The Power of the Grid of Instagram – Best Grid Ideas

The Power of the Grid
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Producing high-quality video and images is the best strategy to increase your engagement and reach on visual social media platforms such as Instagram. A visually appealing Instagram feed can help you attract new followers, increase brand awareness and inspire conversion.

Instagram’s grid is a powerful tool for marketing that allows you to preview your brand and showcase its vibrant world. If the Instagram grid layout is ignored, it can cause a breakdown in trust in a mode of communication that was previously thriving. This article will review the The Power of the Grid.


What Is Grid?

The grid will be the main posts on your Instagram profile. You can upload photos or videos. This is what people will see when they click your profile. Even if you are posting more frequently to Stories, you might still post to the Grid a few times per week.

Photos of interesting items are more popular in the library than amazing photography. The perfect photo of a book taken with an expensive camera will reach less people than a picture of the interior of your library taken on your smartphone.

Pictures of Words don’t work! Photos of interiors and exteriors of libraries are popular, but so is archive photography. Not all of your posts need to be about the library. Images that show your location, such as this Liverpool Uni Library image, are very popular.


Why is the grid layout of your Instagram account important?

The grid layout will be the first thing that other users see when they visit your Instagram profile. Your most recent Instagram posts play a crucial role in presenting your account and business to new users.

A visually appealing Instagram grid will help you capture the attention of visitors to your profile, increasing their likelihood to follow you or pay attention to future content from your brand.

You can use a well-structured grid to communicate quickly and effectively your brand’s values and purpose. Users will be able to see what you have to offer and the value of your account.

Instagram grids that are visually appealing can help increase engagement by incorporating high-quality photos and videos, as well as effective calls to actions. Why is this important? Higher engagement can help you reach a larger audience, be seen by Instagram’s algorithm, and convert your followers into customers.



How Instagram grids Work?

Square is the format that Instagram almighties deem most attractive. Square logo, square pictures, square ads. This squareness had to result in a grid-format for each profile.

Then, someone saw the big picture.

Hats off for the person who thought you could play around with the whole grid and create artwork. It was only a matter time before brands and people jumped onto the Instagram grid bandwagon to create puzzles, quotes and tiles.

There are endless possibilities for creating Instagram grid posts. Your imagination is the only limit. And maybe your design skills. A beautiful Instagram grid layout increases engagement and leads to more views on your profile.

You have to be aware of what you are going to post to avoid breaking the flow. Most people publish three posts in a row, and they all follow a certain order. This keeps the design sleek. All this work pays off. Especially when you want to create a presentation on social media to impress clients and leads.



How to create an Instagram feed that is visually appealing?

There are many ways to curate a visually pleasing Instagram feed. We have compiled our top Instagram tips and tricks for you to use an Instagram feed planer to improve your Instagram grid and posts.


Display your brand

Instagram is a great place to showcase your visual branding. It helps establish your account or business as familiar and recognizable.

Use your brand’s fonts and colour palette to create content that incorporates branding. Use these details to create visual consistency for your Instagram Stories highlights covers.

Plann’s results tool allows you to find the best performing colors for your account. Choose three to five colours that best represent your brand values and tone.

You are looking for amazing on-brand images to post to Instagram. Plann is the ultimate Instagram feed planner. It gives you access to thousands royalty-free images.


Edit your photos

Instagram is a staple for photo-editing, so it’s crucial to know how to do it right. Images that are blurred, pixelated or low-resolution often have a much higher engagement rate and reach than high-quality photos.

Consistency is key when curating the Instagram grid layout. Applying the same filters and editing styles to your entire collection of images is the best way to create a consistent aesthetic.

Use the same filter for all your posts to keep your editing simple.


Be consistent and purposeful

When planning your Instagram feed, it is important to have a clear goal in mind. You can then create a grid which accurately represents your brand and core messages.

If you are creating visual content for Instagram make sure that it clearly reflects your brand’s purpose and values. Your posts should be able to work together in a grid but also stand out when they are not.

Plann is a simple Instagram scheduling tool that allows you to keep track of all your Instagram posts, and create a grid layout.


Instagram Grid Ideas


Checkerboard Grid

Checkerboard grids are another option that is popular for Instagram feed layouts. They provide a pattern to the Instagram feed.

You can create a visual pattern by alternating between two different styles of posts. This will be visible to users when they view your feed. You can alternate between a Reel followed by an image, or a graphic template and a photo.

The checkerboard grid comes in many variations. Try creating a visual pattern by using rows or columns if changing styles every other post does not work for you.


The puzzle Grid

The Instagram puzzle grid is popular for its visual impact, even though it can be difficult to implement.

Instead of focusing on every post individually, you can consider your entire feed, and share several images that all work together to create a visual effect.

It’s essential to plan ahead for the puzzle grid. You need to know what you want to say and how you want your feed to look.


The classic Grid

Classic grids are a fan favorite! This theme is perfect for brands looking for a flexible option to create content that isn’t overly restrictive or difficult to follow.

You can use a classic layout to share videos and images that show all aspects of your company, from planning launch events to packing orders.

This Instagram grid layout is ideal for beginners because it focuses on sharing different content formats, rather than adhering to a rigid formula or structure.

Apply the same filters across all your content to ensure consistency, brand recognition and engagement.


Color-coordinated grid

This grid will be perfect for Instagram brand connoisseurs. This layout is designed to use your brand colors as much as possible.

Instagram posts that are color-coordinated should always include two or more colors from your brand’s palette. This will help you achieve a consistent look on your grid.

It’s easy to create visual consistency by using your brand colors. You can be sure that your profile visitors will never forget your brand once they land on your Instagram grid.


The illustrated Grid

The illustrated grid is a popular feed style for Instagrammers who are creative. This style is great for posting fun and quirky content that users want to see.

You can share videos and images that have graphic elements and illustrations that are closely related to your brand.

You can choose to create designed or illustrated content as a way to promote your products, services or to help facilitate a campaign. It’s important to share bespoke illustrations or credit your sources properly when you are sharing content for your Instagram grid layout.


The conclusion of the article is:

In 2023, grid mastery will be the focus. We need to have all the information we need in one place. This is the reason I am writing. This guide will cover everything from colors and formats, to examples, ideas and tools. You can refer to it whenever you think your grid could be improved. This guide is for Instagram grid beginners. It will show you how to create a grid and how to automate the scheduling of your Instagram posts.

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