What are the most important tips to tailoring your talk when time is tight?

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Speaking in public can be intimidating, especially if you have limited time, so you may need to know some presentation skills and tips. It is essential to tailor your speech according to the time limit to have a successful presentation.



This article will cover the tricks and tips that can help you tailor your talk to fit your time constraints. These tips will allow you to create a tailored speech relevant to your audience. These strategies will ensure your presentation is engaging and keep your audience’s attention without wasting too much time.

Time is a scarce commodity in today’s modern world. It’s crucial to adapt your talk to fit a deadline. This article will provide tips for adjusting stories, focus points, and supporting evidence to ensure you have the best content possible, even in tight times. These tips will help you deliver a persuasive and effective message quickly. These tips will allow you to tailor your message even when time is short.


How can you shorten your speech?

It can be challenging to reduce the length of your speech. But there are simple ways you can help.

  1. Focus on the goal. You are likely not focused enough if you can’t summarize your presentation’s main points in a single sentence.
  2. Reduce the number of points you wish to make. Ask yourself if each point really helps you focus. If not, cut it.
  3. Break down your speech into sections. You can tighten these sections by looking for ways to do so.
  4. Ask yourself whether each example or detail is essential. A single example can often be more powerful than a long or tangential list.
  5. Practice! Although you might not be able to hit the same time every rehearsal, it is important to understand your time better. It would be best if you planned for specific time points in your practices to ensure you don’t run out of time.
  6. Listen to someone else. A friend or OCC tutor can give valuable feedback on times when focusing drifts or examples that could be cut.


Tips for tailoring your talk when time is tight


Learn how to think on your feet.

Justin Blanchard, Server Mania Inc. said it best: Treat presentations as a tool you can use to your advantage. I ensure that I have all the arguments and information memorized. This allows me to adapt the content to my audience quickly if necessary. Moreover, This helps make presentations more natural and spontaneous. This is a lot of work, but the audience should be unable to tell.


Learn voice and breathing control.

Public speaking can cause many people to lose their sense of time and speak faster than normal. Keep your presentation moving at a steady pace. This will calm your nerves and help the audience understand what you are saying.

This can be done by practicing breath control. You can practice using your stomach to force air into and out your lungs. Ten slow, deep breaths are necessary before you speak publicly.


Keep your focus on the audience.

If time is short, your attention should be on the audience. Recognize their time constraints and assure them that your program will be kept in the reduced time. Focus your talk on the needs and interests of your audience. It’s no longer about you. You don’t need to tell any stories or share your humor. Please keep it simple. You are a messenger. What can you offer them? To see how much information they can absorb, visualize “reading the room.” To keep your message focused and on time, you can simply have a short conversation with someone in the audience who is a leader. “Is this important?” “Do you have the time?” Your answers will guide your message and show that they care.



Highlight your research

In less than 75 words, focus on the problem you are investigating. Also, consider the potential benefits of solving it.

  • Take down all the points that you wish to emphasize and then narrow them down to the most crucial.
  • Concentrate on one thing or speak at a higher level.
  • Take a look at the bigger picture.


Share Handouts and More Information

Handouts can be a great way to support your talk when time is short. Slide handouts can be sent electronically, as an email attachment, or printed out. They can include notes, links, and supporting documentation that will help you to strengthen your high-level statements. You can highlight your sources and allow the audience to dig deeper into your topic by including hyperlinks in your notes to both internal and externe resources. SlideShare.net allows you to post the entire presentation online. You can also convert it into a narration movie for upload on YouTube.


Understanding Your Audience

It is essential to address any questions before you ask them. The same applies to investor pitches, whether you are presenting to customers or to a crowd. It is important to anticipate their questions and address them immediately. Understanding their motivations is the best way to do so. What is important to them about this presentation?


Remember your Introduction and Closing

Most audiences form a complete opinion of the speaker within the first 30 seconds. Appearance, style, and message: judged and rated fast and furiously by the audience. Even though you may have lost a lot of your speech, a well-written and remembered introduction and closing can make your presentation more memorable. With or without visuals (PowerPoint/Keynote), you should be comfortable commanding the platform and talking about your topic from the heart and mind. Even if your topic is dull, a concise, well-written intro highlighting your key points and then jumping to a brief conclusion will captivate your audience far better than a scattered rambling through your message.


Talk calmly but naturally. Don’t hurry, but end with a purpose.

Most people will respond faster if told to “wrap it up” and then get nervous and rush to get it all in. Whether you are conscious of it or not, your audience will notice it negatively. Don’t rush. Talk calmly and naturally if you know how short your time is. Take a deep, slow breath, and remember to respond calmly and confidently. If you are confident in your knowledge of the material, calm and extemporaneous delivery will allow your mind to decide which parts to keep in or edit. It’s okay to end on a powerful and purposeful note.

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