Visme vs Powerpoint – Which one is best for you?

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Visme vs PowerPoint

When comparing Visme and PowerPoint, there are a few key differences worth considering.

Visme is an online design platform that makes creating stunning presentations and other visuals easy, while Powerpoint is Microsoft’s slideshow presentation software. Both tools let you create visually appealing slideshows to support your message and help engage your audience.




PowerPoint tends to be more traditional, while Visme offers more user-friendly features such as drag-and-drop functionality and templates, making it easier for beginners to get started quickly with their project. With Visme, users can also easily add multimedia elements such as videos, images and audio recordings into their presentations.


Slide Layouts

PowerPoint has approximately 24 pre-built themes/layouts that you can choose from to use as the basis of your presentation design.

After you select a basic layout, there are nine slide outlines that you can customize to suit your presentation.

This is why almost every PowerPoint presentation looks identical. There are three pages: a Title Slide page and a Section Header. You also have a few Content pages.


Visme allows you to choose from a presentation theme or a template . Templates can be used to create complete presentations that include 3-15 slides. Visme offers more than 100 templates, with many more in the pipeline.

Visme’s presentation creator offers several themes for you to choose from when creating your presentation. You can choose from 400 to 900+ slide designs with the same style and feel.

These templates are more complex and can be used for presentations that are in line with their intended purpose. Our themes are great for multiple presentations that have the same style and look.



PowerPoint’s slide editor is very limited in terms of editing and designing presentations. PowerPoint’s slide editor only allows you edit the content in the selected slide layout.

You can move them to a better spot or add text boxes if necessary, but your customization options are not as extensive as they could be.

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Visme offers a full range of design options for your slide. The grid layout can be turned on to align items and guide margins. However, you don’t have to limit where your text, images and charts should go.

Visme also offers a drag-and drop editor that allows you to quickly select design elements, photos and content blocks from the left sidebar, and drag them to the slide area you desire.






PowerPoint allows you to insert links by clicking on Link and going to Insert tab. You’ll first need to choose the text or object you wish to link. Next, add a link to a file, web page, slide, or email address. Also, you can insert audio clips to your PowerPoint by clicking Insert > Audio

You can then choose to insert an audio file or record into your PowerPoint. This will add a speaker icon to your slide and playback controls. The settings of your audio file can be edited to allow it to play automatically, or by clicking.

You can also insert a video to any of your PowerPoint slides using the Insert tab. You can then upload or embed a video from YouTube, YouTube, or another online source.

It is important to remember that PowerPoint does not support embedding online video files on the Mac. You will need to download the video file and upload it onto your slide.

To enable embedded video support in PowerPoint, the PC versions require that you have Internet Explorer 11 installed on your computer.


Visme offers many of the same interactivity options as in Visme. There are also a few more. There are three types of link options available: slide, hyperlink and pop-up. Simply select the object you wish to link and then click the hyperlink icon at the top of the navigation.

This tab contains all of the hyperlink options you need. You can link to a website, and you can choose whether it will open in the same or separate window.

A link can be made to another slide in the presentation. You can also create a pop up link. This allows you to hide elements from your slide until the user clicks on the object it’s linked to.

It’s a good idea first to turn on your objects list in order to rename elements or find their automatic title.

Select the object(s), click on it, then click on the element to make them appear. Finally, tap on Apply.

Visme does not allow you to upload videos directly into your presentation. This would cause problems with loading and increase the size of your presentation. We recommend that you embed an online video.


Charts and graphs

You can add a chart to PowerPoint by going back to Insert and selecting Chart. You can choose the type of chart that you wish to add: a line, bar, or pie chart.

While you can select the colors for your graph elements, you will need to edit your chart data in Excel. To add graphs or charts to your slides, you will need to have access to Excel and PowerPoint.

PowerPoint automatically animates your entire chart if you wish to animated it. To make pieces animated, you will need to go to the settings.


There are two options when creating a graph or chart in Visme. You can begin by using a premade Charts & Graphs slide. This slides is available in one of our themes. There are many options for statistical representations, radials and thermometers. You can also use progress bars, bar charts, line diagrams and other tools.

You can also click on the Data tab to see all our data visualization tools.

You have over 50 data visualization options to choose from, so you can present any type of number in front of your audience.


Sharing presentations

PowerPoint offers three options for sharing: Copy Link, Invite People, and Send a Copy. To upload the file, you must first log in and connect your Microsoft OneDrive app.

Click on Share in the upper right corner to log into before you send it.

This allows you send one presentation at a given time. PowerPower does not allow you to collaborate on multiple folders or projects simultaneously; you can only work on individual projects.

You will need to save all your projects in a folder on your computer. Then, use your email client to send them to everyone.

You must mark PowerPoint as read-only if you do not want anyone to edit your PowerPoint presentation. This can be done by clicking File > Info and then clicking Protect Presentation and Mark As Final.


Visme also allows you to send your presentation for editing or view-only. You can send your design to a team member after you are done.

Click on the hamburger icon, then click on Share Project.

This allows you to share your presentation easily with a team member, so they can edit or comment on your slides.

Share with people by name, email address, or groups of people. This allows your entire marketing team to preview your presentation before it is published.

Visme Enterprise plans allow you to create custom roles that give greater flexibility to larger teams with more specific sharing needs.

If you are ready to share your message with your audience, or if you want to send a view only option, go back to your presentation and click the Share button in the upper right corner.

This will result in a pop-up that offers three sharing options.

Visme hosts your presentation online. It can be shared privately with your colleagues and friends. You can also generate an embed code that you can place on your site.



Overall, Visme is more user-friendly and versatile than Powerpoint. The ease-of-use makes it well suited for those who are new to creating presentations or visuals. It also has many features that make it perfect for experienced designers looking for a comprehensive design platform. Whether you’re looking for simplicity or versatility when creating your project – Visme is the ideal choice.

Both Visme and Powerpoint can help you craft stunning visuals for your presentation or project, but based on the features and usability of each tool, it’s clear that Visme is the superior option. 

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