Top 9 Sketch alternatives

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Businesses that are looking for alternatives to Sketch may want to consider factors such as user interface and user experience. We’ve compiled a list of top Sketch competitors and alternatives. This includes Adobe Illustrator, Lucidchart, Visio, and CorelDRAW. Reviewers rank these programs highly in terms of comparisons with Sketch across the Design, Computer Software, and Information Technology & Services industries. Check out this list to help you find the best product for your business needs.

1- Visio

Microsoft Visio provides a user-friendly experience when it comes to diagramming. It has an extensive selection of built-in shapes, objects, and stencils that can be used right away or customized for your needs. Additionally, you can save custom shapes for more intricate diagrams. At FlowMapp, we understand the importance of offering a simple yet powerful diagramming solution to our users – a goal that Visio also shares.


2- Moqups

Moqups is a web-based application designed to help designers create beautiful wireframes, mockups, and prototypes for their projects. It features SVG images of great quality, as well as many other features similar to Marvel—such as prototyping tools, wireframing abilities, and software design services. With Moqups, your designs will look sharp every time.

Digital design requires making use of wireframing processes, mockup-building tools, and prototype designs. This will help assess user experiences before a product launch to determine the best visual effects. Implementing these procedures comes with many advantages that will ultimately benefit your product’s public release.


3- Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator has been an indispensable tool for vector graphics design since its introduction in 1987. Its continuing development and wide acceptance across the industry have made it a go-to choice for personal and professional projects alike. This program provides powerful tools and features for creating vector-based artwork, typography, logos, icons, and much more. Adobe Illustrator is part of Creative Cloud’s comprehensive suite, offering broad capabilities to fulfill any project requirement.


4- OmniGraffle

OmniGraffle is a comprehensive platform for crafting professional diagrams and illustrations, such as website wireframes, organization charts, electrical system designs, program flowcharts, and others. It is designed to accommodate both novice and experienced users by providing an accessible yet powerful toolset to create attractive visuals. OmniGraffle also features many of the same features found in text editors – tables, fonts, and more – meaning you can assemble documents just as easily as any other type of project. With this highly versatile program, anyone can design crisp diagrams swiftly with total precision.


5- CorelDraw

CorelDraw Graphics Suite is a leading design application that helps business professionals make quick work of their daily tasks. This software contains powerful tools to create two-dimensional images, including logos, posters, and illustrations with high-end professional results. Upon installation, CorelDraw provides users with comprehensive design tools to construct shapes and lines of any complexity. This software comes with many benefits and capabilities necessary for large businesses and creatives alike.


6-, Seibert Media’s online diagramming tool, makes visual design a breeze. Leverage its Automatic Layout and Customized Layout features to create professional diagrams and charts with simple drag-and-drop commands. Plus, you don’t have to purchase any additional software such as Adobe Visio—everything can be done within! Enjoy easy access to hundreds of pre-built shapes and elements with this all-in-one solution for your visual needs.


7- Lucidchart

Lucidchart is the perfect resource to help you understand your business’ workings. It has some unique advantages over its Microsoft Visio® competition, such as innovation, ease of use, multi-device compatibility, and budget friendliness. With this powerful tool, you can quickly share thoughts, data, and processes—allowing your organization to stay on the cutting edge. Unlock Lucid chart’s full potential to take your company forward into the future.

8- Inkscape

Inkscape is a powerful, open-source vector graphics application with an array of features allowing users to create high-quality, scalable 2D graphic images. This useful tool can be used to produce illustrations, line art, charts and diagrams, logos, and complex web graphics. Inkscape provides exceptional editing capabilities that make it easy for users to achieve impressive visuals.

9- Miro

For businesses looking to unlock creativity and expedite innovation, Miro is the perfect interactive solution. Equipped with an infinite canvas, you can use Miro to hold design meetings, brainstorm ideas, collaborate on projects, and more. From Fortune 100 companies to small startups across the globe, Miro has served over 50 million people all around the world since its founding in 2011. With over 1,500 employees present in 12 international hubs and growing each day, discover how Miro can revolutionize your business at

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