Who Is UI/UX Consultant & Why You Should Have One In Your Team?

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Although the title “UI UX consultant” has gained popularity, what does it entail? The term “consultant” is often associated with someone who gives advice but doesn’t do any work. In our article, we’ll be able to give you a good introduction to UI/UX consultant, why you need to hire one of them, and why you need to hire a UX design consultant for a better UI/UX design services experience.


Who Is a UI/UX Consultant?

UI/UX consultants, highly skilled professionals, help create an intuitive user interface that meets users’ needs. Designers, developers, and other professionals may be involved in creating a user interface that is visually appealing and efficient.

UI/UX consulting helps organizations provide better user experiences to their employees and customers. This is done by understanding users’ needs and designing designs that fit those needs. UI/UX consultants are often beneficial, but they can be costly. Before you hire a consultant, make sure you know the costs involved.

They can also assist users in learning how to use the interface and find the required information. They assist users in finding and using the essential features.


What Are the Main Duties of a UI/UX Consultant?

Answering “What does a UI/UX consultant do?” is easy. Their primary focus is on UX design’s business aspects. Consultants understand how UX design affects a product’s success, builds a customer base, and ultimately impacts the product’s market success. Consultants offer guidance and insight in designing, implementing, and improving UX designs. Businesses often hire UX consultants to help them improve their product design is some criteria such as:

  • Researchers UX design and product market research
  • Provides customer insights for better designs
  • Recommends improvements or changes to the current UX design
  • Assists in managing the UX budget to achieve financial goals
  • UX consultants educate and engage key staff members.
  • To market the product, create a content strategy
  • Provides direct testing for user interfaces

What Are Common Misconceptions about UI/UX Consultants?

  1. consultants shouldn’t or won’t operate independently of UX data. They aren’t paid to express gut feelings or opinions not tied to sound UX methodology.
  2. UX consultants are not intellectually superior to UX designers. Although consultants have different responsibilities than designers, they are not professionally qualified.
  3. do not need a jerk license. They are hired to assist, not mock, belittle, or steamroll others’ ideas.
  4. work in collaboration. They investigate product issues and make big decisions.
  5. don’t just “idea-people.” Instead, they summarize their findings and make recommendations in reports. In many cases, they manage the design and redesign of digital products.

What Are the UI/UX Consultant Skills?

UX consultants can bring a variety of skills to the job, including:


Business management is one of a UX consultant’s most essential skills. It can be challenging to run a business. This requires specific knowledge and experience in time management, leadership, and financial management. UX consultants often have leadership experience and know-how of business work. Consultants often have project management experience, allowing them to offer insights that will help improve the efficiency of teams and projects and increase revenue while reducing costs.



UX consultants are often involved in direct client contact and with large development teams. This requires many interpersonal skills, such as writing, oral communication, collaboration, and listening skills. Consultants can listen to their clients and communicate clearly and effectively what they know about the project. They can also collaborate with people with different backgrounds and experiences.


UX consultants often have experience in marketing aspects of design projects. They know how to communicate the product’s key features to the right audience and how digital content can help increase sales, foot traffic, and brand awareness. Some marketing skills include customer knowledge, digital content management, SEO experience, and storytelling and writing skills.

UX design

UX consultants often start their careers as UX designers. They learn to create a user-friendly experience by using good design. They are taught about the design and development process, the interaction between UX and UI, and how to market products. They learn essential skills such as collaboration, teamwork, and coding. UX design is a complex subject that can take years to master. Many UX consultants have at least five years of experience before they start a UX consulting career.

Why Do You Need to Hire a UI/UX Consultant?

An expert guide in creating a digital platform or product is highly beneficial.

The modern standard for design and development is to build a website, an app, or any other digital product or service based on data that has been proven. UX is the foundation of a simple, successful device and provides the user experience needed to achieve your desired conversions.

A UI/UX design consultant can provide you with the tools and skills needed to launch a new venture efficiently and to do so in a way that has been proven to work. The research expertise and delivery skills of a UI/UX consultant will help stakeholders save time and money over the long term when redesigning an underperforming platform.

Here are some reasons why you need a UI UX consultant:

The business and the product

UX Consultants take a step back to focus on the entire ecosystem of the organization and the user journey. UX Consultants also add business analysis and design. UX Designers solve UX problems to design products or services, while UX Consultants solve UX challenges to solve business problems.

UX issues as symptoms of deeper business problems

UX problems are often a sign of deeper business problems. UX problems are often a sign of deeper business problems. It is possible to address the underlying business issues by working on UX problems. UX Consultants use UX Design to find business problems and provide valuable insights that can be used to solve business problems.

Zooming Out

UX Consultants do many of the same things as UX Designers, including UX Research, prototyping and user journey mapping, research into an existing system, user research, measurement, and improvement of UX. These are the things a UX Designer does to create engaging and delightful products or services. UX Consultants usually do these things at a different zoom level. UX Consultants can use their solutions to bring about the desired organizational change.

Business transformation

Organizations face many challenges, including user-centeredness, agility, and leveraging digital tech. Also, UX Consulting can help with all of these issues. UX Consultants can be a great help to organizations in overcoming their transformation challenges. They focus on the connections and use concrete UX designs to make them more efficient.

UX Teams

UX Consultancy is a different type of UX Design. UX Consultants focus more on the business and the larger picture of the entire business ecosystem. They can collaborate on larger projects to get the best results. The UX Designer is more practical and strategic, while the UX Consultant is more strategic. UX Consultants will often do extensive research but are not as skilled in this field as UX Researchers. If projects grow, it is worth collaborating with a UX Researcher.

UX is a type of research

UX research is an essential link between UX design and the business side. Moreover, UX Consultants employ surveys, interviews, and prototyping to uncover unmet business needs and explore unexplored possibilities. UX Consultants provide deep, validated, and engaging insights to help businesses reach their full potential.


UI and UX Design Consulting conducts research on customers, test websites, develops and test prototypes, and trains clients in best practices for user experience. Being a UX consultant doesn’t mean you are moving into something better. It is simply a new challenge. If you have the right mindset and skillset, transitioning from UX designer to consultant can be a rewarding experience.


What is the difference between UX Designer and UX Consultant?

UX consultants are UX designers with business-oriented roles. They are more involved in strategy and product management than they are with UX tasks.

What do UX consultants do?

The UX consultant assists the development team in creating a content marketing strategy based on customer preference. The consultant has experience in both business and design and knows what customers want and how to reach out to them.

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