What Are the Different Kinds of Brochures?

What Are the Different Kinds of Brochures?
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Brochures are an incredibly popular form of marketing media, but sometimes we can get stuck in a rut when designing them. The letter fold brochure is one type that’s often seen as the “go-to” for businesses looking to distribute information quickly and easily–and while it certainly has its benefits (portability!), there may be other options available depending on your product or service! Let me show you some others…


What Is a Brochure?

Brochures are a great way to grab your reader’s attention and let them know what you offer. Brochures can come in different shapes, sizes, and forms – from single-page brochures that have been folded together or bound multi-pages booklets with pictures inside of it!


What Is a Brochure Used For?

The brochure is a great way to advertise your business’s key products and services. Brochures often feature compelling text with eye-catching images, so it’s important for you to know how they’re made before trying out this yourself! Keep reading if professional quality print matter interests or concerns you at all; we’ll explore quick & easy options first (these can be done on any computer), but more advanced techniques are available as well if desired–all without having an artist come into play…


What are the Purposes of Brochures?

You can’t beat the power of a good brochure. It’s not just an advertising tool, but rather it has been around for centuries and continues to be one of the best ways in which you could promote your company or service! For example: 

-A well-designed brochuredney might catch someone’s attention right from its stunning visuals -Promote products/agencies with intuitive design that builds trust between client

Brochures are a cost-effective and easily understandable form of marketing that provides quick results. With this, you can boost your business influence as well as conversion rates by appealing to potential clients with clear language in an impressive way – all without taking up too much time or resources!



Half-fold brochures are often the first type many people create. Unlike other types, all you need to do is make a single fold in half and then unfold it again on top of your template! This makes them easy enough even if designing from scratch isn’t something that comes naturally (which might be why this particular style has been so popular).

What do I love about these templates though? They’re not just aesthetically pleasing – but also very functional: there’s space for contact information at both ends as well as design elements like logos or photos right where we want ’em; pretty printing processes ensure high-quality visuals without

Half-fold brochures are an excellent choice when you need to convey information quickly and concisely. The limited page count means there’s plenty of room for colorful images or text, while also making it easy on readers with the simple layout that doesn’t require too much focus from them at once!

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Letter Fold (Tri-Fold)

In the letter fold, one slightly shorter panel tucks inside of two others. This brochure is often used for business or product marketing and can be designed with tips on how to do so in this post alongside a downloadable template!


Z Fold

The letter fold brochure is a great way to showcase your design without having it get lost in the mail. When designing this type of publication, try using an open layout with three panels that are folded evenly across from each other and then tucked inside themselves like they’re hiding something! You can find some tips on our blog post about creating yours using Adobe Illustrator CC’s template library (it comes free!) – just search “Brochures z Fold”.


Open Gate Fold

Often used for graphically rich designs that rely on a big reveal, the Open Gate Fold has one larger panel obscured by two shorter panels that act as sort of a double-door opening.


Four-Panel Parallel Fold

The Four-Panel Parallelogram is one of the most versatile designs for printing. It can be used in many different applications, such as event programs or flyers to promote your business!


Closed Gate Fold

The Closed Gate fold features two panels that tuck inside a Half-Fold. Because of this, it initially opens like a Half-Fold, then opens like an Open Gate Fold. This is a good choice for larger presentations.


Accordion Fold

This accordion fold is similar to a Z-fold but instead has four panels. This makes it ideal for bulky designs with lots of text or information on them!


Roll Fold

The Roll Fold is the perfect choice for an instruction booklet or tutorial. This technique will help you save money and time by printing on one side of your paper, then rolling up that part when it’s finished being used so there are no wasted pages!


Quarter Fold

The half-fold gives you an extra measure of protection when it comes to your presentation or menu. With this formation, the long end is first folded in half, and then that same section again with a new layer on top for good measure! This design can be used as invitation material depending on how elaborate they want their cards but also works well even without any decoration at all because its simple style will go unnoticed among many other things busy attendees might notice such as the date and time periods during which applications are due (you don’t want people looking past these).


Text vs. Graphics

In order to make your brochure stand out from others, it’s important that you use high-quality illustrations and text. All of the different types will have these two key elements in common—a photo or other graphic along with some written information about their service offerings for customers who may be interested enough in what they offer by looking at this one small piece (a leaflet) before making up his mind whether he wants more detail during consultation time!

Business brochures seem to be stricter and enhanced with tables, and charts. Bear in mind that even a text document should have an eye-catching design so third-party solutions may be required for this type of work!

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