflows, the humor and careful eye of Roman Mars will expand your horizons and help you see that design is everywhere.


Design Matters

Design Matters has been regarded as the longest-running design podcast on the planet. Debbie Millman is the show’s most appealing host. Millman, a talented designer, author of six books, educator, and brand strategist, has a strong portfolio. Millman has been published in numerous publications, including The New York Times and New York Magazine. She was also named one of Graphic Design USA’s most influential designers. Millman created the Design Matters podcast to ask her “heroes” everything she wanted to learn about them. The show has been sharing the brilliance and creativity of more than 300 designers, actors—writers, journalists, chefs, cultural commentators, and many others since 2005.


Tech writers

Yuval Keshtcher hosts it. As the name suggests, Writers in Tech is all about tech writers. This podcast features interviews with UX writer’s and content designers, as well as episodes about events related to UX writing. It is a great resource for both beginners and experienced UX writer’s who want to improve their work.

Writers in Tech have episodes that last between 20 and an hour. This podcast may be your chance to change careers. Writers in Tech also offers a free UX writing course, content design class, and a weekly newsletter to help you get inspired for your next job.

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Why should you listen to UX Design podcasts?

  • UX Design Podcasts Increase Your Knowledge.
  • They’re a great source of inspiration for UX designers.
  • Keep up-to-date on UX Design developments.
  • UX Podcasts Let You Open Your Mind To Multiple Fields.
  • They Get You in Touch with Your UX Design Heroes


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