Why do UI UX designers get paid so much – Is that true?

how much do ux designers make
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You may hear about the high UI/UX designer salary, and you may wonder how it happened and if it is true that they get paid much more than other jobs. There is no doubt that UI/UX design and designers are hyped nowadays, and everywhere you go, you may hear something related about it. There are many parameters that have an effect on a UI UX designer salary, and we are going to investigate them in our blog post.

UI/UX design is a unique and highly specialized field that is updated and proliferated. So, if UX designer payment is something extraordinary and abnormal, There are many factors you need to consider about how much do UX designers make. It’s been said that because of the popularity of mobile phones, tablets, and online platforms, the demand for UI/UX design is rising rapidly; in that case, to make attractive and user-friendly UI&UX design services, it’s necessary to hire a UI/UX designer.

A common question for people who are searching in the UI/UX design field is how much do ux ui designers make. We are going to examine the claims and real reasons for the high UI/UX design salary and other related jobs you may have questioned about.

how much do ux ui designers make

Why do UI UX designers get paid so much?

Do they? The short answer is that professional UI UX designer’s salary is high, and it’s a true claim. The UI UX design field is a crucial aspect of today’s businesses and companies. We should mention that UI UX design is a competitive field, and experience and creativity speak first. Some of the notable main reasons of high UI/UX designer salary are:

  • Experience of the designer
  • Location
  • The demand of the field
  • Education
  • Creativity and knowledge
  • Company size

According to the records, the number of jobs within the UX design field will increase by 20% in the next ten years. As we mentioned in the opening, UI UX design is a highly specialized field, which makes it a short supply of qualified candidates. This job requires a high level of expertise that makes it so precious and valuable among other modern job fields.

The demands of designing the right user interface and creating a user-friendly experience are growing because of the rising number of applications for mobile phones and online platforms and it is the difference in demand that determines who gets paid more UX or UI.

Our research showed that most companies prefer to hire a specialist with the combined skills of UI and UX design, which brings the all-in-one knowledge to solve upcoming issues in designing user interfaces or user experience. If you are a UI UX designer, you need to have solid experience and background in graphic design and user behavior to find the key to success in becoming a high-paid UI UX designer.

Moreover, you can get a degree in the related field of UI UX design, communicate, network with other designers and experienced professionals in the UI UX design field, and keep yourself updated with the latest trends and techs in UI/UX.

ui ux designer salary

How much do UI UX designers get paid based on their experience?

Based on the data we gathered from Salary.com, which is one of the most known and trustworthy online sources, the average UI UX designer salary in the United States depends on their knowledge and previous experiences. Here is the extracted data:

Position and Average Salary

  • UI/UX Design Intern $80,872
  • Junior UI/UX Designer $93,250
  • Mid-Level UX/UX Designer $108,000
  • Senior UI/UX Designer $125,810

Salary.com claims that the mid-range UX designer payment is almost 54,500 per year. that is why UX designers make so much more than others, and as you can see, by progressing in this job, you can desire much more payment yearly.

ux designer pay

Average UI & UX Designer Salaries based on the location

Some companies treat their remote staff equally like their own office workers, regardless of where they are based. Nevertheless, others take a cost-of-living allowance approach. To give you an idea, here’s what UI/UX designer salary in different countries:

  • USA

There is a growing demand for UI UX design agencies in USA. This trend has resulted in increased job opportunities for UI-UX specialists. The candidates have a lot of chances, and the candidates have a wide choice of where they could employ their abilities. The average payment in the USA can differ based on the city you are working in. But on average, it’s $110,329 yearly for UX designers and $98.759 annually for UI designers. If you want to work as a freelance designer, it’s $128,549 per year for UX design and $93.044 yearly for UI design.

  • Canada

Canada offers a wide range of UX design positions, with most concentrated in Toronto and Vancouver. This country also hosts numerous notable design agencies and branches. UX designer salary in Toronto for UX design agencies in Canada starts from CA$50,000 to CA$101,800 per year, depending on the city you are working in.

  • United Kingdom

The competition in the UK for jobs between UI UX designers is equally intensive! This calls for the management of brand impressions and user interactions in a spectrum. Your income in the UK can be guaranteed if you have enough experience and knowledge in the UIUX design field in average, a UX designer can expect £53,356 per year (as a UX freelancer, it’s around £58,000 per year), and a UI designer’s salary is around £51,716 yearly (as a UI freelancer it’s around £58,000 per year).

  • Australia

UX designers may find the highest pay rates in Sydney and Melbourne, but many other blossoming tech communities exist. Adelaide is a city where the UX industry is rapidly growing, giving designers many opportunities to put their efforts toward meaningful and impactful projects. The average salary of a UX designer in Australia is about A$90,000 per year, and for a UI designer, it’s a bit smaller, almost A$81,000 yearly.

  • Germany

Munich boasts the highest cluster of UX job opportunities, but Berlin is also an attractive option for UX designers. Berlin hosts offices for many big-name corporations (i.e., Mozilla, Google, etc.) looking to hire. The average UI UX designer salary starts from €34,500 to €70,000 yearly.

  • China

While not as elegant and challenging as other UI UX job markets in China, it still has the potential to grow. The demand for UX UI increases, but it’s slow and incremental compared with other states. A UX designer can expect CN¥240,000 per year in China, while for a UI designer, this can be much lower, something about CN¥155,000 per year.

  • France

It doesn’t take a skilled detective to guess which French city commands the highest salaries for UX design—Paris’s capital. Besides the City of Love, salaries drop slightly, but so would the cost of living. Our research shows cities like Lyon, Marseille, and Toulouse are more attractive options for UIUX job seekers. The average UI UX designer salary starts from €34,000 to €51,000 yearly.

why do ux designers make so much

Do Remote UX Designer Salaries are higher?

More often today, multinational organizations and companies worldwide prefer to use remote UX/UI designers much more than before. Based on the data we find in Upwork, it’s predicted that, as it stands, over 73% of all organizations with professional teams like those in hospitals or businesses are likely to use virtual assistants by 2028.

A study conducted by Owl Labs established that small businesses or companies are more than twice as likely to recruit remotely completely. However, most of these small companies have decided to work in short-run contracts, making it possible for remote UX/UI designers to have no long-term obligations.

The salary of a UX/UI designer is determined by employer location and the designer’s level of experience. For instance, remote UX jobs in Australia range from $80,000-140,000AUD posted on the Seek website. Over 700 remote job openings are listed on LinkedIn for Australia.

Mid-level remote UI/UX designer salary is between USD 1k a week or more than USD 134k for experienced and veteran designers. For instance, a quick look at remote UX design jobs on LinkedIn shows that more than 8500 are being advertised now. The more than 12,000 advertised UX/UI positions are the additional evidence that it’s a worldwide thing.

Top 10 countries to be a UIUX designer [2023]

We gathered some data about UI UX designers’ best countries to work from Glassdoor, LinkedIn, PayScale, and Salary.com to see which countries are the best for UI UX designers to work in:

  • United States
  • Switzerland
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • Sweden
  • Netherlands
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Australia

You should consider that we added essential factors such as cost of living, job satisfaction, and salary in this research to rank these countries. As we mentioned, salary depends on what is a ux designer, so it can be different based on your ability, but this list is about the countries that offer the highest payment for UI/UX designers.

Other UX design salary and payment (Based in the USA)

1-UX Researcher Salary

A successful UX researcher must know what the users need. This job involves detailed research work to understand what customers think about and work with the designer to inject it into the design. As for small companies, a UX designer also operates as a user experience researcher besides his primary function. A UX researcher can earn $140,736 in the USA on average.

2-UX Writer Salary

Creative writing enthusiasts should consider applying for a UX writer role. The position of a UX writer in UX design is to create written content planned for digital products to improve the user experience. UX writing can entail undertaking user research, developing a content strategy, and distilling text for ease of use and performance. An excellent, experienced UX writer can expect an average salary of about $119,336 annually in the USA.

3-UX Strategist Salary

UX strategists know how to utilize and apply business strategies. When working with the clients and stakeholders, they should define their business objective and then develop a strategy for content design for any product that must be balanced between users’ needs and those of business operations. A UX Strategist will make almost $107,491 per year in the USA and it’s one of the highest UX design salary among the others.

why do ux designers make so much


This article has come to an end, and you now have reliable information on how much UX designers earn. Designing for UI UX is very hard work. So, most UI UX designers enjoy high wages. Like many other jobs, there are different types of salaries, too. However, we mentioned it earlier that a UIUX designer’s salary depends on their experience, expertise, and the city in which they work, etc. UI UX designers who have knowledge about user research, design, and front-end technology will be in demand, and their payroll will be higher than others.


Do UI/UX Designers make more money?

In general, UI/UX designers often earn more money than designers who only produce visuals. Their salary ranges typically surpass graphic designers; typically between $50,000 to $150,000 in annual salary range. Demand for experienced UI/UX designers remains high due to rapid field growth; therefore their pay can differ based on experience and skills.

Do UI UX Designers earn more than Software Engineers?

UX designers are in high demand on the job market due to their distinct skill sets that set them apart in the workplace. Unfortunately, there is no clear-cut evidence as to whether or not UI UX Designers make more than Software Engineers.

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