Top 7 Candy store UI design inspirations

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  1. Sweet Tooth Candy Co.

The Sweet Tooth Candy Co. website exudes the energy of a candy store due to its lively design that features bright colors, bold typography, and fun graphics. Its inviting atmosphere encourages users to explore the website easily, creating an unforgettable experience along the way.


  1. Sugarfina

Sugarfina’s website design is a sophisticated blend of pastel hues and clean lines. The visuals on the site are lush and of high resolution, giving it an elegant feel that caters to both adults and children alike. From its styling to its presentation, Sugarfina’s website is a testament to how good candy store UI design can be.


  1. Dylan’s Candy Bar

Dylan’s Candy Bar is winning over customers with its vibrant and lively website. Bright colors, engaging graphics, and fun typography all work together to create an inviting atmosphere that tempts you to explore their wide selection of candy. Join the fun and check out Dylan’s Candy Bar now!


  1. Lolli & Pops

Lolli & Pops has a visually appealing website that radiates sophistication and quality. The clear interface, easy-to-read typography, and gorgeous images work together to create an environment that adult customers and children alike can enjoy. Attentive design elements make this website stand out from the rest.



IT’SUGAR’s website web design adds extra excitement to its candy selection. Bright colors, vibrant typography, and whimsical graphics create a captivating atmosphere inviting visitors to explore more. The UI design perfectly encapsulates the brand’s playful spirit, allowing customers to have fun while shopping online.


  1. M&M’s

M&M’s is one of the most recognizable candy brands in the world, and it’s good to know that this is represented by its website’s design. A professional yet playful tone is created through high-quality images, simple typography, and a clean layout with the iconic red-and-yellow color scheme. This design palette appeals to all ages and makes it an enjoyable site for everyone.


  1. Haribo

Haribo is renowned for offering an exceptional gummy bear experience, and the user interface of its website lives up to this standard. Bold colors, attractive graphics, and engaging typography create a lively environment that encourages the exploration of their full range of flavors. With the fun design of its website, Haribo makes its delightful products even more enjoyable!

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