What is Hotjar and what are the tools like Hotjar?

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Hotjar is an innovative suite of tools that helps you better understand and improve the user experience on your website. It provides a range of features, including heat maps, polls and surveys, form analytics, session recording’s, conversion funnel’s, and more. Combining these tools with powerful insights from visitors’ behavior data, Hotjar makes it easier for businesses to optimize their online presence. With Hotjar’s intuitive reporting dashboard, you can quickly uncover trends in your users’ behaviors and gain valuable insights into how they interact with your site. This helps you identify which areas need improvement so that you can make the necessary changes to increase conversions and maximize success.


What is Hotjar, and how does it work?

Hotjar is a UX software that aids UX designers and eCommerce brands in understanding user behavior through session recording’s, heat map, and surveys. It also provides feedback forms.

It offers behavioral analysis and a user feedback tool. This allows you to see how users interact with your website, click, or scroll. It is possible to collect feedback from users to understand their opinions, identify objections, discover growth opportunities, and increase the number of satisfied users.

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What are the key features of Hotjar?

Hotjar combines behavioral analysis and customer feedback to help improve conversion optimization and user experience’s.

These are some of the critical features that Hotjar offers:

  • Heat map
  • Scroll map
  • Recordings of session
  • Surveys and user testing
  • Form optimization
  • Behavioral tracking


Why do you need Hotjar alternative’s to web analytics?

Hotjar is well-known for tracking web behavior data. However, some product teams have used Hotjar alternatives that provide in-depth analytics. Here are some good alternatives for Hotjar.

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Smartlook is a trusted name for accurate analytics for mobile apps and websites. Despite being feature-rich, Smartlook is cheaper than other website analytics platforms. Hotjar may seem a little too costly, but it is still worth trying.

Similar to Hotjar, Smartlook can be used. It provides a clear insight into visitors’ behavior and allows you to pinpoint the root cause.

It also includes essential analytics tool’s such as heatmaps and funnels. You can also record all information so you can easily keep track. The heatmaps offer UX insights that allow you to see where users click and how far they scroll.

Smartlook also offers a powerful event tracker that allows you to track all events on your websites. This feature can be saved when you need to keep an eye on important events. Smartlook is clearly ahead of Hotjar in event tracking – simplicity and precision. Smartlook, a cost-effective and accessible option to Hotjar, is highly rated.


Microsoft Clarity

Microsoft Clarity is an Hotjar alternative that allows you to get it for free. Yes, that’s right. Microsoft gives Clarity access for free to all users. There is one catch, as you may have already guessed. Microsoft will use anonymous data from Clarity users to gain insights into user behavior and improve its machine-learning models. It’s fair for the value you get if you ask my opinion.

The features include instant heatmaps that show click regions and scroll heatmaps which allow you to see how far users scrolled. You can also view area heatmaps showing the total number of clicks within a given area. You will also receive session recordings that allow you to see how users interact with your website and insights with more than 25 filters and Google Analytics integration. Clarity is the perfect tool for beginners who want to learn web analytics.



Hotjar’s elder sibling, Contentsquare. You may be surprised that Contentsquare purchased Hotjar in September 2021 to streamline its operations. Hotjar is for entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), and mid-market businesses. Contentsquare, however, caters to enterprise customers.

Contentsquare provides a range of features, including session replay’s, customer journey analysis, and zone-based heatmaps. Moreover, it offers form analysis, merchandising analysis, and even session replay’s. Contentsquare’s features make it a great tool for digital marketing, analytics and, design & UX.



UserTesting provides customer insight analytics platforms that help organizations understand their customers and improve their experience.

UserTesting allows you to create a test program to ask users about their digital experience. You can also record specific user actions to identify issues in the digital journey.

Who uses it? Product teams, marketers, and financial services companies can use user testing.

UserTesting can be used as a cloud-based, SaaS, and web-based analytics platform. It tracks your analytics data once you have installed the code snippet.

UserTesting is focused on features that give insight into customer behavior and actions. Its main features include

  • Customer segmentation
  • Target Audience
  • A/B Testing
  • Feedback and surveys
  • Screen recording
  • Collaboration tools

UserTesting is unlike other web analytics platforms. You can request real users to test your mobile app or website. You need to give them a task and ask questions to uncover key details about their digital experience. You can then get real-time feedback from customers about their digital experience.

UserTesting allows you to analyze user behavior while using mobile app’s. It includes the features they use most, why they abandon apps, and what you can do to improve the UX.




Matomo may not be the most well-known name, but it is a reliable web analytics provider. It’s also a great budget-friendly option for Hotjar, with a monthly cost of $20.

The web analytics platform is affordable and includes all the necessary features, such as heatmaps and session recordings, A/B Testing, funnels, goals, goal setting, and form analytics to allow you to analyze visitor behavior with the flexibility that you desire.

Matomo, unlike Hotjar, digs a little deeper and provides vital information like media analytics, transitions, and row development. If the latter cannot provide the required analytical data about visitors, it can be extremely helpful in driving growth and diagnosing Achilles heels.

Matomo can also replace Hotjar with “Visitor profiles, ” allowing you to assess every visitor’s actions and create a complete history. This profile allows you to view the entire user journey quickly.

Matomo is one of the best Hotjar alternatives that you can use for more precise web analytics.




Are you looking for an alternative to Hotjar that delivers the best useful feedback analytics? “Mopinion” promises to be the answer to all your needs. The event-driven feedback system that allows you to tailor feedback forms for specific groups of online visitors has really caught my attention in this web analytics platform. This increases your chances of receiving the desired response from your visitors.

Mopinion appears ahead of Hotjar in another area: the ability to deliver comprehensive text analytics reports. The dashboard is fully customizable, so you can remove all the clutter and only show the necessary information. It also allows for email sharing and real-time alerts to keep everyone in sync.

Mopinion’s price point is where they have fallen short of Hotjar. The latter is way too expensive at $229/month. It’s worth looking into if you need to get comprehensive feedback analytics.


Lucky Orange

Last but not least, I saved ” Lucky Orange” just for those who want one of the cheapest Hotjar alternatives without compromising on quality. This web analytics platform functions just like its famous counterpart.

It has a clutter-free interface, so you can see everything at a glance. The dashboard can be customized to track essential data and keep out unwanted information.

Lucky Orange also creates an automated recording of each visitor, just like Hotjar. With the segment recordings, you can easily find why visitors drop off. Heatmaps are just as good, if not better. You can see how visitors interact with your site.

Lucky Orange can help you analyze online behavior and save money. It’s an affordable Hotjar alternative that ticks all the essential boxes.

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