How To View Notes In PowerPoint While Presenting?

how to view notes in powerpoint while presenting
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To convey your important data for a group of people, especially in companies to introduce a product or define a problem and solve it, giving presentation is an excellent way. Of course, there will be some challenges such as stress and anxiety for new presenter, in this case the view presentation notes can be an effective method to solve this issue.

There are some reasons that you might use speaker notes while presenting. First, speaker notes can help you stay on track during your presentation. They can also help you keep your audience focused on what you’re saying.

Finally, speaker notes can help you avoid forgetting what you planned to say. Keep reading our blog post to learn how to view notes in PowerPoint while presenting and how to add them to your PowerPoint presentation design services.

how to show notes in powerpoint

Speaker notes in PowerPoint

Speaker notes in PowerPoint help presenters recall important points, such as key messages or stats, as they give a presentation. The speaker notes panel lives at the bottom of your screen in Normal view, although some users may have this section hidden.

knowing how to add speaker notes in PowerPoint makes presentations with notes on PowerPoint delightful. It can also be handy to add links to important files or just use this space as a general note-taking section—like someone would use a scratch piece of paper.

The importance of using viewing notes during PowerPoint presentation

how to see notes in PowerPoint while presenting to an audience keeps you focused and makes sure your ideas are coherent. This can also be a handy reminder of what you would have forgotten during your speech. It should be noted that also watching your notes will provide the possibility to highlight certain issues already mentioned by yourself giving more smooth and refined presentation.

Taking a glance at your notes now and then while giving your talk also helps you to continue looking at the faces of your listeners. By learning how to show notes in PowerPoint, there is no need to look for your handwritten notes to remember your dialogues, because it’s simply in your ppt presentation anyway.

When you use your hands and body during the presentation you will always have good eye contact with your audience which will allow you and them to establish the connection of trust on the way through the presentation.

how to see notes on powerpoint

How to show notes in PowerPoint?

  • Windows:

Look for Notes box below each slide on your opened presentation. In the normal view of the presentation, you will see the Notes box. By clicking on it you will see the Click to add notes will appears in a box just under the ppt slide. In a case you don’t want to see speaker notes just click again on Notes on the taskbar across the bottom below the sliding window and it will disappear, to show it again reverse the process.

A scroll bar is placed next to the pane in case your notes are longer than the Notes pane. By placing your cursor on the top row of the pane, you can increase the size of the notes pane.

  • Mac OS:

Click on Normal on view menu of the PowerPoint, then choose the thumbnail of the preferred slide you want to add note, now you will see the Click to add notes beneath your slide which means it’s your Note pane. If you want to hide it, on the task bar click on the Notes buttons (reverse it to make it appear again).

If you want to know how to see notes while presenting PowerPoint, you should use the presenter view mode on your Mac. On view menu choose the presenter view, and now you can see the main showing slide and any notes that you add for your slide.

  • Online on the web:

On PowerPoint for the web, you can also make speaker notes. But the problem is that it doesn’t have the ability to show your notes on presenting slide show mood.

On the web, find the View tab in the show group and select Notes, now the pane will appear across the PPT window. You can also resize your note pane box in web ppt.

how to present with notes on powerpoint

What are the benefits of speaker notes in PowerPoint?

As a presenter, you are the storyteller, so your slides are supporting you for a better storyline, forming the atmosphere and emphasizing your key points.

  •       It’s simple, with a user-friendly interface to use even if you’re not a tech master
  •       Stay on track during your presentation
  •       Keep your audience focused on what you’re saying
  •       Avoid forgetting what you planned to say
  •       Feel more confident while presenting
  •       Make a great impression on your audience


Best tips for using Notes for your PowerPoint presentation

Break down your script into bullets when constructing a script for your presentation notes so that it is easy to follow up and read it. Write short phrases rather than paragraphs because scanning them in a few seconds is easier than reading long paragraphs. You may also want to include some speaker notes on your slide.

Speaker’s notes are small hidden text boxes that can be added into every slide with additional information about the presentation or words that will come in handy after a certain comment from the speaker. Your notes will be invisible for the audience but are available on Presenter View, so they won’t distract from the main part of your presentation.

In addition, it is significant for you to include relevant visual images and media as they serve an excellent supplementary tool when giving instructions or emphasizing key points of your speech or presentation note. Such items could be photographs, charts, graphics, or video clips that supplement your central arguments and maintain audience interest.

Nonetheless, do not make your slides crowded with so much information and so much pictures that it may be difficult to assimilate. Rather, strive towards an equilibrium of words in the context of images which will clearly communicate the subject while keeping viewership captivated.

How to view notes in PowerPoint while presenting can become challenging?

Reading slides Notes while presenting PPT can become challenging. Sometimes, using too much material on slides, not engaging the audience, and depending too heavily on the website or video connections are some of the most typical mistakes speakers make while presenting with PowerPoint and notes. To avoid these blunders, keep your slides brief and visually appealing. To express your message, use short, snappy language. Practice your delivery and keep your audience engaged throughout your presentation.

how to view powerpoint notes while presenting


It is worth mentioning that these notes cannot be seen by the audience throughout the presentation as they are added to the PowerPoint slides. However, it should not be viewed as a presentation itself but rather as the guise of a reference. The notes section is where you put important points to remind yourself and also include more information that you would like to talk about while addressing. You also can print your notes for use the reference when giving your PowerPoint presentation.


How to view notes in PowerPoint while presenting without others seeing?

Select the Slide Show tab and then click on the Presenter View to enable a display. Only you are the person who can see it on your computer. You’ll see your slides alongside it the speaker notes and even a timer, but your audience will only see slides projected on a monitor or screen.

Is there a way to present a PowerPoint and see notes?

To present your PowerPoint presentation, simply click on the “Slide Show” tab and then click “From Beginning” or “From Current Slide”. To view your notes while presenting, click the “Notes” button on the bottom left-hand side of the screen.

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