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What factors affect how much does a UX designer charge per hour?

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The unique challenges and benefits of freelance work are numerous. UX freelancers must determine how to find new clients and, more importantly, what they should charge. Paysa is a platform that connects workers to job opportunities. The average UI UX designer makes $93,000 annually, according to Paysa.

With more knowledge about the project, this question is easier to answer. Designers may charge an hourly rate per project or a combination of both. Before you begin work, you must discuss your project requirements and budget with potential designers.



What factors affect how much does a UX designer charge per hour?

1. Demand

UX designers are in high demand and have never been more sought after. More interfaces and software are available than ever, thanks to more electronic devices, screens, and connectivity. This is one of the fastest-growing careers in the world, and it shows no signs of slowing.

Indeed’s Top Jobs of 2022 report ranks product designers 9th. They also predict a 128% increase in job postings between 2019-2022. The US Bureau of Labour Statistics predicts UX designers’ jobs will grow by 8% over 10 years, which is much faster than the average.


2. Experience

UX is a more lucrative industry than other ones, even for those just starting. According to Glassdoor, the average UX designer’s salary in the UK is PS32.957. The average UX designer in the US earns $94,560.

Payscale research in Ireland found that UX designers earn an average of EUR29,000, more than entry-level positions like accountants and engineers.

Payscale reports that the starting salary for UX designers in Ireland is EUR29,334. This is more than entry-level positions like accountants and engineers, but it’s comparable to engineering and banking.

Payscale shows that UX designers with 1-43 years of experience make an average of EUR37,153. A mid-career UX designer with 53-95 years of experience makes an average of EUR45,470. UX designers with more than seven years of experience can make upwards of EUR60,000.

3. Localization

It is not surprising that big cities have higher salaries. A Payscale survey in the UK found that London earned 13% more than its national average. UX designers in San Francisco make around 29% more than the national average across the Atlantic. In Seattle, salaries higher than the national average are more common (5% more) and New York (8%).

There is still much research on the impact of remote work on pay. Hired’s 2022 State of Tech Salaries Report found that remote workers were more productive than workers on-site in 15 of 17 global markets.

Builtin informs us in more specific UX terms that the average UX designer salary in the US is $117,925. This is much higher than the $92,894 average for UX designers salaries across the country.


4. Employer

Many UX designers work in the tech and creative industries. It’s important to note how much their UX staff are paid and who is at the top of their list.

Payscale states that Apple Computer, Inc. has the highest average salary at $137,569. Amazon and Cinco Systems Inc offer UX designers high salaries at around $117,446 and $121,917, respectively. Capital One Financial Corp offers a lower salary of $76,596, and United Airlines UX designers have a median annual income of $80,000. UX designers at United Airlines, which is most likely a company in this category, often get less than companies in the tech sector.


What should I charge as a UX freelancer, and how should I do it?

Let’s get to the heart of the matter. As we said, you can charge your freelance user experience designer services in three ways. You can either charge by the hour, the week, or by the project.

 While each of these can be a helpful pricing method, the choice of the best one depends on the job. Once you have decided how much you will charge, you need to decide how much. Let’s look at different pricing strategies so you can better understand the value of your work.


Per hour, per week, and per project.

You probably make more if you charge per project or per work week.

An hourly rate is also possible. You might get a call from someone who says they have a project that takes X amount of time. It makes sense to charge an hourly rate in this instance. You can also choose a per-project or weekly rate to earn more.

In a YouTube interview, Jared Erondu, a freelance product designer, shares his journey from charging hourly to billing weekly. Dann Petty is the creator of the documentary “freelanced.”

Jared stated, “I quickly discovered that when you work hourly and your skill increases over time, you start making the same decisions much faster.” You probably spent a lot time, in the beginning, thinking about this onboard flow. Fast forward 12-18 months, and you will be like, “I’ve seen it 10 times.” You’re only making 10% more for the same services provided at your company if you charge hourly. I realized quickly that I was losing money by charging hourly.

Many freelancers will relate to Jared’s story at some point in their UX careers. It also illustrates the importance of freelance work: flexibility. Jared realized he wasn’t making enough money and adjusted his rates to make more.

After you have assessed the client’s request’s scope, you can make an informed decision about whether you will charge per hour, per workweek, or per project.

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