Top 9 Presentation Design agencies in the world

Top 9 Presentation Design agencies in the world
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Don’t settle for the same old PowerPoint if you need to create a presentation! Explore other options that can help make your project shine. Today we’ll discuss how to alternate the best presentation design agency and software packages that can provide an innovative approach to creating captivating presentations without relying on traditional software and make an exceptional experience with presentation design services.

To have a good presentation, many things can be done, and there are not many tools that can be used to help in presenting in the best way; that is why in this blog, we have some of the best websites for making PowerPoint or anything related to it. We have collected it for you.

What is a presentation website?

Presentation websites are a great way to share important information engagingly and creatively. With slideshows, you can summarize data with charts, images, videos, and text – displayed clearly on either a projector or big screen for maximum effect. While printing out might seem logical for those looking to save their work onto physical paper, there’s no beating presenting your slideshow as intended – on-screen!

presentation design agency

What makes excellent Presentation software?

Craft an unforgettable presentation with the right app! From making a big impression in business meetings to captivating your audience during school lectures and religious sermons, finding an affordable yet powerful solution that caters to various needs requires careful consideration. Look for options featuring helpful collaboration tools, varied templates, and flexibility – perfect ingredients for creating presentations genuinely worthy of any room you find yourself presenting in.

Visualization in presentations

Presentations without visuals can be dull and leave your audience in a fog of confusion. On the flip side, adding imagery to your presence brings life and clarity to your message! Ensure you have plenty of visuals on hand so that viewers can remember what they’re learning long after the event ends.

Best presentation design agency list

There are many companies and agencies that you can choose from depending on your needs, here we prepared a list of the best presentation design agencies for you:


1- Graphi Tales

Graphi Tales Logo

For powerful, impactful presentations, unlike any other, Graphi Tales is the way to go! This Jaipur-based agency ( in India) goes above and beyond with multimedia presentation design that packs a punch. From infographics and animated videos to social media graphics – there’s something for every business needs. Unleash your brand’s potential with over four times its current narrative power – guaranteed by this fantastic presentation design company! you can book Graphi Tales from here.

Graphi Tales office located in india

Contact with Graphi Tales:


Graphi tales provides these services to its clients:

  • Corporate Profile Presentation
  • Investor Pitch Deck Presentation
  • Catalogue Presentation
  • Sales and Marketing Presentation
  • Company Meeting Presentation

Finally, if you want to know Graphi Tales pricing and plans, you must contact them.


2- 24Slides

24slide logo

24Slides is a socially responsible, B-corp presentation design company with an impressively global reach. 24slide experienced team of 5 countries containing talented in-house designers in Denmark, Peru, America, Ukraine and Indonesia is to help transform your presentations – whether “fixing them up,” doing a complete makeover, or taking ideas and sketches from the drawing board into editable slides! Plus, you’ll have completed designs within 24 hours at excellent prices starting at $11 per slide.


24Slide on the map

24slide offices location

Contact with 24Slide:

you can see his plans in this picture

24slide pricing

3- BrightCarbon

brightcarbon logo

Bright Carbon is one of the presentation design agencies that provide the perfect presentation experience – a compelling blend of art and science to help you craft a story that will ensure maximum impact and leave a lasting impression. Working with communication specialists, graphic designers & digital experts, your ideas come alive in 4 weeks or less – starting from just $4250 for ten slides!

Contact with Bright Carbon:

  • Website:
  • Phone Manchester: +44 161 883 0225,
  • Address Manchester: Digital World Centre, 1 Lowry Plaza, The Quays, MediaCity, Manchester M50 3UB. UK.
  • Phone Bristol: +44 117 214 1225
  • Address Bristol: 68 Old Market Street, Bristol, BS2 0EJ. UK.
  • Phone London: +44 20 3637 9925
  • Address Landon: 18 Soho Square, Soho, London W1D 3QL. UK.
  • Phone USA: +1 866 789 2482
  • Address Boston: Suite 400, 1 Mifflin Place, Cambridge, MA 02138. USA.
  • Email:


Brightcarbon Presentation services
are contained in these groups (eLearning, training, animations, and graphic design).

List Brightcarbon services are:

  • Presentation Creation
  • Slide Revamp
  • Presentation Helpdesk
  • eLearning Creation
  • eLearning Revamp
  • Interactive Handbook
  • PowerPoint Toolkits
  • Infographics
  • Interactive PDFs
  • Advanced PowerPoint Training
  • Presentation Skills Training
  • Persuasive Storytelling Training
  • Google Slides Training
  • Dynamic Animation
  • PowerPoint automation


Brightcarbon Presentation Creation Pricing:


4- Slides Wizard

slides wizard logo

Slides Wizard is the go-to agency for executives and consultants looking to bring their innovative business ideas to life. With exciting template designs, clever data visualizations, quick turnaround times (24–48 hours!), and affordable pricing starting at $18 per slide – Slides Wizard has everything you need to make your presentation pop!


Slides wizard on the google map

Contact information:

  • website:
  • Phone USA: +18774454310
  • Address: 550 Reserve St Ste 190, Southlake, TX 76092, United States

Slides wizard Services list:

  1. Business Presentations
  2. Visual Enhancements
  3. Template Creation
  4. Data Visualizations
  5. Handwritten Conversations
  6. Quick Scrub/Cleanup
  7. Brochure Development
  8. 3D Imagery and Animations

About Planes, I found these plans But without pricing.

Slides wizard plans without price :)


5- Buffalo7

Buffalo7 is the perfect match for start-ups in need of presentation outsourcing services. Their team of storytellers will craft you a pitch deck that leaves an unforgettable impression on your audience, whether it be potential investors or critical stakeholders! With projects tailored to meet individual needs and budget constraints, Buffalo7 hits all the marks – with ten slides estimated at $5000 – so your big ideas don’t have to stay hidden away any longer!

6- Slidebean

Slidebean, the AI-powered presentation builder from New York City, is your one-stop for all things presentations. Not only can they create a brand-new look for existing slides, but their venture funding gives them savvy insight into designing winning pitch decks in just four business days – starting at $29 per slide!

7- SlideRabbit

Since 2012, SlideRabbit become a professional presentation design agency from all walks of life the opportunity to communicate their ideas visually. Through presentation design and creative workshops, they provide a service tailored to different individuals to know how best to tell their stories with visuals that grab attention. Get an estimate on pricing today!

8- Puffingston

Puffingston is a renowned Texas-based presentation design agency passionate about turning ideas into captivating visuals. For sales events, conferences, and training sessions, they provide professional presentations to wow any audience in no time! You can expect to pay around $5000 for ten slides of eye-catching creativity – allow them to turn your project’s potential into reality!

9- Temis

Temis Design Agency is an experienced design agency that can help bring your ideas to life! With over five years in the field and a track record of over 400 projects, Temis is one of the best presentation design agencies among all of others that offers three different options for presentation designs. All packages are based on slide count – $20 per slide (for less than ten slides), $17 per slide (between 10-20 drops), or just $15 per slide when you need 20+ designed. Your drafts will typically be ready within 1-2 days, with further work completed depending on deadlines and the quantity required. Temis’ first draft can provide an excellent foundation for your presentation, featuring 3-5 slides that vary to create an exciting and unique look. Through this initial version, you’ll get the opportunity to explore different design options before deciding on what works best!

What are the benefits of partnering with presentation design agencies?

 There are many benefits for partnering with presentation design agencies. Here top benefits of partnering with presentation design agencies:

A big source of inspiration

This is the fundamental issue of how brands will be presented externally or published for customers. A brand with a simple concept will not be competitive in the market. In such cases, hiring a presentation design company is the best option. They can help you create new perspectives, opinions, and styles.

Keep you up to date with design trends

Each brand can grow. We all know the problem with a brand that looks outdated years later. 

Presentation design services must be relevant. They must be able to change the design elements without becoming outdated. They will keep your brand’s brands relevant by being able to adapt, grow and change with the times.

They foster creativity through collaboration

Presentation design services can be a multi-faceted service that brings together many roles. This team includes a graphic designer, a marketing strategist, a branding expert, a copywriter, a website developer, and social media specialists. All of these experts will help you create amazing content. They will help you to find the right solution by collaborating with others.

They add consistency to your brand

It is essential to be consistent in establishing a benchmark for your business. This allows you to create seamless projects for customers with minimal fuss.

According to funnel magnified, around a third of USA B2B marketing and sales professionals stated that it is difficult to maintain brand identity.

Turning complicated concepts into simple ones

Simplicity is one of the design principles. This principle can make a difference between a good and a bad design.

Inside Design states that simplicity can be a strategy with great returns. Streamlining your life, processes, and designs will make it more efficient and cost-effective. This will help you get to your goal faster. Yet, simple design may not appeal to newbies, even though it feels elegant, premium, or luxurious.

They can create a client-centric design

Some companies use a presentation design service to create slides every day. They are familiar with the requirements and looks of slides. In terms of content elements, healthcare customers will be very different than those in the education sector. The presentation design services will get to know the clients and create material accordingly. The result is that the clients feel that presentation is more than a simple task.

They tell you the feeling of your content

Too much detail is a common mistake in slides. Professional presentation designers can help you avoid these mistakes and ensure that the text is perfectly aligned. Presenters can explain their material sparingly. Use gestures to increase emotion and engage the audience.


It would be best if you did not believe everything that is written but what is being said. This is especially true for corporate presentation companies. A great design company will adhere to strict confidentiality. A good design company will not allow freelancers to send their work to clients as samples. Instead, they will have security policies in place and NDA documents. They won’t reveal your identity or documents to any other customers. They will be open about whether they comply with customer policies, such as the non-compete clause or other security measures.

Human interaction development

Agency success is dependent on the clients. They care deeply about keeping clients happy. An agency can warmly welcome clients and build trust.

They have a few goals to help keep their leads. A good agency cares about the interaction between people. Moreover, this includes speech, gestures, and language. The same goes for presentation design services. They have a great relationship with large brands.

They offer perspective on the client’s interests

Good service does not just mean providing the service. Presentation design services allow companies to tap into their potential and create a connection. It is possible to spark innovation by understanding the client’s interests.

What do you need to consider when choosing a Presentation design agency?

In a presentation, many different factors affect our success or failure, there are many reasons, such as our stress, our text, and the way we express ourselves, but with all of this, one of the most important issues that can make your essay successful is its design, that’s why our recommendation is always this. For important presentations, ask a design and design agency to help you in making the presentation. In this way, your stress will be reduced and all your focus will be on how you present yourself.

Having a well-defined production process

When you are looking to choose a good agency for your writing, you should know that Omen Agency should have a very transparent process.

I don’t want to focus too much on the fact that if he doesn’t have it, it won’t hurt and it’s better not to do anything, but I’m trying to say that it’s better if he has it, or ask them to tell you the exact number of days that will be spent and what it will be spent on. Explain clearly, I know if you haven’t done this before, it might be strange for you, but once you do it, you will realize that half of your stress will be on the first step because you know exactly what steps they go through and you know exactly where your work is. A well-defined process should include a clear and easy-to-follow workflow from start to finish, as well as a timeline that outlines the deliverables (eg, content document, design, wireframe, etc.). You can expect along the way what the client and the agency need to run the project smoothly.


Experience is the second main item of every agency and team, and for me, it has always been the main factor that helped me start working with different companies. expertise emblem and communicating its voice to a particular target audience—whether or not through snapshots or the written format—is a critical skill set that takes time to master. The top organizations can assist in any way that best achieves the given desires and targets. 

Having other relevant clients

Finding people with similar experiences is one of the best ways to find out exactly how the agency you plan to work with works. First of all, unless under special circumstances, that agency must introduce its previous clients to you, if you want, or in the section of clients and their portfolios, you can find them and cooperate with them. This is from the first point and the second point. The point is that when you talk to real customers, you have to ask them a series of questions

Have prior experience creating presentations for your particular use case

When people are working on the same work that they are doing before, it helps them to complete the work faster and more accurately, it reduces the number of edits that are needed, and it helps a lot with your time and money, especially if your contract is with a presentation design firm. It is on an hourly basis, in addition to that, you will also receive excellent and good advice from them, which will help you a lot so that you can give the best possible presentation.

Are they cost-effective?

Of course, I know that prices have a great impact on our choices, and it is very important that the company we want to work with offers a price and how they work.

I would like you not to cooperate with different agencies only based on low prices, but ask yourself if the money I spend is equal to the value of the work. How good is their work and can you trust them or not? These are questions that you should ask yourself before starting anything and then start working with their competitors by checking their prices


It is imperative that you can communicate well with the software or website that you plan to work with. For this reason, I suggest that you check the others carefully before starting to work on any of these websites.

Another critical point is that you should learn how to start working with that website because if you have written down how to work with that website, you can prepare a better presentation and never forget that PowerPoint and a good indication are connected.

Finally, if you have any questions about this, we at Temis Marketing are here to answer your questions, and if you need a professional group to help you, contact us.


What do PowerPoint designers charge per hour?

Each person has different abilities and experiences. A freelancer will usually charge by the hour, while an agency charges per project. Professional PowerPoint designs range in price from $5 for each slide to an astounding $5,000 for the entire deck.

What is the rate per hour for presentation design services?

What is the average hourly pay for a Presentation Designer? The average hourly wage for a Presentation designer in the United States will be $39,23 per hour as of July 15, 2023.

How much does it cost to prepare a presentation for an audience?

You want to prepare for every hour that you spend presenting. The preparation of your presentation involves your strategy, brainstorming, outline, walkthrough, visual aids, practice, dress rehearsal, and even the debriefing afterward. My 10x suggestion is more realistic when you break it down into steps.


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