UI UX Project top Ideas for Beginners

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As a UI/UX designer, your portfolio and resume is the essential thing that you have to share with others, so you should always be searching for ways to make a great portfolio. A well-researched, focused portfolio can help you can show others that you are unique in your possession. I guise you came to this blog post cause you are a beginner and you are learning UI/UX, so now you may be a bit confused about how to do a project and how you can make a good portfolio or what to do and what not to do in your portfolio. Fortunately, we have shared lots of blogs you can read and use the tips we gave you to have a better portfolio.

But you should know that some projects are better for you to have in your portfolio, so in this blog post, we will cover those projects that you should have them. Also, if you need more help, you can call us and use our free consult. My colleagues are here to help you in the best way that they can.


  1. Blog or Digital Publication

 I am a content writer, and I used some of my best ways of writing about different things. I know that each day that we pass, companies and agencies are growing their marketing and content team. As you know, content is one of the most important parts of marketing, so we people use it, and it is very important for companies to have a good blog page.

So one of my biggest recommendations for you is to have a blog page on your portfolio cause companies are putting more money into it.

What do you need to design?

For this project, you will need to design a category page, homepage, and article page as inspiration. You can check temis blog pages that will help you. Or you can check our other samples in dribble or on our own website.


  1. E-commerce Website

This is more about who tends to work in companies that their most important

The focus is on selling, and as you know, they have totally different UI/UX.


What do you need? Here you need to choose a client for yourself from an industry that you like. Also, you should know that there is no need to be real. Your client can be real or not, so after that, you need to design the product search, product detail, and checkout pages. 


  1. Mobile App Design

I use most of my time using my phone; I play game with it, work, and also I communicate with my phone, so one of the most popular UI/UX specialties are mobile app design. We must use our phones, and many people do the same. Actually, people spend hours on their phone pairs a day so being Abe to design a mobile app is the thing that you will always need it. The other thing that I should notice here is that cause many people use it always, there is work for you if you are good at it. 

For doing this thing about the project or solving any problem that you may face in a day and you prefer to have or solve them with your mobile, also they need to be as simple much as you can, simple and good solver of our problems.


What do you need? To do it, you just need to design personas and use cases such as sketches, airframes, and final prototypes.


  1. Desktop Background Image


One of my favorites in this list is designing a background image because I use it a lot, and I see many people use and like it and also buy a lot, so there is one of those jobs that you should have in your portfolio, and you can find good jobs with them after a while very easy. 

To do that, you need a specific user in your mind. You can have a user in real life, or it can be just in your mind.

What do you need to design?

You only need to design a background for your user. Plus that you can describe yours through the process, reasoning, and how your design meets your user needs (this one is the most important thing we should have).


  1. Web App Design

 The web app is a digital product that users will engage with them via their computers, such as Facebook, Gmail, or even troll. This one is one of those that you really need a problem with. There should be a problem, and then you need to solve that problem, and that problem should be in that industry that you have a target.

What do you need to design?

Here you need to design the signup flow, in-app screens, and dashboard for the app, and you should know that one of the most important parts of one is how you present it.



As a designer, you should have a good portfolio, and I recommend you try many things and do a different types of projects. Also, in your portfolio, instead of showing up all of your work, highlight your best work to have a great effect on your audience. Plus that my francs and colleagues in temis marketing are here to help you design, so, you can call us and use our free consul. 

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