Top 15 Instagram story ideas to boost engagement

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Stories on Instagram are an effective way to connect with your followers. Stories can be posted throughout the day, a big advantage over in-feed posts. This allows you to keep your followers informed and engaged without irritating them. You can make your Instagram Stories stand out with a variety of interactive tools such as polls, stickers, and filters. It might seem like a lot, but that’s why we have compiled a list of creative Instagram Story ideas to ensure you always have enough!

Instagram story ideas to boost engagement

Hidden a new post using a sticker

You can also use stickers to hide photos you have shared or posted to your feed. This creates a captivating, tempting image to click on and learn more about–like a lift-the-flap book.


Create a shoppable story

According to Instagram, 90% of people follow businesses on Instagram. That was in 2019. This was just in 2019. These are the numbers that make dollar signs appear in your eye sockets.


  • It provides an interactive and easy way to get to your product pages.
  • This is a surefire way to not appear to sales.
  • It works great when used in conjunction with standard feed posts.


Create a “This or That”

These interactive ways to get engagement are easy and fun. These interactive voting systems keep people glued to their screens, eager to see which votes others have cast and what happens next.

These Stories usually include a poll sticker, so viewers can vote on “This” or “That.” They also have endless ways to use them, making them feel new.


Ask quiz your followers.

Buzzfeed is holding all Millennials captive with its quizzes in 2014. It didn’t matter which quiz it was, from movie trivia to 90s outfits, I took all of them. Why?

It was a great way to connect with others and learn about myself. You can share your insights with your followers by taking Instagram quizzes.


Countdown to a Product Launch

A countdown to an announcement or product drop builds hype. Instagram countdown stickers can be used to remind viewers when the countdown is finished, so they are aware of when it’s over and when to shop, check in again, etc.

Chicago brand Lost Girls held a countdown for their holiday dress shop – especially appealing to a company with limited stock and requiring you to buy quickly.


Customer testimonials or spotlight

Social proof can make indecisive leads convert. This is a fact, not necessarily life, but how it works in the real world. Humans are social creatures and will only purchase from trusted sources.

If you are stuck in a rut, you can share customer testimonials to your IG Stories to help fill in the content gaps. You can share screenshots of customer reviews, customer quotes, or video testimonials.


Stickers to highlight your content

Stickers can refer to various things on Instagram, including interactive polls, question boxes, quizzes, and trending holiday stickers.

We’re referring to cute graphic stickers like the one found in Sprout’s Story. These stickers can be used to create intrigue and emphasis.


There’s something to be joking about

The days of perfectly curated Instagram accounts are gone. People today want to connect with creators. Because reliability and vulnerability go hand in hand, AND Instagram Stories lend themselves well to intimate, personal content, it is safe to assume that you already know what I am referring to.

Instagram Stories can make your audience laugh — you can share an embarrassing story, a struggle, or a photo of your pet. You can tell your IG followers about when you forgot to take off your sweater at work and then realized it later. You can either ignore it or post cute photos of your cat. You could also post 2 cat photos. Do you know what? You can post all your cat pictures while you’re at the same time.


Take a poll

It’s an excellent way for your followers to participate in a poll. You can use Instagram’s built-in poll sticker to ask them to vote. You can link to a product in your poll if it refers to it.

Thank you for following

You’re only shouting into the void without your followers (which does have its place but is not what we are trying to do from a social media marketing perspective). You can show your appreciation by sharing your story.


Announces an Event

Use Instagram story to announce a virtual or in-person event. Stories are at the top of Instagram’s feed, so users will be likelier to see them. This can increase attendance and interest. You can also include registration information if you use the swipe-up function.

This is a great Instagram story idea to use with the countdown clock. Choose the countdown timer and set the name. Then specify the time and end date. Followers can view the clock and tap the countdown to receive updates/notifications when the event occurs.



Your audience can be valuable to a digital world that values authenticity. This is a great way to bring your audience into your daily life and humanize your brand. Present your team – People like to see the faces behind brands. 76% of social media users are engaged and believe it is essential that companies post about their employees. An employee spotlight Story series allows you to share and celebrate your company’s culture. These could include quotes, casual video series Q&As, or employee tips.


Share your outfit of today.

This type of content is especially useful for fashion brands, influencers, sports teams (think fans in the most recent gear), or universities featuring students proudly representing their schools.

This is a great way to get into user-generated content. Followers and fans can tag you in Stories and posts to share your outfit of the day (or #ootd). If your product is featured in the content, please include a link or shopping sticker.


Share your product photo and a link.

Text, stickers, and emojis all have their place. But something must be said about a simple, high-quality, clear photo. Consider sharing a photo of yourself with your product or a lifestyle shot. You are a model of efficiency.


Updates from your company in your IG story.

Not only are company updates valuable for internal stakeholders, but they can also benefit your audience. You might be opening a new store or hiring a DI&B director. These are fascinating facts that your online community would love to know.

As your company grows and changes, keeping your audience informed will help strengthen your relationship.


Promote new posts.

Instagram’s constantly changing algorithm means that brands can no longer be certain their posts reach their intended audience. You can drive traffic to your post by sharing it and using “New Post” Instagram story stickers.

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