Top 10 Common Mistakes in UXUI

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The user experience (UX) is crucial. Your target audience’s experience, from clicking on your website until making a purchase, makes impressions. They should feel connected to the website through meaningful interactions. If your design isn’t well-researched, it will not be able to fulfill other tasks for a long time. This is when you see the importance of a well-researched design. After experiencing a bad user experience, around 88 percent of online shoppers will not return to a mobile app or web portal.

Top 10 Common Mistakes in UXUI

What are the most common UX mistakes?

You need to be aware to avoid common UX mistakes to lower your failure rate and increase your success.


1- Ignoring Responsive

Responsive design is a rare trend in the wider field. We still see sites that must adapt adequately to make the most of the screen space. This is why responsive design is still being included in this list. Responsive web design creates an optimal user experience across multiple devices. Your users may be able to access your website from their mobile devices if your website is responsive. Make sure to make a mistake that could lead to millions of users being excluded. For the best user experience, redesign your website to prioritize responsiveness.

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Top 10 Common Mistakes in UXUI

2- Based on Search Engines and Not People

It is not surprising that website owners obsess over ranking for keywords in an era of increasing online competition. Google and the other major search engines strive to search as easily and enjoyable as possible for users. This is the original purpose of SEO. It was established to provide guidelines for websites to optimize their user experience.

Although SEO is an important aspect of website design, the ultimate goal should always be exceptional user experience. Google’s goals can help you design for both site search engines and users. You can get the best of both. It is essential to design your website for search engines first and then create content for humans.

Top 10 Common Mistakes in UXUI

3- Only some people can do the design work.

Website design is often left in the hands of the wrong people. This could be disastrous for your website. Many companies think they can save money by allowing someone within their company to manage website design and maintenance. This could prove a costly mistake if you need the right experience or knowledge. Poor UX can damage your brand’s reputation. You can save money by hiring a professional right from the beginning.

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You should not trust anyone to create your website. You must maintain the quality of your website. Also, website design professionals will be able to optimize your user experience. An expert team can design a beautiful layout and stunning visuals that look great on all devices. You can also be connected to professional content creators and specialists who can help make your website as beautiful as possible. For maximum user experience, work with a website designer.

Top 10 Common Mistakes in UXUI

4- Design Thinking is not included.

UX design can be a work in progress to assist your users. Creating compelling mobile experiences is possible at all stages of design thinking. You will have a poor UX experience if design thinking is not included.

The five stages in Design Thinking allow for defining, empathizing, and ideating as well as prototyping, testing, and revision at all design steps. These stages are important to achieve your goal of understanding your product’s audience.

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5- UX is not in the whole part of project.

A UX designer tends to ignore the user experience as a continuous process and instead focuses on the first parts of a project. However, most top apps like Instagram, Twitter, and Dropbox have focused on user experience iteratively, with constant user feedback and opinion.

Real-time user feedback, competitor analysis, and thorough competitor analysis can help avoid many UX design problems while developing mobile app’s and web pages.


6- There is no Simplicity.

Apps that are popular today have a simple interface. Users prefer apps that work quickly and smoothly. Airbnb is a top-rated mobile app that has succeeded due to its simple interface. Airbnb simplifies the customer journey by allowing them to use their existing features and innovations without compromising on innovation.


7- Usability Ignorance.

To attract new users, the first impression is crucial. A user-friendly experience that is easy to use and provides a great user experience is crucial in order to entice new users. It will shock you that around 70% of digital businesses fail due to poor usability. This is why you should avoid ignoring usability.


8- Neglecting the value of content.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your content. To optimize user experience, your applications need high-quality content. You should ensure that your content is relevant to your brand’s core message. It should provide valuable insights for your customers. You must also adhere to SEO guidelines to ensure higher page rankings on the SERP.


9- Copying the work blindly.

Copying is easy and could tempt you to copy your closest competitors blindly to achieve quick success. A UX designer must remember that too much of your application’s functionality is similar to others will discourage most users and frustrate loyal customers. Users are always looking for innovation, so a copy on your application will negatively impact your brand, and it’s one of the worst UIUX mistakes.


10- Selection of unmatched fonts.

Typography is an essential element of a good UI UX design. If you optimize typography, you might be gaining potential customers. Good typography is essential for usability, accessibility, readability, and usability. Designers often need clarification on readable and fancy fonts. In such cases, they choose the latter.



In this article, you saw common UX design mistakes that app developers should avoid when designing. These pitfalls can be so difficult that many designers create ugly and technical products in different fields. Make sure you consider the needs of your target audience when designing your website.

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