What is a UGC Creator? – A gauid to become a UGC creator

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Content is the foundation of any marketing strategy. Content can transform a prospect into a paying customer. You may have never thought about being an influencer, earning money to create content on social media without having to reach a large audience. A new generation of people is doing exactly that: UGC Creators. Continue reading to learn more about UGC creators.


What is a UGC Creator?

UGC creators create sponsored content that looks authentic but is meant to promote a particular business or product.

Video is the most popular format for UGC creators, especially on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Creators often film the content and then narrate it from their point of view, giving it a more authentic feel.

UGC creators are different from influencers in that they create and deliver content to businesses, but there may be an additional fee for this. The company typically pays for both the content and exposure to influencers.


How to Make UGC Look and Feel Authentic?

It’s authentic content that makes a difference in digital advertising.

Surprisingly, 31% of respondents said UGC ads are more memorable than traditional ads.

Brands are desperate to find UGC that delivers an authentic vibe. This UGC content is 100% natural and doesn’t feel artificial. These posts feel organic because they were created according to the requirements of the various platforms where they will be published.

These are just a few examples of UGC that we love. These photos look great and give off an authentic feeling because of the rawness of the content creators. They are relatable and authentic.


6 Steps to Becoming a UGC Creator

These steps will help you become a UGC creator (user-generated content).

  1. Find your niche:

You can choose a niche or topic that interests you or in which you have expertise. It could include fashion, beauty, gaming, and technology.

  1. Select the format you prefer:

Decide the format for your UGC. You can publish your UGC in written articles, videos or podcasts.

  1. Choose the right platform

Locate a platform where you can publish your UGC. You can choose from social media platforms such as Instagram reels, TikTok, and YouTube shorts or blogging platforms such as Medium and WordPress.

  1. Start publishing content

You can create and publish content on the platform you choose. Follow the guidelines and community standards of the platform.

  1. Get to know your audience by engaging with them:

Engage your audience and create a community around your content. Encourage discussion and feedback by responding to messages and comments.

  1. Be consistent

Keep creating and publishing new content to grow your audience and establish yourself as an UGC creator.


How do I create a UGC portfolio?

You can use free tools like Canva and Google Slides to create your portfolio. Get help starting your brand pitch deck by downloading our free template.



Why is UGC so valuable?

Although being a UGC creator may seem new, traditional user-generated material (UGC) isn’t. It has been a well-known tool in social media strategies to build communities, increase brand awareness, and drive sales.

UGC creators don’t create organic UGC, despite the name. Customers usually create UGC through photos, videos, and testimonials. They also share their UGC spontaneously. Customers’ UGC can be re-shared by businesses, but there is no cost or obligation.

UGC creators create content that resembles traditional UGC. They use the same authentic and unpolished filming style an everyday creator would use to share a review about their favorite product.


  • Create a Content Bank
  • Builds Trust
  • Greater ROI than major influencer campaigns
  • Drives Sales


How to Find the Best UGC Creators for Your Brand’s Marketing Campaign?

It is easier to find user-generated material for a brand with a well-established reputation than if clients have posted about it. Finding user-generated content for a brand new or trying to launch a product/concept on the market can be difficult. This is why investing in a UGC creator could be a good strategy. These are few ways that brands can find UGC creators:


1. Taggbox – Find the Right UGC Creator

Taggbox, a platform for user-generated content, allows brands to collect and curate user-generated material across various marketing touchpoints. Taggbox allows you to monitor the success of your UGC campaigns.


Taggbox offers in-depth analytics that will allow you to identify the most influential contributors to your brands. Identifying which users are most active in your industry is also possible.


2. Measuring The UGC Creator’s Influence and Reach

It’s not what you do as a brand when looking for influencers. We need to ensure influencers have followers and reach and that their audience is similar to your target audience.


3. Ask about Recent Work/Portfolio

Each UGC creator has a portfolio. You can ask them for their portfolio before you invest in them. Even if they don’t have a portfolio, you can still ask for URLs of their previous work. This will allow you to gauge their credibility.


Tips to get paid as UGC creator

Search for brand deals

New platforms have emerged to facilitate UGC brand deals. Some offer opportunities for creators to apply while others require that you create a listing to promote your content creation services.

Make your pitch

It’s like applying for a job by pitching yourself to a company for a UGC opportunity. It will become more competitive as more people become UGC creators. This means that you must make your pitch stand.

Your pitches should be focused on the brand and not you. 

Connect with business owners and brands.

You can be proactive and work with certain brands if you network through platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter, and TikTok.



What Should I Charge for a UGC Creator?

In short: it depends. Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all pricing policy. UGC creator rates can vary depending on many factors, including the scope of work, resources needed, deliverables, etc. Many creators follow a common formula: Time spent on content at X hours per hour.



The idea of a UGC creator may make you want to sign, but it might also make you wonder why marketers need to monetize everything. This is not true. UGC creators are different from influencers in that they create and deliver content to businesses, but there may be an additional fee for this. The company typically pays for both the content and exposure to influencers.

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