Top 9 ART gallery UI design inspirations

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Arts can reduce anxiety and depression. It is also a great way of increasing critical thinking and memory. It also stimulates creativity and visual imagination. Art galleries can optimize their websites as marketing tools and increase their sales by balancing the work they sell and the design format. These are the best ART gallery UI design ideas.

ART gallery UI design inspirations

Landing Folio

Landingfolio offers the best landing pages inspiration, templates, resources, and examples online. Are you looking for inspiration for landing pages? We’ve got you covered. Landingfolio showcases the best landing pages templates, components, and other web-based resources. To ensure the best quality, we have curated real examples of landing pages.


Ayomide can create a website for an art gallery in lightning fast time. This design is ready for use right out of the box. You have full control to modify and adjust it to meet your requirements and regulations.

Ayomide can help you showcase your work and promote events, sell tickets and collect email addresses for newsletters. You can also add a blog to your site and an online store.


An artist can be inspired by art galleries. A website can play a vital role in the success and growth of an artist. Maxim Shkret is one of the best contemporary art galleries websites. He is a freelance digital artist and has over 10 years experience as a designer/graphic designer. His gallery is awe inspiring and he created it to help spread awareness about his art.

This website is impressive thanks to its professional, modern and elegant design. This website is even more impressive because it incorporates the GSAP animation. The homepage is clean and simple. The homepage allows the viewer to view the artwork, review the details and access the menu.

Luhring Augustine

Although Luhring Augustine’s website appears to be based on a simple gallery approach, they show how to create a website that is full of beauty. Their website is brimming with images. There are many of them in every section. This creates visual interest and makes it easy to navigate. When you hover your mouse over the artist’s name, a larger image than a thumbnail will appear on the right-hand side of the screen. You can also find pages dedicated to images from past or future exhibitions by searching for current exhibitions. A photo is required for every news item. The grey background of the web page becomes a canvas on which images are projected.

RZ Collection

An art gallery is a great way to increase your credibility as an artist. An art gallery website can also help artists get more exposure. RZ Collection is a creative website that you can use to help you plan your next project. It exhibits private contemporary art that can be purchased by the public. It has a stunning website design that displays contemporary art in a spectacular way and can be enhanced by the GSAP animation. It offers a variety of website navigation options, including a split-screen layout. The transition effect adds sophistication to this design.

A Gentil Carioca

The Brazilian gallery A Gentil Carioca is one of the most imaginative gallery websites. Although it is not the most efficient website, the animated moving graphics and cartoon-like images are a testament to the art being sold. The gallery’s theme is a pool. Instead of having stairs leading to the second level, there is a ladder. This theme is carried throughout the website. It shows an animated figure walking through a doorway before jumping into the water. Although the music accompaniment is a little excessive, the purpose of this website was to demonstrate that art gallery websites do not always need to be serious and that it’s important to communicate your gallery’s unique and personal tone through the website.

Von Bartha

The Von Bartha website exudes sophistication. They show that simplicity does not have to be boring. The homepage is a combination of sky blue, white and black. It opens with three squares that show photos of the galleries’ locations. Each square is titled with the current exhibitions. The upper-right corner of every subsequently linked page features a bold Von Bartha logo. The web page background color varies depending on which section it is. The artists’ section is a visually striking choice, with each name highlighted in a block of the same eye-catching color.

Art4Global Objectives

Private artist artworks are sometimes displayed on some art gallery websites. Art4Global Goals is one such creative gallery that features Leon Lowentraut. It was created to promote the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development at the United Nations. Art4Global Goals has a full-screen homepage that is similar to other websites in the collection. It also uses a neat and clean layout. It features a simple menu with a great headline, social media links and animated GSAP. The 17 global issues can be scrolled using a smooth slider. There are many web elements on the project, campaign and partner pages that convey the message, such as images, headlines, CTAs and CTAs. They are presented in an asymmetrical layout.

Victoria Miro

Victoria Miro chooses to show the gallery’s outside rather than its interior. This image alternates with one from the current exhibition. Art galleries are a great way to express yourself and increase creativity. This is why there are so many art galleries online and in person. You don’t need to look far if you are looking for art gallery websites that will inspire you. This collection will help you add the best features to your existing website.


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