Top 10 Instagram reel ideas for interior designers – How to make a reel for interior designers

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Video is the future. From TikTok and Instagram Reels to YouTube, you can’t help but love it. While we know it takes time to learn a new platform, and gain confidence on camera, there is good news. Video content is important, especially for those working in the design industry. This article will show you how to create interior design Instagram reels. You can also find ideas for interior designers on Instagram reels.


Interior Design: How to Make It Instagram Reels?

Find Your Why

To increase your bottom line, take some time to consider why you want Reels and how they can be integrated into your marketing strategy. Do you want to increase brand awareness by using Reels? Reach a larger audience Your brand authority will increase Increase your sales? No matter what it may be, understanding your overall goal will help you create a strategy for your Reels and track their progress.


Do Your Research

It is always a good idea for you to gather inspiration and look at what else is out there. This will allow you to save and find songs you like, learn from other designers, and get new ideas. You can also see how others are using the music and work with them. Add the links to a note application with a short note or an idea of how you might use them.


Outline Your Reels

Once you have found inspiration, you can decide which reels you want to make. You can schedule a day for all of the filming, whether you’re filming your own footage or hiring a videographer. You will be able to identify what you need and how to grab it if you have photos already taken.


Take Your Content

Instagram can sometimes be finicky when there are many photos in one reel. Our Instagram Reel Templates were created to help you create your entire Reel using Canva. You can export it as one mp4 and it will automatically play the music.


Add the music

You may have noticed that only certain types of commercial music are available to business accounts. You can use trendier songs by following this hack: Find an Instagram Reel that contains the song you want to use, and if it is an “Original Audio”, you will be able use it! You can save it and add it to your Reel.


Upload and Add Hashtags

Uploading to Instagram requires a strong internet connection. If you don’t have an Internet connection, it will reduce the video’s size which can cause blurry images. Don’t forget your hashtags. Instagram’s most popular hashtag’s are reels. You can reach a wider audience with hashtags.


Instagram reel ideas for interior designers

Spread Industry Knowledge

You are an interior designer who owns your own business. You’ve worked hard to build your expertise in your field. There is no way to verify the information that you find on the internet.

You could be an expert and share your knowledge with your Instagram fans through your Instagram feed. Your followers might also be interested in your knowledge and answers to any questions they may have about interior design. Another great strategy for social media marketing is to have an influencer promote your product or a space you created.


Tutorial Videos

Your Instagram account can be made more interesting by sharing interior design videos. It could be a design tip to decorate an office or a DIY guide to making a home decor item. There are many options.


Share your personal story

Each interior designer has their own design style. This could be influenced by someone, something, or both. Your personal story on Instagram would attract attention and allow potential clients to get in touch with you.

They want to hear about your life, your unique element in spatial planning and your vision of interior design.


Time-lapse video showing the project from start to end reels

Do you have something to share that lasts more than 60 seconds? You can squeeze more into your reels with timelapse recordings

Timelapse videos can be used to show a process.

How do you tackle the challenge

  1. The Reels maker can be opened.
  2. Tap the 1x symbol on the left-handside.
  3. You can choose the speed you want to record. You can choose the 4x speed to create a fast time-lapse. However, this tool also allows you to record slo-mo at a range of 0.3x up to 4x speed.
  4. To record, hold the record button. Hot tip: Music can be played super slow or fast so that you can keep up with the beat!
  5. Once you’re done tap the arrow icon and proceed to the editing screen. When you are ready to publish, tap Share To


Present Your New Arrival

In an age where you can’t help but be noticed, your latest project or new arrival could be showcased through your Instagram story or post. This would allow you to share your accomplishments without being too boastful or irritating.


A day of interior design

You can make a reel on the shifts in the work environment. This involves driving from clients’ homes to construction sites to suppliers, and back to the studio. You may also be able to work on weekends and evenings, since most clients have other jobs during the day.


Create a Shopping Guide

Each decor item is created to match a specific theme or vision for a space. Buyers would be overwhelmed by the sheer number of office and home decor options available. Bloggers who use a variety of decor items in their content creation add to buyer’s skepticalness.

A shopping guide that demonstrates your knowledge could be a great way to show off your skills. It would include interior design elements and combinations of colors based on current design trends.


Share testimonials

Your Instagram account can be used as a marketing tool for your business. It is important to post all interior design work on Instagram, but it is equally important that you share feedback and testimonials from clients.

Many people trust the small business reviews of clients and customers. Positive feedback and testimonials on your Instagram account will strengthen the evidence of your work and build trust with your target audience.


Share your milestones

Every achievement is worth celebrating, whether it’s the inauguration of your first or twentieth project, the fifth anniversary of your company, or the first year anniversary of a product you created. Sharing your milestones with your target audience humanizes you on social media and makes it more approachable to potential clients.


Show off your Seasonal Projects

Make sure to share decorating ideas as you approach a new season with your followers. You could share a high-quality photo of a completed project or a glimpse into an ongoing one.

You could have a winter-themed bedroom or living room, or an office space that is fall-themed. To keep your followers interested, showcase your seasonal projects. Repost Instagram reels and stories. Repost. Add some spice to your social media posts.

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