TikTok shadow ban: Everything you need to know (A compelet gauid)

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Shadowbanning is only a very limited feature that happens in social media. This article will describe everything you need to know if you are a TikTok user. Let’s find out what is TikTok shadow ban: everything you need to know.


What’s a Shadowban on TikTok?

Shadowban is a fairly self-explanatory term. It means that your account was banned. However, the shadow of this term indicates that you won’t be notified about the ban.

Shadowban on TikTok means your videos will not appear on the your webpage or in hashtag results. This is when your visibility has been reduced or you have been banned from the site without your knowledge.

TikTok algorithm shadowbans a TikTok user account to prevent them from posting spam, copyright issues, or other inappropriate content. Shadowbanning means you will no longer receive likes, views, or traffic from the For You page. Shadowbans are often overlooked once someone stumbles upon your video and points it out.


Why is Your TikTok Shadowbanned?

The best part is that TikTok shadowbans users who create TikTok video’s in violation of its community guidelines. They include content that includes nudity and drugs, hate speech, copyrighted music, etc.

According to TikTok community guidelines, it could reduce visibility for certain types of content. Some content is not eligible for FYP. These include dangerous stunts, sports, alcohol, and tobacco products, sexually explicit content, overtly sexy content, spam, inauthentic and low-quality content, as well as unoriginal and QR code content.

Shadowbans can be reserved for content in grey areas where moderators aren’t willing to remove or temporarily ban. The post’s reach is, therefore, limited.


What is the basis for a TikTok shadow prohibition?

These are the top reasons for shadow banning

  • Bullying and harassment
  • Posting explicit content
  • Use of prohibited hashtags
  • Fake or misleading information posted
  • Copyright concerns
  • Automated tools
  • By accident
  • Too much content is being posted too often
  • Other users reporting you


How long does TikTok’s shadow ban last?

The TikTok shadowban is like a snowball. Repeating violations on the platform will result in a shadow ban that grows longer until it becomes a permanent block. For the question of how long does a TikTok shadow banning last? There is no concrete answer. It can take days, weeks, or months.

The average TikTok shadowban lasts between two and one months. The TikTok shadow ban has been increasing in popularity, gaining millions of users with different intentions. It can vary from one day to one week to one monthly or even permanent blocking and losing access.

It is impossible to predict whether the TikTok security algorithm regarding the length of the TikTok Shadow Ban will change.

To avoid such unfortunate situations, you should take care of the community guidelines. Also, make sure to contribute to the platform’s growth day by day.


How do you know if your profile has been shadowbanned by TikTok?

You will notice a decrease in engagements and reach for posts that have been shadowbanned by TikTok. This causes a drop in likes, views, and shares.

You may not be banned. You may lose your audience naturally, unfortunately. Shadowbanning doesn’t necessarily mean you will be permanently banned. Shadowbans are temporary.


How to fix TikTok Shadowban and get Unshadowbanned?

Are you curious about how to get TikTok unshadowbanned? Here are things you can do to get rid of your shadowban:


Uninstall TikTok and Reinstall

First, delete any recent videos. It should then be deleted and then uninstalled. Sometimes your TikTok app may need to be updated to function properly again.


Move to a Pro Account

Doing a Google search for how to un-shadowbanned TikTok is the best way to do it. Go into your TikTok settings and click “Switch To a Pro Account”. This is because you can view analytics and see how people have accessed your videos by making the switch. This will allow you to track how much engagement has dropped or increased easily.


Remove offensive content

It is important to delete any content that violates the community guidelines and rules set forth by TikTok. You must wait at least two weeks after deleting any inappropriate content to have the shadowban lifted. To check if the shadowban has been lifted, you can restart your device occasionally.


TikTok on Hold for

After removing offensive content, close the app and ensure it is updated. Then, take a break for a few days from TikTok. You might be un-shadowbanned if you return to TikTok after cleaning up your account.


Post Original, Innovative Content

You must ensure that your TikTok account is not shadowbanned when you go back to posting content. You have already been flagged, and you must behave even more. You will be kicked off the stage if you post the same content as you were banned for in the first place.

Always post original content and innovative ideas. You can brainstorm new ideas with your team to create something unique. You can avoid TikTok copyright infringement laws by brainstorming with your team.


Get to Know Your Audience.

There are many minor accounts and children on TikTok these days. It is your diuty to maintain a safe environment. Your videos should not contain sexualized themes, nudity, or pornographic material. You could get in trouble with TikTok shadowban if you post such content.


Is it possible to use my TikTok account if there is a TikTok shadow ban?

You will be banned permanently from TikTok and won’t be able to reaccess your profile. Your permanently banned TikTok account cannot be restored. You can also create a new account to stay on TikTok as a new user.



A TikTok Shadow Ban is a permanent or temporary restriction on your TikTok account. This happens when you engage in inappropriate behavior on the social networking platform. Your profile will be banned and subject to certain limits if you break any TikTok rules or community guidelines.

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