The best project management software for designers | Update 2022

The best project management software for 2022
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Finding the right project management software is essential to your workflow.

I’m fully sure that in every workplace you need a tool that helps you to have a much better organization, more than that startups need a tool to improve their teamwork abilities, and Finding the right project management software is essential to your workflow.

so here are some project management which will help us to have a much better organization and clear our jobs in teamwork.

in this blog post, I’ve started with the exact meaning of project management and how much important is it for us then you will see the top best project management for 2022.

The best project management software for 2022

What is project management?

if you want to deliver your project successfully you can use project managment and project management includes the tools and techniques. then we had to talk about what are the projects: Projects are comprised of stakeholders, their vision/goal, the resources required to achieve that goal, and management processes and tools to make sure you get there.

honestly, I do believe that project management is our key to success. the good point about project management is that it includes the technology, methodology, and resources that enable project completion.

The best project management software for 2022

What is project management software?

after that, we know what is project management now I’m gonna tell you what is project management software, project management software helps you( we consider that you are management) to control your cost and hit deadlines. so how does it works? It’s a kind of teamwork people will see there what project they have somehow it will deliver the projects that commute to. This software also serves as a platform for facilitating collaboration among project stakeholders.

The best project management software for 2022

Who uses project management software?

honestly, for this question, I can give you any specific answer or a special group of people so here we talk more general cause we are talking about a much bigger group of people. but as a recommendation, I can surely say to you that industries that have more heavy projects are using them more than the others, but in general people from airplane builders to performing non-billable work are using it.

Nearly anyone serving a client needs some way to estimate, track, deliver, and get paid for their services cause they need tools that let them sustain high-quality work, fuel creativity, and keep clients engaged and satisfied.

I’m sure that you know this information if you are a businessman, but for others, each project is a single revenue opportunity and this is a chance to build a lasting relationship and repeat business.

Software that keeps track of the granular details can help. But consider the pros and cons of picking your project management software.

The best project management software for 2022

Why do I need project management software?

I guess we have a few important questions that we should ask ourselves when we are starting a project and the one why we need project management is one of them. ill give you a few benefits of having a project time management and then you can choose whether it’s useful for you or not.

project management software helps you organize your time and resource management, create reports about business and employee performance, and get a better idea of what’s working and what isn’t. the other thing that I’m sure is too useful is teamwork Project management software can also make team collaboration easier and more seamless than ever before.

The best project management software for 2022

How much will it cost me?

in this blog unfortunately we are facing so many questions that we don’t have any certain answers for that. this is a range there is no certain amount of money to say there are a few different software with different range of money.

after that, I tell you about that software you will understand them yourself.

so its time to go throw the software:

The best project management software for 2022

project management software:

1. wrike

Wrike is known to focus on the accomplishment of tasks rather than entire projects and offers just enough workflow customization for clients to make processes more industry-specific. Experts claim Wrike to be the one-size-fits-all PM software and point out important reasons to support such an opinion. At the same time, they encourage interested companies to examine Wrike using its useful free trial plan that lets you try out all the key features.

let’s check out some of its benefits:
  •  You will understand it as soon as you see it
  •  You get to tweak most of its functionality
  •  You can do everything with it
  •  There is no metric it won’t keep an eye on
  •  It associates project timelines with task dependencies


ClickUp is an all-in-one productivity tool built for teams of all types across any industry.

Not only can you bring all your work to one place with this app, but it also boasts a scalable architecture, attractive UI, and hundreds of fully customizable features—making it one of the most advanced project management tools in the market today.

You can plan, track, and collaborate on any project, build the perfect workflow for you and your team, create marketing campaigns, manage development sprints, and more all in one platform!

and let’s check some of its benefits(somehow the reasons that why we use them)

  • Multiple Views
  •  Customization Capabilities
  •  Team Collaboration & Communication
  •  Real-Time Reporting
  • Time Tracking Capabilities

Flexibility makes inarguably valuable. With the platform, you can configure your tools to meet your specific management styles without compromising flexibility. The software enables you to distinctly manage all types of projects and workflows involving multiple teams with precision.

The best part is that has columns designed to fit your specific needs. There are columns for status, date, text, numbers, people, ratings, team, location, and many more. The existence of numerous columns epitomizes flexibility and customizability. They provide a plethora of options, empowering you to customize each board to suit the way you work.

Reasons Why Will Work Great For Any Company

reasons and benefits of using it:

  •  It Is Flexible
  • It Is Highly Visual
  • It Has Intuitive Dashboards
  • Helps You Communicate & Collaborate Easily
  • Helps You Delegate Tasks and Track Progress with Ease
  • It Has Powerful Reporting and Analytics


Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what’s being worked on, who’s working on what, and where something is in a process.

Imagine a whiteboard, filled with lists of sticky notes, with each note as a task for you and your team. Now imagine that each of those sticky notes has photos, attachments from other data sources like BitBucket or Salesforce, documents, and a place to comment and collaborate with your teammates.

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There’s minimal reporting built into Trello, and although third-party extensions add more options, you’ll likely still need to look elsewhere if detailed reports are a major requirement. For everyone else, however, Trello is a great place to start with project management. It’s available on the web, mobile, and desktop.

let’s have a quick look at Trello’s benefits:

  • Efficient Board and Card System
  • Smooth Editing
  • Collaboration
  • Feasibility
  • Accessible information base


let’s check its history, Basecamp is a veteran of the project management world, it was launched in 2004 and has built a customer base of 3.5 million users.

the software has lots of abilities and uses to replace several other paid monthly services, from Slack to Dropbox. While it’s not always a complete replacement, the software does take many of the features of those tools and rolls them all into one system. Scheduling and calendars, real-time chat, private messaging, file storage, and more are included.

An uncluttered interface and powerful search tools make it straightforward to find the task, image, or message you’re after, and a strong reporting suite lets you go as wide or deep as required.

Working with clients is handled well, with e-mail integration and the ability to share individual tasks and messages with people outside the organization. Notifications can be customized to your requirements, including shutting them off outside office hours.

Basecamp’s fixed $99 per month pricing makes it an appealing option for larger organizations, but small teams may find better value elsewhere. There’s no free plan, but the length of the 30-day trial is more generous than most. Web, desktop, and mobile versions are available.

like the others much better to have a quick look at its benefits:

  • Add Admin for the project
  • Create To-Do Lists
  • Add Project Team Members
  • Simple View
  • Hold Discussions

Microsoft Project

Microsoft, I’m sure that we have all heard it once in our life, Microsoft Project is a flexible project management and scheduling software. it has been in commercial use since the 1980s, and so it has some updates in 2019s I mean its most recent version was released in 2019.

we are using Microsoft project for many reasons such as Microsoft Project helps your users to prioritize tasks, define the activities required for each and then assign them to the relevant team members.

first, when you just look at the ms project you will see that it’s like the other Microsoft Office apps, but if you check the features and a bit of help you will understand that it has lots of different and it can be daunting for newcomers to the project management space. Trained professionals, however, will appreciate the extremely granular detail available for each task and resource, whether that resource is a specific person, role, physical material, or something else.

In 2021, Microsoft dropped the tiered naming convention of Essentials, Professional, and Premium and replaced it with Project Plan 1, Project Plan 3, and Project Plan 5, leaving the majority of plan features unchanged. Features differ between tiers, but subscription prices for Plan 3 (formerly Professional) start at $30 per month per user.

we can have a quick look at some of its benefits:

  •  Quick templates
  •  Simple planning and schedules
  •  Complete Collaboration
  •  Visual dashboards
  •  All-encompassing timelines
  •  Streamlined reporting


The overall team collaboration experience sees the benefits of Teamwork first and foremost as a project management tool and task tracker. Break down tasks into subtasks, and create clear task lists to check off. Get notifications when a task is done or a project gets stalled. Task and project progress get tracked in real-time for up-to-date reporting. You can even assign followers to projects who can watch over the progress or stay in the loop without having any tasks of their own.

The first benefit of the Teamwork application is the ease of use and learning curve. That’s to say, it’s not steep at all. The platform and dashboards are intuitive and simple. On top of that, Teamwork has many great resources.

Teamwork program reviews trend positive, and our take is no exception. Teamwork offers some pretty great customer support. There are many resources on the page like video tutorials, webinars, and a detailed Teamwork guide. The Teamwork support team is also available by email, live chat, and telephone.

The company offers several pricing options, from the limited free tier that only permits two projects and has limited storage space, to a high-end enterprise version. Most smaller teams will get by on the $10 per month per user plan since it includes unlimited users, 300 projects, and 100 gigabytes of storage space. All paid tiers offer a 30-day free trial. Mobile apps are available for iOS and Android, along with the standard Web view.

The main features of Teamwork are

  • Task and project management
  • Teams
  • Milestones
  • Messages
  • Project risk management
  • Templates
  • Time tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Resource management
  • Document editor
  • Board views
  • Tags
  • Workflow automation
  • Integrations
  • Teamwork add-ons
  • Google integrations
  • Mobile app



liquidplanner is a software that is useful with full of facilities for so many people. In addition to being a powerful way of running traditional projects, with all the features you’d expect, LiquidPlanner performs equally well as a helpdesk-style issue tracker and general resource management tool.

if we are talking about its facilities we can talk about its strong reporting, so you don’t need any other software for reporting, along with integration with major cloud storage providers. there is a thing here that’s important for me and that it’s support there is a zapier support so you can build your automated connections with other business tools as needed.

One-off pieces of work can be assigned to any user or group, and the impact of that extra work on the people performing it is automatically taken into account when estimating project deliverables.

With extra features comes extra complexity, of course, and while LiquidPlanner does a good job of explaining some of its trickier aspects and then getting out of the way, it still requires a greater time investment to set up, learn, and master than many of its competitors. For that reason—not to mention the cost—it’s better suited to larger teams and organizations than small, ad-hoc groups.

I’m sure that extra features have also extra complexity and LiquidPlanner has a good explanation of its complex features, but if I want to explain all of it requires a greater time investment to set up, learn, and master than many of its competitors.

in my opinion, LiquidPlanner has a bad point about its free tier, LiquidPlanner doesn’t offer a free tier, although you can try various plans for two weeks at no cost. Plans start at $15 per month per user (with annual billing) for a maximum of 50 projects and go up from there.

I guess it’s so important to choose the right project management that we can work and use, and it’s essential to have one in our company so check their sites and choose one of them.

the other thing that I want to mention is that it’s much better to work for your first experience with the project management software that they need money or if they need they need less than the others.

here we come again to the end of this blog, I like to mention at the end of all my blogs that we are here to help you as much as we can so if you faced any problems during finding the right project management my colleagues in temis marketing are here to help you.


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